The Best Black+Decker Slow Cookers

It can’t be denied that we always have in mind to eat delicious and healthy foods. Sometimes it’s simply impossible to eat healthy because of our busy schedule, so what about a solution to that problem ? A slow cooker is a very safe appliance that will cook your food while you are at work or doing something else. Our team have always loved to review products from Black+Decker and we think that their slow cookers are among the best on the market.

A slow cooker from Black+Decker will last you for a lifetime, this company has been around and was in the United States since 1917. While they certainly use certain Chinese parts, they make sure to use materials of the highest quality. That’s always why we recommend them, we have viewers of our website that have the same appliance from Black+Decker for more than 10 years.

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We have created a comparison table of the best Black+Decker slow cookers that you can find in-store or on various websites. There’s a lot of newer models and old models to choose from, that’s why we want to help you during your purchase process. We have done taken the slow cookers through thorough tests in our office in order to create this table, enjoy it.

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Comparison Table

Here’s a comparison table of many different slow cookers from Black+Decker in order for you to choose the one that fits your needs.

Why Choose a Black+Decker Slow Cooker ?

Black+Decker is among the reputable brands in the United States today, they generate billions of sales in the great country and have been reviewed by experts such as us and BusinessInsider. They also create products for construction entrepreneur worldwide, there’s currently a shift in the market towards their products because they have shifted most of their production back to the United States.

Wide collection of style to choose from

They offer various styles from a more classic one to a more modern one. The designers at Black+Decker have always been known for their great way of designing appliances that will fell into every decor that it will find themselves into.

The Best Black+Decker Slow Cooker.

Quality products

The brand has been known to produce quality products for more than 110 years, that’s more than some of the brand you will find on the market for slow cookers such as Cuisinart. You can easily trust their experts to give you a durable product.


The warranty included with your slow cooker from Black+Decker will be amongst the best on the market. With 2 years and service centers across the United States, it is very easy to get a refund or send the product for a repair. There’s always great reviews about their repair system because most of the time they give you a new slow cooker.

Good customer service

Black+Decker will always provide you with great customer support at all hours of the day. When I had problems with one of the slow cookers, I simply contacted them via Facebook and the service rep. helped me in less than 2 hours.

You can always use Black+Decker’s website in order to contact them, there it’s still fast, we have emailed them in the past and got a response in less than 10 hours. So as you can see Black+Decker is always there for their

History of Black+Decker Slow Cookers

In 1910, Black+Decker was founded in a modest machine shop in Baltimore in the state of Maryland.  The brand was founded by Duncan Black and Alonzo Decker, who are dedicated to manufacturing the first portable power tool in the world. Black and Decker invented their most bought product in 1917, that is their electric drill. With their quality products, they had established a good name in the industry. So, they began to manufacture different products to meet the needs of people.

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Black+Decker has many products, including garden tools, power tools, painting and decorating tools, home and cleaning, innovative appliances, and more. Even though the company products are sold mainly found in Europe and North America, most of their manufacturing is done in China.

The company’s original name is Black & Decker due to the partnership of its founders. Later, the re-branding made it Black+Decker. Right now, this brand is considered among the top brands in the market for general home appliances, this is assured by us and many experts.

Who Would Buy These Black+Decker Slow Cookers ?

Black+Decker slow cookers are  ideal for health-conscious individuals with a busy schedule that don’t want to waste their time in front of a pan. If you’re always in a rush during the mornings, you can set up your slow cooker to make you an omelet while you are sleeping. You always arrive too late and always end up preparing dinner at 19 pm ?  Worry no more because the slow cooker can help you by cooking your favorite ingredients during your day so you can enjoy a meal that’s ready when you’re home.

You can set the Black+Decker slow cooker at night before you sleep, so your breakfast will be ready as you wake up in the morning. There’s nothing better than a Black+Decker slow cooker, it’s a very versatile and loved kitchen appliance. It is also beneficial, like we have said earlier, if you’re too busy to cook your lunch. By just adding the ingredients to the slow cooker in the morning, you can have a healthy lunch as it cooks your meal in the best way.

