The Best Black+Decker Food Processors

There’s nothing than an appliance that gets used every day because let’s be honest, there are some that are eating dust in a cupboard somewhere, a food processor is what we’re talking about here. Then you add the fantastic quality of Black+Decker and you get great food processors that rivals brands like Cuisinart.

By being able to save time and money because you have an appliance that you actually use, you’re gonna enjoy healthy meals. A food processor is a fantastic kitchen instrument that you can use in order to create puree but also cut veggies, grind meat, etc. To spin this around, they are all-in-one appliances because of their many features and multiple functions, note that your food processor from Black+Decker will come with accessories already included in the box without any purchases needed.

The Black+Decker brand is one of the leading manufacturers of top-notch quality food processors on the market today. It doesn’t surprise me because they are the better choice when it comes to quality and reliability in the food processor category.

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We have tasked with testing a few food processors from them over the recent week, we created a comparison table in order to help you purchase the best Black+Decker food processor.

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Comparison Table

Here’s a comparison of all the models of food processor from Black+Decker, this will help you decide the best Black+Decker food processor for your needs.

Why Choose A Black+Decker Food Processor ?

Black+Decker can rivalize with the biggest brands out there by having quality and durable products for almost every category you can imagine : small home appliances, power tools, vacuums and others. This is a company that continues existing due to the durable appliances that they offer.

There’s also a large variety of construction equipment that Black+Decker sells that made the company popular before it expanded it’s wings to other categories. Here are some of the many reasons why choosing Black+Decker will eventually reward you in the end with a lot of saved money and time.

Reasonable Prices 

You don’t have to worry about piercing an hole in your wallet in order to purchase a Black+Decker food processor compared to the other major brands. They are reasonably priced compared to the other food processors available on the selling websites.

You don’t have to worry about buying a cheaper product because in the case of Black+Decker, they always have utilized high quality materials when creating products. There are some worries about the quality because they switched to Chinese manufacturers in the recent year just to announce a move back to the United States in 2021.

Versatile Product Selection 

There are a lot of food processor designs created by the experts at Black+Decker that will surely find a place in your decor. When we talking about versatility, we are talking about how their food processors can basically fit very well into every kitchen.

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If you don’t want X accessories, you can choose another Black+Decker model and vice-versa. The prices of their food processors also don’t really vary that much, you don’t have to worry about a huge price increase while switching models.

Generous Product Warranty 

One of the perks of choosing Black+Decker is that buyers of their huge product selection can enjoy a generous product warranty. This means that you can return the food processor you purchased in case it is dissatisfying, B+D will guide you through their easy return process.

If you don’t want to return it and you have a simple question about your food processor ? Their team can be reached via social media or email, your reply from Black+Decker will come in less than 24 hours. Try to reach the support of Cuisinart and you’re gonna face a wall, while with Black+Decker you’re gonna be answered before you hit a wall.

History of Black+Decker Food Processors

It all happened in September 1910, Duncan Black and Alonzo Decker, the best tool designers and engineers, founded the The Black & Decker Manufacturing Company. They took a loan in order to cover the costs of the creation of their company. They then went on to create patented products over the years such as their pistol grip while having sold most of their possessions to cover the loan they used at the beginning.

It was first established in the state of Maryland, in the city of Baltimore, that is where their headquarters are still located today. It is truly a true American Dream story that is very inspiring, Black and Decker completely revolutionized the world of construction equipment.

In the recent years, in 2010 the company joined with Stanley Works another company from the construction niche. Since then, they switched their name to Black+Decker in order to symbolize the two companies that joined together.  To this day, the The Black & Decker Manufacturing Company makes a wide array of products that it offers to customers worldwide : fastening systems, home improvement products, power tools and various home appliances.

Who Would Buy A Black+Decker Food Processor ?

If you want your cooking process in the kitchen to be simpler and faster, people buy food processors for these reasons. Depending on what instrument you use, your food processor will achieve a different task each time.

If you lack confidence to use a kitchen knife or you find that your cuts are uneven, a Black+Decker food processor will save you from a lack of culinary skills by including various accessories with your food processor. You’re gonna set the knife aside today before you’re gonna be shredding, chopping, grinding and grating with your Black+Decker food processor.

It’s not a secret that the food processor is much faster than preparing ingredients manually with a dangerous knife. Instead of chopping or slicing the fruits, vegetables, or meat, let your Black+Decker do all the work and save your time for later. A food processor will also perform the same functions as a mixer, blender, or a hand chopper, replace a few appliances today !

