The Best Black+Decker Toaster Ovens

Long ago, I would only be able to make cheese sandwiches, toast bagels  and heat up my pizza in a toaster oven. Thankfully, it transitioned into a wonderful appliance that can cook almost everything, from casseroles and muffins to roast chicken because of the arrival of convection cooking.

Most oven toasters from Black+Decker include features like a cool-touch exteriors, an easy to clean interiors, a clock, a timer, the convection options, a reheat and a defrost option, touch-pad control and even more. These appliances can be a handy second as a second oven or it can also act as a main oven in a small apartment if you are not planning to cook large meals.

Black+Decker is one of the most trusted brands on the market for toaster ovens providing top-notch quality and reasonably priced toaster ovens. Black+Decker offers a variety of models to the consumers, most of them have been getting great reviews from them but also experts like our company or the New York Times.

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After performing various tests on a bunch of Black+Decker toaster oven, we have declared that the model CTO6335S is currently the best toaster oven from the company that is available on the market. It receives intermittent sales on Amazon and keeps getting great reviews every purchase, you should really check it out.

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Why Choose A Black+Decker Toaster Oven?

Today, Black+Decker is the leading and most trusted diversified industrial company in the United Sates, they sell handheld drills to toaster ovens. Their years of experience in creating, innovating, transforming products brought convenience and satisfaction to the consumers, there’s millions of reviews about their products available across every website that sells products.

There plenty of reasons why I would choose Black+Decker over other brands such as Cuisinart :

High-quality Products

The Black+Decker is famous for producing a wide array of high-quality products. These products include home appliances, DIY tools, accessories, power tools, home improvement products, hardware, and more. All of these products guarantee the best quality.

Reasonable Costs

The company does not stop by just providing high-quality products; they also make them reasonably priced. Whether the consumers are looking for products for their kitchen needs or home improvement needs, the Black+Decker satisfies their customers on a tight budget.

Reliability and Excellent Customer Service

I’ve personally seen that Black+Decker is highly committed to providing a customer service out of the ordinary. They ensure that their customer can rely on them at all times because they are reachable via social media. They create products that can satisfy and bring convenience to our everyday life.

History of Black+Decker Toaster Ovens

Two industrial engineers and designers decided to create the company in 1910, they were named Duncan Black and Alonzo Decker. Using a personal loan of $1,200 and $600 from a car sale that was Black’s second-hand car, they built the machine shop in a warehouse in Maryland, USA. They expanded the company across the United States they went on to survive through wars and multiple financial crashes.

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During the first years of the company, the partners manufactured various industrial products sold by others, and some that they had invented, it was a great opportunity at this time. These products include machinery for US Mint., candy dippers, a cotton picker, and a milk bottle cap machine. They also received many patents for Black+Decker inventions such as their pistol grip and many other products available to you.

Today, the Black+Decker is the United State’s major maker of power tools and accessories to consumers. They also sell commercial products that are available to companies but they mostly sell appliances and other products to Black+Decker consumers.

Who Would Buy A Black+Decker Toaster Oven

Toaster ovens might be smaller than the standard oven that is currently in your kitchen. They are more preferred by many people due to their great spacing-saving  and convenience makes it the perfect appliance for : young couples, single professionals, and students. There are many toaster ovens from companies such as Cuisinart but we always recommend a Black+Decker toaster oven to our viewers.

Buying a toaster oven today means you should think beyond reheating and toasting because they have really evolved in the recent years to be competitive products to certain ovens. They also have convection, reheat, and defrost options that should be the standard when looking in a toaster oven.

Advantages of buying a Black+Decker Toaster Oven

A Black-Decker toaster oven is more energy efficient compared to other toaster ovens because of their great energy consumption rating. It preheats anything you throw at it very quickly. You don’t have to worry about cleaning time because it’s very easy to clean with the stainless steel surfaces inside of them.

It does not heat the kitchen, making it perfect for summer use, if you have an air conditioner, that shouldn’t be a problem. Since it is portable and compact, it only takes a little space in my kitchen which is why I love toaster ovens. Plus, I got a unit for an affordable price from Black+Decker this was a blast. This makes the toaster oven a practical appliance for those who love to cook meals in different methods.

Black+Decker Toaster Oven Reviews

Here are some reviews of some Black+Decker toaster ovens currently available on various websites such as Amazon that we ordered and tested inside of our office.

