BELLA 1.7 Liter Electric Kettle Review

There’s nothing better than coming home to a great cup of tea but I don’t have the time to fire up the stove. Surely, I could try to microwave some water in a cup, but I’m have to be quick in order to stop it from overflowing into my microwave. Without a doubt, the BELLA 1.7 Liter Glass Electric Kettle is greatly adapted for every type of kitchen decor it will find itself into.

Our team of experts had a little fun with the BELLA by taking through various tests, we wanted to know if it was faster than a microwave or stove but also know it’s true power as an appliance in your kitchen. The BELLA 1.7 liter glass electric kettle responded really well to every one of our tests, we would recommend it to anyone.

Design and Looks

The BELLA 1.7 Liter looks slick and modern because of its beautiful glass chamber and black paint covering. The kettle is detachable from it’s base which is simply a little round thing, overall, it won’t take place in your kitchen.

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You can fit 7 cup of water inside of the electric kettle, you also know it’s ready when you see the bubbles going up through the glass. The heating element is concealed and doesn’t take any place, upon removing the kettle from its base it won’t be hot on the bottom of the kettle. It features a commercial coffee pot type of cover which is very safe to handle around and won’t spill.

It’s easily concealable in any kitchen, you can hide the kettle inside of your cupboards and leave the base on your kitchen and it will look really great. There’s nothing special to the BELLA 1.7 Liter Glass Electric Kettle, there is only an on/off button.


We started the kettle while starting up a pot of water inside the microwave and one on our stove that’s inside of our testing area. Here’s what happened during our tests with the BELLA 1.7 Liter Electric Kettle.

It did beat both the stove and the microwave, it brought the water to a boil really fast without having us to do anything. It’s packed with 1500 watts of power so it heats up water and it brings it to a boil really fast compared to anything else. We didn’t have a chance to test this kettle against another model of the same genre.

BELLA 1.7 Liter Electric Kettle Features

Here’s a few features that you can find on the BELLA 1.7 liter kettle, you can always visit the product’s page on a website like Amazon to know more.

Faster than a microwave

We also determined that it’s safer than a stovetop, it has 1500 watts of power that can rivalizes with the other brands out there. Do not be mistaken that buying a kettle from BELLA won’t be a bad experience, yes, they are a new company but they are growing every day and they will be a giant because of their product’s quality.
BELLA 1.7 Liter Electric Kettle

It responded really well to our testing environment, you’re gonna have to watch the on and off button if you don’t want to dry up sediments on the glass. There’s no feature that will make the electric kettle shut off upon having a little bit of water that’s not enough to make a cup of tea.

Style and functionality

The BELLA 1.7 Liter Electric Kettle features an automatic shut off upon the water boils, it also protects from boiling dry while having a concealed heating element that’s pretty hard to touch.

There are some kettles on the market that aren’t like the one from BELLA and you can easily burn yourself on the heating element on the bottom, it’s very well hidden and produces high amount of energy like we have said earlier in our review.

We think that it looks really great in the black and glass look, it will really fit in your kitchen no matter what the colors of your wall are. You must also note that while the container is glass, there’s still plastic around the electric kettle that might give bad moments when using it.

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It also lights up in blue while it’s operating so you can operate it without opening the lights, it’s a pretty cool feature if it’s fairly early in the morning and you don’t want to be shaken up by light yet.


  • Buying an electric kettle from BELLA is a safe investment at all times, they produce high quality products since a few years but their reputation is actually growing because of their quality.
  • It has the features you want in a kettle : water level indicator, auto shut-off, etc. It won’t do much more which is a little disappointment from our team, it’s simply an electric kettle with an on/off button.


  • The BELLA 1.7 Liter electric kettle should have features like sleep mode, stay warm and other features that you normally find on a kettle, but it’s cheaper than the models that have it.
  • Since BELLA is a fairly new company, you might face problems while having to return the objects after the 30 day returns expire on a website like Amazon.


The BELLA 1.7 Liter electric kettle is worth its price tag, it doesn’t have the features that you find in higher priced kettles but it has all the features you would want to find in a cheap kettle. BELLA is a new and growing company in the kitchen appliances department, they are making waves. We mean that BELLA will give you a great product whatever the price, so we would recommend their 1.7 liter electric kettle without hesitation.

BELLA 1.7 Liter Electric Kettle
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There’s nothing better than a cheap electric kettle, the BELLA 1.7 Liter Electric Kettle is the perfect candidate for any kitchen in the world. With a simple on and off button, it will bring your water to a boil faster than the classic stove. This electric kettle responded really well to our tests and we would recommend it to anyone looking for a product from the BELLA company.

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