Using a cutting table can create a bit of a chaos every time you’re cutting on it, veggies and various things are always flying off it. A food processor will keep every vegetable inside of its chamber meaning the mess won’t happen ever again. The person who would buy a Black+Decker food processor would save a lot of time and use a safe appliance.

Black+Decker Food Processor Reviews

Here are some individual Black+Decker food processor reviews available for you to guide you through your purchase.

Black+Decker 8-Cup Food Processor Review

The Black+Decker FP1600B 8-Cup helps makes the entire process of preparing tasty, healthy, and quality meals efficient. If you need to  prepare large food quantities at once with the FP1600B processor you have found the one.

The FP1600B delivers a convenient food preparation with all the accessories that comes with it. It gives us the ability to puree, grind or cut according to what we exactly want. Any complicated knife skills are not necessary to learn because there’s a manual included with the food processor.

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Overall, this Black+Decker 8-Cup Food Processor surprised us during the test that we performed on it, that’s why are recommending this model as the best Black+Decker food processor. We guarantee you that the Black+Decker FP1600B will fulfill all your needs that you are finding in a food processor.

8-Cup Plastic Work Bowl

This work bowl is mid-sized and holds up to 8 cups of non-liquid foods and 5 cups of liquid, a fairly large quantity. It also means that we can prepare our favorite food in large quantities, isn’t that wonderful ?

However, extra carefulness is necessary when handling it because it is not shatterproof, I almost had a major problem during my tests with the Black+Decker FP1600B. Observe the ingredients inside your food processor instantly change overtime, it’s really great to have such a great work bowl.

Removable Seal Lid

A removable seal lid one of the most essential features of this food processor because without it, it simply creates a mess. We loved that this feature was found on this food processor, it makes it easier to clean out my mess.

Food Safe Stainless Steel Blade

A food safe FDA approved is needed for all appliances these days, there are still models grandfathered that doesn’t have it. This blade is very sharps making it handy to prepare many meals at once.

You’re also able to put the blade of your Black+Decker food processor inside of the dishwasher in order to fully eliminate the bacteria that’s found in the crevasses of the plastic around the blade.

Stainless Steel Reversible Disc

This feature is designed for slicing and shredding food ingredients. So, you can save time from shredding certain vegetables and cheese. The stainless steel cutting disc included with the FB1600b, so great to see because it adds ease and flexibility to food processing.

That’s why this model performed better in our tests, it simply had a way better blade. I don’t know why the blades differ so much in between each Black+Decker food processor model but this one is so sharp is blasted through our tests.

450 Watts Motor

You probably don’t know anything about food processor motor power, well let me tell you that this is a very great number. 450 watts is better than most model from Cuisinart and others, motors from Black+Decker are very durable.

The motor power of the Black+Decker FP1600B is enough to shred, cut, grate, and more. This Black+Decker food processor ensures a fast food processing through its 450-watt motor. This motor Do you want to  perform different functions like mincing, chopping, grating, shredding, and more ? 450 watt of food processor power is enough for most.

Modern Touchpad Control

The modern touchpad included with this Black+Decker food processor model is located on the front of it, easily accessible it’s easy to change the mode the motor is operating on.

It has two speeds: Off/Pulse and On. The Off/Pulse button is used for food that does not need plenty of processing. When we pressed the Pulse button On and then Off, I got more control over how I wanted the food to turn out.

Build-in Safety Interlock System

The safety interlock system stops the machine until the parts are all in the right order, if you don’t have the cover and your hand is inside the food processor : it won’t start. It’s pretty fantastic to see that the machine completely refuses to start working.

I tried this function by putting a banana inside of the food processor without the top components : works as advertised ! You still shouldn’t put your hand inside of a food processor because it will become an hand processor.

4 Non-Skid Suction Feet

With these B+D quality suction feet, the Black+Decker FP1700B is anchored securely to the counter. When I was using the food processor, it didn’t move by itself at all. As a result, the food is processed without any major spill that you again need to clean.

Wide Feed Chute

The Black+Decker FP1700B is built with a fairly wide feed chute that allows you to put ingredients that aren’t really cut. You can find a whole carrot without having to cut it, your food processor will do the work by himself.

