Aroma Housewares Professional Breadmaker Review

There is no doubt that homemade bread tastes exceptional. Its texture is unmatchable, and bread tastes delicious.

However, busy lives and hectic routine has made it nearly impossible to mix, knead, and babysit the bread dough.

This process is not hard to execute. But bread-making requires attention to detail at each of its stages.

If you are looking for an efficient and cost-effective bread maker, our experts would recommend the Aroma Housewares professional bread maker.

Check out their in-depth review below and maybe this bread maker will be in your home very soon.

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Our Review

The entire bread-making process demands a couple of hours. This makes it an inconvenient and tedious job. But this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy homemade bread. Bring the modern bread machine into your life and enjoy fresh and healthy bread at home.

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The Aroma Housewares professional bread maker will ease down the bread-making process for you. All you will have to do is put accurate ingredients and click on a few buttons. Then, the bread maker will do the rest.

AMB-270 Aroma Housewares Professional 2 lb. Digital Bread MakerDesign

The bread maker is made of stainless steel. This ensures the durability of the product. In addition, its brushed stainless steel color will add to the attractiveness of your kitchen’s interior.

The Aroma bread maker weighs 12 pounds, and its dimensions are 9.7 x 13.5 x 12.25 inches. You can place it anywhere in your kitchen.

In addition, you can move it around because this bread maker is not too heavy to carry. In addition, the Aroma Housewares bread maker bread maker has a capacity of two pounds. Its spacious interior will help you cook bread of a good size.

The bread maker’s intuitive control panel has seventeen preset options that you can choose from. The digital control panel is easy and simple to navigate. You can choose options by simply clicking on the options you desire to use.

In addition, these preset options will allow you to choose from sweet bread, white bread, french bread, sourdough, or jam. Thus, you can satisfy your different bread cravings at home.

In addition, the Aroma Housewares professional bread maker menu has two preprogrammed and specialized functions. One of the functions is sugar-free. You can use this function if you are following a strict diet or have diabetes. You can also use this option if you are cutting back on sugar due to health purposes. This bread maker will ensure that your bread is sugar-free and equally tasteful.

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Gluten-free bread

Furthermore, the bread maker’s second specialized function is gluten-free. This option is for those who have celiac disease. In addition, gluten-free bread will help ease your digestive system, boost your body energy, and aid in weight loss. So, with the gluten-free option, you can eat the yummiest bread and stay healthy. The Aroma Housewares brand always cares for you. Both these options will eliminate all your health concerns.

In addition, the Aroma Housewares professional bread maker has a convenient dispenser. This automatic dispenser fully blends in fruits and dry fruits that you add to the mixture. The dispenser works at the kneading stage. It does the job so well that the outcome tastes like bread from a renowned bakery. The fruit or dry fruit texture won’t feel like you have forced them into the bread. This bread maker is meant for you if you are a fan of fruit bread.


The Aroma Housewares bread maker gives you an option to customize the color of the bread’s crust according to your liking. You can go for light, medium, or dark brown. In addition, the bread maker has the size option available right beside the color option. You can choose the size of your loaf every time you make bread. So, you don’t have to worry if you are making bread for yourself or your complete family. The Aroma Housewares bread maker‘s size option has got you covered.

The Aroma Housewares bread maker has a baking window that allows you to check your bread rise while baking. In addition, the Aroma Housewares baker comes with a non-stick baking pan. This ensures stress-free transferring of bread and easy cleaning.

Our Verdict

The Aroma Housewares bread maker comes with multiple accessories that include a nut and fruit dispenser, stirring paddle, paddle hook, measuring spoon, and measuring cup. Upon purchase, this bread maker comes with a two-year warranty.

You can return this product within thirty days of purchase if it does not suit your requirements. Buy this bread maker if you want to control the ingredients that go inside your bread. It’s time to bid farewell to stale and boring bread.


As you have read thorough this review of the Aroma Housewares Professional 2 lb. bread maker, our experts would clearly recommend this bread maker to our viewers. It performed well during the tests that we assigned to it. Our team, really loved taking bread home because we produced too much of it using this product.

There’s nothing on the market that will compare to this product and every one should take a look at this new brand on the market. We’re sure they’re going to sell more models than some of the bread maker brands out there and they will overtake them in the coming years.

Aroma Housewares Professional Breadmaker
  • Baking Performance
  • Bread Quality
  • Bread Density
  • Baking Temperature
  • Cleaning Process
  • Extra Features


To summarize this review, we would clearly say that the Aroma Housewares Professional Breadmaker is a fantastic product that should be purchased by people looking to make their own gluten free bread at home.

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