Black+Decker Convection Toaster Oven Review

The Black+Decker CTO6335S has a considerable interior space, allowing to cook 12 inches large pizza and other snacks and meals. It can broil, toast, or bake a wide array of food items. It also comes with a keep-warm function that heats up your food very fast.

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Heat Circulating Fan (Convection)

One of the best features of this toaster oven is the heat circulating fan that heats up your food evenly. This feature helps eliminate the hot spot that you used to find in the middle of old toaster ovens. It can easily heat up to 450 degrees which is what I would expect in a toaster oven.

1500 Watts Power

With the 1500 watts power, you’re going to enjoy the power of this Black+Decker convection toaster oven. That power is enough to support different cooking functions without making your electricity bill higher. It’s one of the best wattage that you can find on a Black+Decker toaster oven so you should really look to purchase it if you’re looking for power.

Digital Control Menu

The digital control menu that’s on the toaster oven is a big advantage over the other models because I hate knobs that you turn. Through this digital control, I could achieve the perfect temperature every time without having to try to match the knob to the perfect temperature. I personally hate models that have knobs because it’s an old technology that should be left in the attic.

Manual Temperature Control

The Black+Decker CTO6335S also have a manual temperature control that shows the temperature on the digital control menu. It shows to you the temperature as the toaster oven is heating up which is something you do not find in some classic ovens. In addition, there are also predefined settings that you use you heat up a bunch of classic toaster oven food such as bagels, pizzas and other things.

Removable Crumb Tray

In baking or making other dishes in a toaster oven, crumbs are expected it can usually make the inside of a toaster oven look messy. Thankfully, this Black+Decker toaster oven comes with a removable crumb tray that you can easily remove, it’s pretty straightforward. Some of the models of Black+Decker don’t include this feature so that’s why again we think it is the best Black+Decker toaster oven

Black+Decker CTO6335S Review

Here is why I would recommend this Black+Decker toaster oven as a purchase :

  • It is very versatile because of the pre-programmed functions that will heat up the appliance depending on the type of food selected.
  • The heat circulating fan allows convection inside of the toaster oven, guarantees you even heating.
  • The inside of this toaster is oven is curved and can accommodate large pizzas.
  • The broiling rack fits a casserole type of dish very easily, this is great if you want to replace an oven.
  • It includes a dual-position rack slots that are easily changeable, you can also read the owner’s manual in order to understand how.
  • It features predefined settings, a removable crumb tray which is a big advantage over the other models.
  • It has a stainless steel housing, nothing sticks to this toaster oven and cleaning is fairly easy.
  • It comes with timer settings, a digital control menu and a temperature meter, you don’t find this in other Black+Decker Models.
  • It is ideal for a medium company or student that is looking for a solution that

I wouldn’t recommend this toaster oven as a purchase because :

  • It has a long toasting time, something that I noticed during my tests but once it’s heated it will do the job.

Black+Decker Silver Toaster Oven Review

The Black+Decker TO1313SBD enables everyone to explore creativity in the kitchen with a modern design, it will surely satisfy the consumer looking for a great design. This toaster oven made me forget about the bad taste of my cooking because it came with a great cookbook that guided me on how to use my Black+Decker toaster oven.

Three Control Knobs

Another perk of getting this toaster oven is using the three-knob controls that you usually find on boring models. These simple controls include a cooking function option and a 30-minute timer, it doesn’t have the perk of the digital screen that’s included on some other models.

Impressive Components

Black+Decker is known to fabricate toaster ovens with the most care possible, this one has received great ratings about the fact that it’s very durable. There’s almost no electrical system inside of it, that’s something you can appreciate because toaster oven with digital screens always have more problems in the end because of the extra electrical system inside of it.

Great Cooking Capacity

With this Black+Decker counter toaster oven, cooking four slices of pizza and a 12” pizza is possible, it also has the curved sides that you find on some other models from the same brand which is great for you. I could easily fit a 12 inch pizza inside the toaster oven that I’ve reviewed.

EvenToast Technology

Through the distinct heat diffuser, we achieved even toasting during our usage of this product. It is a fantastic technology from Black+Decker and we wish it was included in other models but sometimes you do not find it. I think that the EvenToast technology is what setps apart Black+Decker from Cuisinart.

Four Cooking Functions.

This toaster oven may have less cooking function than other Becker+Decker toaster ovens due to the lack of digital screen and pre-programmed features but it has four cooking functions that you can easily change using the knobs. These functions will allow you to maximize the usage of your Black+Decker toaster oven.