Black+Decker FP1600B Review

  • A Compact and luxurious design from the Black+Decker team.
  • It includes a shredder disc and a stainless steel chopping blade inside of the food processor’s box.
  • The 450 watt motor has better performance than the other brands.
  • It comes with a safety lock system, storage lid, cord wrap that again are found inside of the box of the Black+Decker FP1700B
  • A wide continuous flow chute that fits whole carrots inside of it.
  • It is an handy machine to have, food preparation becomes quick and straightforward.
  • You’re gonna have the Black+Decker flexibility to puree, grate, shreds, chop, or slice.
Test results :
  • We thought that the powerful 450-watt motor with the stainless steel chopping blades performed efficiently during our tests.
  • The stainless steel slicing/slicing disc were very versatile during our tests.
  • It has a wide food chute together with a pusher to feed your veggies inside of the food processor easily and quickly
  • A transparent bowl included with the food processor allows a clear observation of the ingredients.
  • The Black+Decker 8-Cup Food Processor has a safety system to stop you from cutting yourself on the slicing disc.
  • The food processor looks really great in every decor that you can put it into, it fitted well inside of my kitchen.
  • There’s various reports that some of the bowls are not shatterproof meaning that they can break at any moment.
  • The 450 watt motor is quite noisy but that’s something that is normal with every food processor.
  • A food processor is never easy to clean and the Black+Decker FP1600B doesn’t shy away from that.
  • There’s many reviews including that it has major problems with dough, we have alerted Black+Decker.

Black+Decker 10-Cup Food Processor Review

A versatile and convenient food processor is a cook’s best friends and that is what the Black+Decker 10-cup food processor offers you, complete with 6 different cooking functions like : grating, dicing, cutting, shredding, etc. It will help the busy cook prepare the best meals that he can without wasting his time cutting his ingredients.

The Black+Decker Fp2500B is aimed at the home cook that is on a tight budget but it brings the top-notch quality of Black+Decker food processing for a fraction of the price of other brands like Cuisinart. The larger capacity than some of the food processor models offered by Black+Decker is welcomed by our team.

Six Cutting Functions

There’s a few functions of this Black+Decker food processor that are an extra over the models such as the julienne function, it’s not every food processor that can do this. Its larger capacity means you will be able to prepare more than 12 portions of ingredients but really the capacities are endless.

Easy to Adjust Slices

The metal slices that are included in the box of your Black+Decker enable you to do slicing, cutting, shredding or grating for almost every recipe you find on the internet. We were surprised at how easy those slices were adjustable without having to really consult the manual in order to understand how the product works. We were very impressed with the easy to adjust slices from the Black+Decker 10-cup food processor.

Sturdy Cutting Discs

We felt that the cutting discs that came with the Black+Decker FP2500B were very sturdy, it didn’t feel like we shaved off a lot of metal after our tests. They stayed sharp through our normal usage of the food processor, we would say that you need to be extra careful with the blades. They also include a compact storage case in order to protect you from cutting yourself, that’s an extra from Black+Decker.

Sweeper Arm

The sweeper arm is a very cool accessory that comes with this food processor, it allows the ingredients in the chute to fall faster compared to the other models we tested. This sweeper arm allows you to push the food down without having to insert your arm near the sharp cutting blades.

Suction Cup Feet

This Black+Decker food processor is built in with the branded suction cup fee like the other models. It always guarantees that the food processor won’t make any movement while processing the ingredients, this is a clear improvement over the food processors that don’t have that feature. A food processor already has problems standing on its leg already and functions like pulse can make a food processor move while you’re not looking, that can cause a few problems.

Sleek Design

We have always thought that a black design will always adapt itself into every decor, the design of the Black+Decker FP2500B is very sleek looking. If you’re looking for something small, it’s fairly large so it’s going to take a lot of space on the counter.

Soft-touch Mylar Controls

We really loved the fact that the controls were easily operable while having different juices on your hands because while cooking you’re using them a lot. Your finger won’t slip on the mylar controls also they are very well designed, they don’t let liquids to enter through the tracks, there’s protection included.

The controls included with it are the same you find on every food processor model : Low, High and Pulse.

Wide Mouth Feed Chute

If you’re worrying about having a small feed chute, don’t worry because this Black+Decker comes with a wide mouth chute at the expense of safety. We have a fairly small member of our team and our member could put his hand into the wide mouth. It’s large enough for you to feed whole potatoes and apples, so you can understand the danger with this wide mouth feed chute, use it with care.