The long hours of operation of a slow cooker allows meat to tenderize and fill itself with savours out of this world. With the North American quality assurance of Black+Decker, you’re going to have a durable slow cooker for your home. The aromas will be extracted from the ingredients inside your slow cooker, they will then make the meal one of the tastiest you have ever seen, you should read more about using a slow cooker.

Black+Decker Slow Cooker Reviews

Here are our reviews of a few Black+Decker slow cookers that have made our comparison table.

Black+Decker 7-Quart Digital Slow Cooker Review

We have selected this slow cooker as the best Black+Decker because we have high standards when it comes to cooking nutritious meal. It is loaded with all the features that you find on Black+Decker slow cookers, there’s also a bunch of functional features for a satisfying cooking experience. It is a stainless steel color that will look really great in any kitchen.

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Sous-Vide function

Sous-vide is a new cooking method that’s been developed over the years yet, this slow cook has all the features in order to do it. That function is not offered on the model amongst our reviews of slow cookers of the brand Black+Decker.

Temperature probe

It comes with a temperature probe that will switch the heat cycles for holding food at the right temperature, you’ll be able to keep track of your food. This is also removable if you don’t plan to use it, you can simply let it dust in the box.

Digital control panel

The slow cooker has a digital control panel that enables you to choose a slow cooking function, there’s no knobs that you have to turn, you will then be able to set it to the target temperature while using the probe that comes with your slow cooker.

Removable stoneware crock

This Black+Decker slow cooker has a removable stoneware crock for easy cleaning and that is also dishwasher safe. You can also prepare your meals in the stoneware outside the slow cooker then deposit it when you are ready to cook the ingredients of your meal. This is fairly standard amongst all the models that you find on the market for slow cookers, you should really expect it from your slow cooker.

Attractive design

The Black+Decker 7-Quart Digital Slow Cooker has an attractive modern stainless steel design that rivals with its competitors, it will look really great in any kitchen it will find itself into.

Durable and quality slow cooker 

Black+Decker is a brand known for delivery quality products to its customers, everyone of our review that’s something we have noted. It will easily last you a lifetime of normal usage if don’t roughen it, nothing feels really cheap with appliances from Black+Decker.

Locking lid 

The product also has a locking lid, so you can bring the stoneware crock to a friends house to have a cook-over. That locking lid has saved my life multiple times when carrying the pot around during our tests.

Black+Decker SCD7007SSD Review

Advantages of buying the SCD7007SSD :

  • You can avail of it with a sous-vide rack, removable stoneware crock, tempered glass lid, temperature probe, two disposable bags, and recipe book that’s all included in the box that comes with your Black+Decker slow cooker.
  • With this 7-quart slow cooker, that’s enough for a big family, it’s a big plus over the other models.
  • There is three heat settings on this slow cooker, you choose the temperature that is right depending on how much your recipe needs to heat to be set at.
  • The slow cooker comes with a tempered glass lid and stoneware pot that you can safely put in the dishwasher after you are done using your Black+Decker slow cooker.

Disadvantages of buying the SCD7007SSD :

  • It could be considered as heavy by some female slow cooker users because it’s pot is made in stone so it is quite heavy at first.

Black+Decker Teal Wave Slow Cooker Review

Another option amongst the Black+Decker slow cooker model, the teal wave model proposes to the user a more classic look that he might like. I don’t think that this model is made for everyone since it kinda look old school but Black+Decker always proposes these kind of models to the customer. It will look great in certain kitchens but there is certainly a certain taste that you need in order to purchase this model.

Classical Cool-touch handles

The lid handles always stay cool due to the plastic covering that’s over them, it is always a cool feature to have on your Black+Decker Teal Wave slow cooker. You will find on other Black+Decker slow cookers this feature that guarantees you cold handles.

Built-in lid holder

Another unique feature of this slow cooker is its built-in lid holder that really assures that the lid doesn’t move at all. You can maintain the cleanliness of countertops, stir and serve without touching the lid. When you are ready to release it, you simply press on the levers and it automatically releases it.

A Classical 7-quart

Since it has seven quart of capacity, you can cook a very large meal that is hot and fresh meal for your family. It has more can easily produce more than 8 servings for a dinner. It is also very much possess a dishwasher-safe lid and crock, you can clean this model really easily.

Removable stoneware crock 

The 7-quart crock is durable so that it can retain heat and it is also removable, an easy clean each time !

