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Here at Colin our mission is to provide you with content created by experts in various fields, discover where our expertise come from and why you should trust our content compared to the other websites out there.

We’re actual humans here at Colin so we always make sure that you  keep your tone civil when reaching our experts. We’re here to help you at all cost and that’s why we put out content like we do.

colin jones creator

Colin Jones

Colin is the man behind the brand, if you’re wondering where this all started from that’s him right there. He’s here to make your purchases of appliances better by giving you expert content at all times. While he is the creator, he is also reachable via the contact form and he will reply to you at any moment.

Colin is not a great boss sometimes as he gets too focused on content creation but we still like him because he’s a great person and loves to hear about our lives. He’s the best creator that we could ever hope here at Colin.

Mark Ridge

mark ridge expert

Mark is a fortunate guy, his apartment always has the newest kitchen equipment and that’s because of us. We’ve always been proud of sending him appliances to review because he knows how to test them deeply and thoroughly.

He’s a great guy and always try to communicate with management when there is major problems with other pieces of content. He’s an ace when it comes to content creation here at Colin.

Masha Burk

There’s never a moment where we don’t laugh with Masha, she’s a great person that loves to contribute to our website. Always there to make us laugh while we are in meetings, she’s the perfect specialist for you to trust about her about books she reads.

Reading is her passion and she has been reading books non-stop since she was 12. Masha didn’t party at all during college instead she dedicated her life to reading books about her favorite subjects.

Shu Parker

Our expert in electronics, Shu, has had the chance to have wealthy parents, while being very thankful to them he has had the chance to test out every new electronics that gets sent out there.

Always wearing the newest products, he will know how to give you the best tips when choosing an electronic product, he’s a very forward person and isn’t afraid to give out his opinion about bad products.

Learn more from our experts

Our experts are always available to answer to you via our contact form, if you have any problems or would like for us to make changes to an article, you are able to use the contact form of our website. We’re experts here and we love to preach open communication.


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