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Hello and welcome to my review of the Bella 7 Egg Cooker, I’ve been personally tasked with reviewing products from this company and I am here to share with you my honest thoughts about their egg cooker. I’ve performed a few personal tests on this egg cooker which it has passed without any problems. I do have experience with egg cookers and I can spot a bad one from a good one.

I think that each of us has reached a point where the eggs that we want to boil or poach are a complete disaster and by disaster I mean egg yolk every where type of disasters.  With this BELLA Egg Cooker, you no longer have to worry about damaging your eggs with your knife or whatever trick you use to remove the shell. The current technology in these products has progressed and it has made life much easier for us by making perfect boiled eggs every single time.

The BELLA Egg boilers come in many different design, this looked fairly great with a black and transparent top. There is also various models available which accommodates more or less eggs, although some models differ in size and some physical characteristics, their basic characteristics remain the same : they cook your eggs.

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BELLA offers a great variety of egg cookers and this one is without hesitation, great and should be purchased if you are on the edge of purchasing it.

There are different types of rapid egg boilers that work with different heaters, this one heats from the bottom and the steam comes up to cook your eggs.  This egg cooker has electric heating elements that are located inside the base which can be filled with water. There should not really be any questions or problems before using this egg cooker, it is fairly easy to understand how it works but BELLA always offers a guide if you have any questions.

The BELLA Rapid Egg Cooker  comes with cups and accessories for boiling and steaming your eggs. Your choice of cook depends on how many eggs you want to boil or cook, whether they are hard, medium, or smooth, the guide that comes with the egg cooker should guide you on which to use. I’m sorry to announce to you that you cannot opt for roasted eggs, this one won’t do it, I think you’ll have to use a pan for this one. If you want to roast eggs, better to get an egg pan that comes with a variable temperature setting to better control the amount of cooking and the heat that comes with the pan.

Normally, BELLA Egg Boilers are automatic and well equipped with an electronic timer setting signals that flash or beep when the eggs are finished, that’s right, simply put the eggs in and wait for the beep. With so many different styles and designs available from BELLA, there will be one that will fit your budget and personal preference, check out their other models on Amazon.

Usually, you will think about how many eggs you can handle at the same time, the model I am reviewing offers you to cook 7 eggs but there’s other models that offer more. You want to be able to boil many eggs in less time if your model is better than mine, but I think that 7 eggs is usually enough for a family of 4. You can choose a lower capacity model from BELLA if you live alone, those are also available to you.

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The model you choose really depends on the number of eggs you need. It’s also a good idea to consider the amount of time it takes to cook them and the other additional features that comes with a better model. If the price of your egg cooker really matters to you, I think this one is perfect since it is not too pricey.

Cooking eggs has never been so convenient and easy with the many BELLA Egg Cookers available on the market at this current moment. While this brand is not known to many people yet, this brand has been really popular on Amazon which is a great thing. Like I’ve said earlier, there’s so many models with different capacities that you can chose, you can really pick the one that fits your need. With this on your kitchen counter, eggs can be combined in similar batches to cook hard, medium or soft eggs when you need them, stop waiting and purchase an egg cooker today.

Most of the BELLA Rapid Egg Boilers I’ve seen operate with an electronic signal ready timer inside of the machine in order to give you perfect eggs every time. This, along with the water tank, measuring cups, poaching tray, and an egg piercer, this egg cooker will make your life easier. A great feature of the BELLA 17283 Egg Cooker is the fact that the egg cooker is available in several stylish colours that will fit whatever kitchen they kind themselves into.

The egg piercer is quite an interesting feature that I liked, it allowed me to eliminate a few minutes picking out chunks of the shell around the cooked egg. You simply pierce the egg and the shell cracks into pieces that removes easily with the membrane inside the egg which the egg cooker allows to sit inside compared to boiling in water.

BELLA Hard Boiled Egg Cooker

Almost all BELLA Egg cookers are based on the steam cooking concept, like I’ve described up there, the steam comes from the bottom. There is a different water tank with different levels that you can fill with your tap water. The water level you decide to choose depends on your needs, it will determine how hard or soft the egg you want to have, there’s also an informative section in the owner’s manual to guide you through the water level. Those without distinct levels generally come with a measuring cup that you can fill with the correct amount of water once you are ready to cook your eggs.

Egg cookers offers healthy ways to cook eggs easily and efficiently, it really allows you to prepare breakfast in no time especially when you’re in a rush and you have no time to prepare those eggs. I have experience cooking eggs and I’m sure you do too, many of us don’t like the wait time because we want to eat them right away ! You might have to keep your eyes on it because otherwise the boiling water will overflow, this happens with every egg cooker, you might have to test out your water levels first. Until the invention of the egg cooker, the situation completely changed because now you don’t need to worry about the cooking time or having to pick out shells pieces, we can say that our life is now easier than our grandparents.

There’s various egg cookers available on the market today but they have all the same functioning with a base that can receive a small amount of water and an heating element. There’s some other features that you can obtain but basically they all do the same thing : they cook the eggs without you having to look on them. You will seriously cut time in your cooking process if you are not using an egg cooker you should really look out at videos on Youtube in order to understand what they do instead of ready my review and the BELLA 17283 Egg cooker is an interesting model.


This is the end for my review of the Bella 7 Egg cooker, like I’ve said earlier almost all the models from BELLA contain the same features so this review should scale to every other Egg Cooker you can purchase from BELLA. If you are looking for a place to purchase this product, I would recommend to you to purchase this product on Amazon since it usually offers the best discount from every competitor. Thanks for reading my review of the BELLA Egg Cooker.

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