Tempered glass lid 

You can safely check what is going inside your slow cooker while the steam is released out of a little hole that’s on the lid. It is very safe and doesn’t produce much heat, it does release aromas inside of your kitchen and home. It filled our office with a delicious smell while we tested this Black+Decker Slow Cooker.

Old style design

It has teal wave color and a beautiful design making it a great display in your kitchen. It does look a little like an appliance that my parent would buy, but if that is your kind of slow cooker, you will surely enjoy it.

Black+Decker SC2007D Review

Why you would want to purchase the SC2007D

  • It is available in a teal wave color making it old school looking, very unique and stands out from other slow cookers.
  • The product is ideal for consumers who want a durable since it’s packed with the quality of Black+Decker products.
  • It will produce more than 8 portion of food, it will accommodate a large family if you want to purchase it for your home.
  • This slow cooker is an affordable yet quality product from Black+Decker what will have its place in your cooking routine.
  • It has dishwasher-safe removable parts, we really loved cleaning this slow cooker because it was really easy.

Why I wouldn’t purchase the teal wave SC2007D :

  • Some complained that it is heats up too much compared to the other settings available on the other model.

Black+Decker Chalkboard Surface Review

The Black+Decker 4-Quart Dial Control Slow Cooker is a budget-friendly product for your meal preparation needs. It can be your powerful appliance to enjoy healthy and delicious foods. It can be a good investment if you want tasty and low-cholesterol foods despite your busy schedule. It also comes with innovative features which make it worth buying.

Chalkboard surface

You’re able to draw anything on this slow cook with cray, that’s an unique feature that we had never seen on any slow cookers that we reviewed. There’s nothing better than to let the kids write on it, they think it’s really funny.

Three heat settings

Another amazing feature of this Black+Decker slow cooker is its three heat settings that will allow you to have a customized experience every time you use your slow cooker. You can choose between 3 slow cooker settings : warm, low, high. There’s an LCD panel on the front that allows you to change it very easily.

Removable stoneware crock

The stoneware crock that’s inside of your Black+Decker Chalkboard Slow Cooker is easily cleanable inside of our dishwasher. It didn’t seem to get any scratch from repetitive dishwasher use from models of the brand.

Built-in lid holder

Like other slow cookers from the brand Black+Decker, this model has a built-in lid holder that sticks the lid to the stoneware crock. It allows you to stir and serve without touching the lid and that’s without . You can also keep your countertop clean from overflow of the ingredients that’s inside of your crock pot.

Dishwasher-safe parts

Like we have said on our review of the Black+Decker Chalkboard, it has dishwasher safe parts that will help you easily clean off the sauces that stay inside of your crock pot.

7 quart standard

There’s a lot of things that you can achieve inside of a 7 quart Black+Decker slow cooker, it can fill up the belies of the your family because it produces more than 8 servings.

Black+Decker SCD4007 Review


  • It has the patented Black+Decker cool touch handles that will help you take it around the room.
  • It has a very gracious capacity of 7 quart that will fill up your whole family.
  • It has the classic 3 settings that you find on all slow cooker, easily accessible on the front.
  • The Black+Decker SCD4007 is available with a 2-year limited warranty from Black+Decker which is probably one of the best currently on the market.
  • It’s made with quality in mind and will be durable for many years to come because of the fact that it is built by Black+Decker.


  • It’s basically a product designed for families, the cray writing thing might get boring after a while.

Black+Decker Programmable Slow Cooker Review

The Black+Decker Programmable Cooker can be your efficient tool to cook your delicious and nutritious foods. It will adapt itself into the decor of your kitchen because of the great designers at Black+Decker. A lot of humans have a full schedule but still want to enjoy healthy meals, this cooker will never fail you. There’s nothing better than a Black+Decker slow cooker to cook your favorite recipes.

Six cooking functions

The Black+Decker Programmable Cooker comes with six functions, including risotto, rice, pasta, slow cook, keep warm, and saute that you can easily interchange on the front of the slow cooker. It’s a very fantastic option due to those settings being available on your slow cooker. It does get a slight edge over the other slow cooker models that you can find.