Black+Decker TO1313SBD Review

Why I would buy the TO1313SBD :

  • It uses high-intensity hot air and uses the EvenCrisp branded technology from Black+Decker.
  • The three control knobs make the cooking process simple but it is still an archaic technology.
  • It has four cooking functions and  you do not find the toast function on every product from Black+Decker.
  • The toasting function evenly distributes the infrared energy in order to produce restaurant quality toast.
  • It has a large enough interior that is also curved on the sides in order to accommodate pizzas.
  • I think it is a great product for heating things quicker than the Black+Decker competitors.
  • It comes with a 2-year limited warranty, you can join the Black+Decker via social media and the return is locally based in the United States.

Here’s why I wouldn’t buy the Black+Decker Silver Toaster Oven :

  • It has a longer cooking time compared to a standard oven but if you are a student this is perfect.

Black+Decker 8-Slice Toaster Oven Review

The Black+Decker TO3290XSBD can accommodate up to the 8 bread slices or hold a huge ass pizza. You can easily fit a small pan inside of this toaster oven it is fairly large toaster oven that will accommodate a small family living in an apartment. The company says that you can fit a standard 9″x13″ pan inside of the toaster oven but we found that it can be tricky as some handles are larger and some are too wide so you cannot close the front panel up.

Digital Branded Controls

This toaster oven comes with easy-to-use buttons, providing precision control over temperature and time that’s made of high quality. There’s no digital menu that shows you everything happening but there’s also a digital timer that shows you the time. This feature also offers control over the four different cooking functions that all Black+Decker can normally do.

Convection Heating

The Black+Decker toaster oven is built with a powerful convection fan, circulating warm air throughout the appliance to ensure even baking. Plus, it comes with three different racks inside of the box upon purchase. There’s no accessories that you need to purchase in order to achieve a different toaster oven function.

Extra Wide Interior

This appliance is specially designed and built to fit a 12” pizza, eight slices of bread and a 9×13 inches pans with a “normal” handle but like I said earlier, it can be a real problem if it’s too wide because it will stick out of the door.

Precision Timer

The toaster oven comes with a 120 minutes times of auto-shutoff in order to stop the person too high or drunk to control the toaster oven from burning the house down. In most cases we have found that the person that is drunk or high will be yourself, that is alright we are fine with that.

Stainless Steel Housing

This housing adds an attractive appearance to the kitchen, it looked really modern inside of our testing room. It is a very beautiful toaster oven like most Black+Decker products, they always build them with a generic design that will fit inside most kitchen decor. There’s just so many advantages to owning a Black+Decker toaster oven.

Black+Decker TO3290XSBD Review

Why you should purchase the Black+Decker 8-Slice Toaster Oven :

  • It is very large, it can fit most 9×13 inches oven pans with their handle inside of the toaster oven, some materials might burn.
  • It includes a broiling/baking pan and a toasting rack with no extra purchases needed.
  • Easy to use buttons, you don’t have to navigate through a digital menu.
  • There’s supposedly a more powerful convection fan inside of this model but we haven’t found this to be the case when testing the product.
  • The 120-minute timer comes with auto-shutoff so you don’t burn your house down because you forget about your food.
  • There’s different cooking functions that you can easily choose with the buttons on the front of the toaster oven.
  • Even though it is expanded, it won’t overwhelm your countertop.
  • The interior makes enough room for toasting eight slices of bread with restaurant quality toasting each time.
  • It has a stainless steel housing that will look really great inside of any kitchen decor it is brought into.

Why you should not purchase the Black+Decker 8-Slice toaster oven :

  • The controls are a bit complicated so I had to read the manual included with it multiple times in order to achieve great results during my tests.

Black+Decker 6-Slice Toaster Oven Review

The Black+Decker TO1950SBD works effectively for toasting and baking pizzas but it lacking the power to heat up really fast so that’s a major problem. You will be satisfied overall with this toaster oven but you will find that it lacks a few features compared to others from Black+Decker. There’s great reviews online about it so I wouldn’t worry about not having a few features that don’t really matter in the end while choosing the best Black+Decker toaster oven.

Removable Crumb Tray, even during cooking

This tray is one of the highlights of Black+Decker TO1675B because it really help keeping my counter clean and organized. You can remove it while the toaster oven is operating, you’ll catch any crumb before it burns and dissipates a smell that’s horrendous.

Curved Interior that’s fairly large

This compact toaster accommodates six slices of bread and a 9 inches pizza and we say thanks to its curved interior. It also has the classic toaster oven design in platinum color that’s just so fantastic for any kitchen decor.

