AUSOMM Vacuum Sealer Machine Review

When it comes to enjoying healthy and fresh food every day without any hassle, the AUSOMM Vacuum Sealer machine is the game-changer.

This food sealer is all that you need to gear up your positive lifestyle.

Let’s take a sneak peek into the review of our experts inside the Colin Testing Center.

Our Review

The AUSOMM Vacuum Sealer machine is made of a PVC silver color body. It has a sleek and overall modern design that should charm our viewers.

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With dimensions of 15.4 x 5.9 x 2.6 inches, the product is compact enough to be stored easily anywhere.


It runs on a 110-240V power and has a vacuum pressure of 75kpa-85kpa, which allows for a strong and fast sealing procedure. This lightweight machine has a separated design that can be cleaned easily by removing the upper lid.

The machine employs a sophisticated double air sealing technology. It is designed to keep your food airtight and fresh for up to five times longer with its advanced 11.8 inches heat sealing strip. The efficient airtightness makes sure to eliminate every bubble of air to prevent your food from getting oxidized and wasted.

Its upgraded powerful dual pump technology is no match for the traditional single pump vacuum sealers. This makes it strong enough to operate with a suction power of as high as 85kpa.

You will love the quickness with which this vacuum sealer does the job – it takes only 10-20 seconds to complete the entire vacuum and sealing process. And guess what – it’s almost noise-free compared to other similar devices, making a low sound of only 50db!

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AUSOMM Vacuum SealerFunctionalities

The AUSOMM Vacuum Sealer machine is built with a simple one-key operation that provides a wide range of functionalities – right from vacuuming to sealing.

The fully automatic food sealer design ensures a smooth operation without much human intervention.

It is brilliant sous vide vacuum sealer that enables you to cook your food (like meat or fish) and then vacuum seal it to immerse it in warm water.

This makes your cooking process faster, easier, and more delicious. It is a real kitchen pal which you should invest in!

Not only this, but the food sealer has been designed with intelligence to serve both dry and moist food sealing and preservation purposes.

It comes in two modes – dry and wet. The dry mode takes around 18 seconds, and the wet one takes almost 16 seconds to complete the sealing process.

Safe Usage

The list does not end here. This high-quality vacuum sealer comes with the best standard electric heating wire that intelligently detects and provides protection against extreme temperatures.

This means that the food sealer’s vacuum packing mode will automatically enter the temperature protection mode if it senses that the temperature of the sealed heater is too high.

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Other Features

What else do you get with the machine? The advanced food vacuum sealer comes with ten vacuum bags and one suction hose. That’s pretty much a good deal. And that’s not all. It also includes one gift card to delight you and, most importantly, a trouble-free return guarantee within 12 months from the date of purchase.

And of course, the user manual is not to mention. This is encouraging enough to try it without any dissatisfaction worries. But I guarantee you that you will not think about returning it once you get hold of it.

The vacuum food sealer machine also has the advantage of replaceable accessories coupled with a powerful motor that extends the product’s life to a great extent. Four replaceable accessories – silicone strip, heating wire, sponge sealing strip, and plug wire – make sure that you can easily change them when required without the need to buy a whole new machine. That makes it super-budget kitchenware.

Our Verdict

This CE, ROHS, and FCC-certified product assures you quality and safety with the best professional standards.

The product lacks a built-in bag alignment drip tray that ensures correct bag placement every time. Also, you need to press the sides quite firmly; otherwise, it won’t lock properly. Plus, it lacks color variants. Otherwise, it is one of the most affordable and user-friendly vacuum sealers in the market.

Rest assured, bring home this food saver to make your lifestyle healthier and safer without money, time, and energy wastage. With this awesome AUSOMM machine, ‘Seal your Meal’ and ‘Seal the Deal’!


Our experts would clearly recommend the AUSOMM vacuum sealer because of its performance during our extensive tests. This vacuum performed really well and it has received the praise of other customers. It does require you to press harder than you would think on it in order to lock it but beside that, it’s pretty good.

We got one of the best deals on the market by purchasing this vacuum sealer on Amazon. We received it really fast and it was available at a discount when we purchased it for our review. It might still be available for a discount so I would check with Amazon first before any other online customer.

AUSOMM Vacuum Sealer
  • Sealing Quality
  • Sealing Performance
  • Sealing Temperature
  • Extra Features
  • Appearance


The AUSOMM Vacuum Sealer proposes all the features that you want inside of a great vacuum sealer. It has been tested by our experts at the Colin Testing Center and we’re happy to publish the results and our review with you.

This vacuum sealer will do the job it’s assigned to do and keep your food fresh at all times. AUSOMM is not a brand that’s known in the vacuum sealer world but it’s still one the greatest brand at the moment.

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