Black+Decker FP2500B Review

  • The 400-watt motor of the Black+Decker FP2500B efficiently handles different cutting tasks such as slicing, chopping, pureeing, etc.
  • You can change the blades height and direction very easily without having to consult the website of Black+Decker.
  • The Black+Decker FP2500B comes with a storage case for the very sharp blades included with the food processor.
  • There’s also a reversible shred/grade disc, dual-sided julienne disc, and adjustable slicing disc included in the box of the food processor.
  • It allows you an easy control of the thickness of the slices you’re cutting.
  • The feeding mouth of the 10-cup food processor is big enough to accommodate whole potatoes or celery, whole carrots, and other giant ingredients.
  • A black sleek design from Black+Decker should adapt to every kitchen.
Why you should buy the Black+Decker FP2500B :
  • Free and easy to swap out food processor accessories from Black+Decker.
  • It’s very easy to use, we didn’t have to consult the manual included with the product.
  • A 400 watt motor is enough for most people to produce large quantities of ingredients.
  • The mylar buttons really protect the food processor from liquids, it’s a nice addition compared to other models.
  • It has the classic Black+Decker 3 speed food processor controls.
  • All parts of the Black+Decker food processor are really easy to clean dishwasher-safe.
  • The free accessories are welcome because some companies like Cuisinart requires you to purchase them.
Test results
  • It’s not ideal for dough, you need the model we chose as the best Black+Decker food processor.
  • No noticeable difference between the Low and High-speed settings at all, fairly disappointing from the 400 watt motor.
  • It’s very much louder than the other models that we tested in our office.
  • There’s a lot of small crevices that are pretty hard to clean by hand, it really needs a dishwasher but even then, we feel like food could stick there.

Black+Decker Wide-Mouth Food Processor Review

The Black+Decker FP2510S wide mouth food processor is designed to achieve convenience in the kitchen by allowing you to cut ingredients without cutting them beforehand. It accommodates large food quantities while the food processor is also dishwasher friendly. This model is quite old and has been around for ages, tested in many households, there’s so many reviews you can find about this food processor.

We tested the Black+Decker FP2510S in our office in order to provide you with a thorough food processor review. We’re gonna do an overview of the features before giving out our real opinion about this Black+Decker food processor.

450-Watt Motor

It’s the second highest wattage rating for a Black+Decker food processor compared to the other models that we have reviewed in this article. This motor has enough power with 450 watt in order to fulfill all the duties that you’re gonna give him just like it did during our tests.

Stainless Steel Chopping Blade

This food processor also comes with the branded Black+Decker stainless steel chopping blade that are very sharp like we have determined in our tests.

8-Cup Work Bowl

An 8-cup work bowl is enough for most families, it might a problem, if you prefer larger capacities you can use our comparison table of the best Black+Decker food processor.

With the 8-cup work bowl, large quantities are accommodated. So, there is plenty of room to recreate different recipes.

Stainless Steel Slicer/Shredder

This food processor comes with a reversible metal disc, enabling us to shred cheese or slice veggies and fruits without tiring out our forearms.

Food Chute with Pusher

We loved that the food chute adds convenience to the food processing. The Black+Decker FP2510S also comes with a pusher that helps guide the ingredients towards the blades at the bottom. That’s not included in every Black+Decker food processor that we have reviewed in this article and website.

Easy Push Button Controls

The controls on this Black+Decker food processor are very easy and intuitive meaning we didn’t have to read the manual in order to understand what each button does. It doesn’t have the mylar buttons like one other model of this article so juices can leak inside of your food processor.

Safety Interlock System

It comes with the safety interlock system from Black+Decker that’s loved around the world, it’s technology enables it to ensure the safety of the food processor user. As the blades are very sharp, it’s very important a problem with your food processor happen because things could get nasty really fast.

Black+Decker FP2510S Review

  • The Black+Decker FP2510S  is very much ideal for a quick chopping, and slicing experience.
  • There is an S-blade included that is perfect for chopping veggies.
  • Also comes with a dual-sided disc included in the box for best results.
  • The 8-cup capacity of the food processor is enough for most families and will do a good enough job for most people.
  • The removable parts from the Black+Decker food processor are easily removable and you can then put them into a dishwasher for an easy clean.
  • It comes with the branded Black+Decker safety interlock to protect your hands from getting cut.
  • It comes with a large enough food chute alongside a pusher, thanks Black+Decker.
  • We feel like this model of Black+Decker food processor is an old model that should be left behind has the others offer better features.
  • The motor is quite loud but it seems to be a recurrent problem with Black+Decker food processors.


There’s nothing better than having the best Black+Decker food processor, that’s why we tested everyone of them. We hope that in your quest of the best Black+Decker food processor, we will be an ally that helped you.

Our team love Black+Decker products because of not only the variety they offer but because they are true American brand who loves to make great food processors. They have been in the business for appliances for more than thirty years so you can easily trust Black+Decker to deliver to you one of the best food processor.

This concludes our reviews of the FP2510S, FP2500B, FB1600B Black+Decker food processors, they have been tested in our office where we give food processor a great testing environment.

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