Four Cooking Functions Interchangeable

With this Black+Decker toaster oven, I can cook different meals in different cooking methods in one appliance before it is so versatile. This cooking function also means that I do not need to buy other appliances in order to fulfill these functions, which helps us save space on our counters or our drawers that are already full with appliances anyway.

Convection Heating with powerful fan

Even baking is necessary to achieve the desired texture, taste, or any food basically. I find it great that you note that this toaster oven has a powerful convection fan and  doesn’t leak any heat into your kitchen so it is perfect for summer use.

60-minute Timer not 120 minutes

Another advantage of using the Black+Decker toaster oven is the 60-minute timer but it’s not a 120 minutes timer like other models. That’s a fair disadvantage compared to other models, if you want to do a long cooking session then it will be a mess doing anything past the sixty minutes because it will auto shut-down.

Black+Decker TO1950SBD Review

Why should you purchase the Black+Decker 6-Slice Toaster Oven ? Here’s why :

  • It makes the cooking fast and even because of the convection unit inside of the toaster oven.
  • It has a large capacity that allows you to put a pan inside the damn thing.
  • The 60-minute timer allows baking, toasting, broiling, and keeping food warm easily without having to watch the food at all times.
  • The set includes a broiling pan, bake pan, and an oven rack that you can find inside the box, no extra purchases.
  • It can keep the heating even enough to cook multiple food for a meal at the same time.
  • It features an easy-view, transparent glass door and a sleek stainless steel design that is very impressive.
  • It is easy to use and maintain but it doesn’t have a crumb rack like the other models available from Black+Decker.
  • It distributes infrared energy evenly so it will act like a restaurant toaster.

I think that you shouldn’t buy the Black+Decker 6-Slice because :

  • Not ideal for preparing meals in large quantities for a large family that’s more than four people but it can still accommodate some.

Black+Decker Digital Convection Toaster Oven Review

We have found during our tests that this TO1950SBD model presents a clear improvement over the the previous model because it is an improved model that has released later than this one. It is kinda just an improved version but it will still achieve the same things but with a different interior and button placement.

Advanced Heating Elements

This toaster oven is built with advanced heating elements from Black+Decker that ensure constant temperature while being very energy friendly. It is advertised as heating 20% faster than the other model that we reviewed previously. While it is an improvement, it still lacks the power of the best Black+Decker toaster oven that we have given you at the beginning of this article.

Best Convection Heating

Since it has advanced heating elements, it did great during our tests and performed better than some of the other models of Black+Decker toaster ovens. There’s no secret that convection heating should be a standard in every Black+Decker toaster oven but sometimes you do not find it. It’s great that this model with it’s advanced heating elements promises you the best convection heating.

Dedicated Toast Timer

There’s a dedicated toast function inside of this toaster oven, you do not find it on every model. It’s very nice to not have to monitor my toasts in order to make one that’s perfect for me. I think that this function could have been dropped for some other function because it’s very useless to have buttons for this on the digital menu.

Black+Decker TO3280SSD Review

I’m recommending the Black+Decker digital convection toaster Oven  because :

  • It works well in keeping the food warm, toasting, baking, and broiling because of the advanced heating elements.
  • Advertised as able to hold up to 6 slices of bread but it can be tricky with large slices.
  • There’s an automatic shut off function that will automatically shut down the toaster oven in order to not burn your house down.
  • It has three rack height so you can have a  flexible cooking experience right out of the box.
  • It comes with a removable crumb tray that’s not removable during cooking, a bummer.
  • Priced competitively from other Black+Decker toaster ovens, that’s perfect for the consumer.

I’m not recommending the Black+Decker TO3280SSD because :

  • It has a long toasting time because the heat has to reach the toast in the middle, sometimes I get better results with the convection off.
  • It feels very flimsy by that I mean I feel like I could break it by simply moving it on my counter top.


As you can clearly see after reading our article about the best Black+Decker toaster ovens, they are very competitive compared to other brands such as Cuisinart, there’s a few things that will make you enjoy each and everyone of the toaster ovens that we reviewed from Black+Decker.

Black+Decker is so fantastic with their support team, we had a questions during one of our tests and they answered our question in less than 24 hours, we are so proud of how this company evolved through the years. They have grown to be one of the most competitive product makers in the United States and they will keep expanding as they have a great support team around then to drive them towards greatness.

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