BELLA 2-Slice Toaster Review

I was quite perplexed when receiving this toaster for a review, it is a brand that is not known outside of Amazon and sells very little units outside of it. It was perfect for my dorm room in which I used it for a week. Cheap and easy to use, I’m pretty sure this is the perfect product for anyone looking for a 2-slice toaster.

I’ve used it to cook many things and I was pretty satisfied overall and I’m pretty sure you will too. This brand might be unknown and cheap but they produce durable products. I would suggest you to try a toaster from BELLA if you are a student like me or simply looking for a cheap toaster.

BELLA also recently updated the model since there were problems with the last one, this is the best version of the 2-slice toaster they offer. For all these reasons, I would recommend you to purchase it from Amazon and be done with it.

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BELLA 2-Slice Toaster
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Overall, the BELLA 2-Slice Toaster is a fantastic product and responded very well to each and everyone of my tests with the product.

After an update to the model sold by the company, I’ve read that the BELLA 2-slice toaster is now more convenient and efficient to use. I’ve also read in online reviews that many families, especially¬† families with a¬† large number of people within it, to this brand of toaster because it is simply better than what it is offered in the stores. It is because of the many benefits they obtain than the previous model and the cheap price of the appliances offered by BELLA. So what are those benefits you can have?

The BELLA 2-slice toaster is the newest and improved style of a 2-slice toaster. The oldest model has been made famous because it has been used by many families for over fifteen years. That’s right the company has been selling products for over 15 years, that is pretty impressive for a brand that no one knows. The products they offer has been of the most practical kitchen equipment during breakfast time, especially for busy families at home. And now thanks to technology it has become a more efficient kitchen equipment every morning and they will keep working and improving their products over the coming years.

Furthermore, the BELLA 2 slice toaster can save more electricity and time. Since it has four toasting slots, toasting bread is now much faster than a two-slot type. Roasting can now be done in just a few minutes and uses less electricity, saving more money on electricity bills. Cleaning is easier afterwards due to the wider toasting slots. You can easily remove the pieces of breadcrumbs inside the grooves. Then it has a cool touch casing that makes it safer to touch while toasting. And finally, it is a small cooking material that can be placed anywhere on the kitchen counter.

The temperature ranges from 150 degrees to 450 degrees and the toaster timer will help you make sure you are not burning anything. The toaster part has a light and dark setting and the toaster power light will let you know when it is ready to begin heating. In this BELLA 2 slice toaster review, I made sure to test out how the toaster operates under various conditions. I’ve cooked bagels and bread without any major problems.

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Bella 2-Slice Toaster Features

Another great feature is the non-stick interior that makes cleaning your toaster a breeze. Cool-touch side handles help ensure no one gets hurt if you accidentally bump into them. You can also easily remove the crumb tray for easy cleaning. What’s even better is that it offers a cord wrap feature so you can easily store your toaster when not in use. This is especially good for those who have smaller kitchens and limited counter space.

This appliance comes in a wide selection of colours. You can choose between charcoal, purple or lavender, among others, but if your taste is more conventional, the chrome model will look great on your kitchen countertop. I personally prefer the chrome model because it looks really good like I have said, I would say that the lavender model is the one who looks really bad.

One of the things that makes BELLA 2 slice toasters so popular is the fact that they are very practical devices and are packed with a bunch of features that make them a better product than their competitors. These products are designed to toast 2 slices of bread at once, and they can even keep your bread warm by laying it on top of the slots, if you didn’t know of this special trick already. Compared to normal toasters that take 1 slice once, the 2 slice is much more efficient. These toasters are perfect for families or individuals who want more than 1 slice of toast at a time. You’ve probably heard of the saying that says that “2 is better than 1”, well that’s right, that’s what you get from this BELLA 2-slice toaster, 2 slots are better than one.

There are so many toasters, but the BELLA 2-slice toaster is popular due to its retro look and amazing features. These toasters are perfect for people who want a sophisticated look in their kitchen, the chrome model looked really nice in my kitchen and I really think it made me look really great in front of girls. The BELLA 2-slice toaster is also another popular product. It offers high-tech features as well as a sleek and nice-looking device. The toaster has extra-wide slots that make it perfect for toasting bagels and waffles. Some of the models also have LCD screens, which allow you to control a wide variety of functions such as the darkness of the toast.

This brand comes with a warranty that will repair your toaster if it is damaged, the process is really simply instead of wasting your time back and forth, they simply send you a new product. The more expensive models come with an extended warranty for your beloved toaster, which applies to every other product of the company, while it is hard to find these kind of warranties while purchasing online, this company simply offers it to you. Most manufacturers of single slice toasters offer a reasonable warranty, like 1 year, but BELLA offers you an extended warranty even with it’s cheaper model. Buying from a reputable brand like BELLA ensures that the material used to build the toaster is of high quality, they have been tested by many companies and myself and I can can personally attest that this toaster and brand is really great.

Another factor to consider when purchasing your toaster is a crumb tray. A crumb tray makes toasting bread for the family a fun affair and ensures that pieces of bread are easily removed after toasting. That’s why the BELLA 2-Slice Toaster is made in a perfect way to suit your needs and why I’m so adamant that you should purchase this product over many ones that you find on Amazon or other websites.

Conclusion of my review

To conclude, the BELLA 2 slice toaster is capable of doing a one really good thing, which is toasting 2 slices of bread. This appliance is perfect for people who eat more than 1 slice of toast a day or for those who have a family. These toasters are quite efficient and there is nothing better than having one of these in the kitchen.

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