Dishwasher-safe parts 

This product comes with dishwasher-safe parts, including a steaming basket, cooking bowl, glass lid, and stirring arm that you can find inside of the product upon purchase. We wouldn’t expect anything else from Black+Decker and that is great that they included dishwasher safe parts.


The Black+Decker Programmable Slow Cooker comes with a 2 year warranty, Black+Decker is  easy to join via their website, a back and forth for two days and your issue should resolved. Not satisfied with your slow cooker, that’s sad, you can return it to a Black+Decker center that is the nearest near your home. They don’t have a good warranty because Black+Decker products are not good, they do that for the consumer.

Huge capacity 

The cooker has 20 cups (cooked) capacity, which is already big compared to other models of Black+Decker, this will allow you to cook rice for your whole extended family at once for thanksgiving.

Stirring feature 

There’s a detachable stirring arm that can be put into your slow cooker so you don’t have to open it each time. It’s a really cool safety feature, there’s steam coming out of slow cookers that will always burn you if you do not take care.

Pasta/ steam basket

Another unique feature of this Black+Decker programmable cooker is that it comes with a nonstick metal basket that can contain paste, that allows you to boil pasta easily. You can also use it as a steaming basket for steamed veggies, isn’t that a cool feature from Black+Decker slow cookers ?

Auto keep warm 

It will automatically enable the keep warm function when it ends the cooking cycle that you have decided to put it. You can also disable this feature inside of the option menu that’s inside of the computer of your slow cooker.

Tempered glass lid with steam vent

The steam vent is actually a big thing because it removes the giant puff of steam that was released upon opening the lid of classical models. It’s something that we really love from this model and it’s not on every Black+Decker slow cooker model that you can find it.

Black+Decker SCD1007 Review

Here are my reasons why I would purchase this slow cooker :

  • The Black+Decker SCD1007  has a stirring arm that allows you to stir the ingredients that you’re cooking up !
  • Almost every pot is made with non-stick materials, guaranteeing you will clean your slow cooker easily.
  • You can achieve multiple recipes inside of this cooker because of the features that comes with it.
  • This programmable slow cooker has a giant capacity, you’re gonna love serving your whole family with fresh and tasty meals.

Here are the reasons why I would not purchase this slow cooker :

  • Some said that it is not a long-lasting cooker because it feels really light overall. It does feel like it’s made with cheap materials, since it’s light in weight, it’s very easy to drop.

Black+Decker Multi Slow Cooker Review

The Black+Decker Multi Slow Cooker is a good investment if you want to enjoy a versatile slow cooker like you have never seen before. The elegant design that you can see on these photos makes it a great appliance to display in your kitchen.

You can literally take it to your friends house for a weekend because it’s a durable product that produced great results during our tests. The Black+Decker Multi Slow Cooker will help you save time and money on appliances because it’s really easy to use every function.

Variable temperature 

This is one of the only models of slow cookers from Black+Decker that will allow you to modify the exact temperature that it’s set at. It is very easy to change the temperature on this slow cooker because every button is located on the front of it.

Quality cooker for yourself

You should buy this quality slow cooker for yourself because it has many features and things that makes it a multi slow cooker. It has the greatest online reviews amongst the Black+Decker slow cooker that we have consulted online. This slow cooker will put a smile on your face when you will upon the Black+Decker box that you will receive.

Black+Decker MC1100S Review

Some reasons why someone shouldn’t purchase the MC1100s :

  • Flexible cooker you can use anytime for your meal preparation needs.
  • It comes with durable steel handles, making it easy to transport or maneuver.
  • The product features silicon covered lid handle for additional comfort.
  • It has 6.5 quarts capacity, which allows you to serve your family fresh food.
  • This Black+Decker cooker can give a good value to your budget and cooking needs.

Some reasons why someone shouldn’t purchase the MC1100s :

  • There are some reviews that complain about the electrical smell released by the Black+Decker slow cooker but after a few usage it goes away.


We would like to thank you for reading Colin’s best Black+Decker slow cooker reviews because we have tested each and every one of them for your satisfaction. Black+Decker is a brand that will never stop surprising us because of their quality products, like their slow cookers, that they constantly put out. Their slow cookers are out of the norm and can be competitive with brands that have been putting out slow cookers for years.

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