The Best Black+Decker Waffle Makers

Waffle is amongst my favorite snacks that I like to consume during breakfast. It is a perfect delicacy when I’m thirsty for sugar, it just hast that delicious dessert flavor.

If you want to enjoy your the best waffles that you can make, you should have a quality waffle maker.

Black+Decker has been making waffle makers for a few years and the online reviews keep growing.

They create grid-like pattern every time, if they do not, you can contact the Black+Decker team and get a refund.

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There is various waffle makers that Black+Decker offers in-store and online, we’ve created this article for you to be able to have an easier buying process.

I think that each of them presents an interesting feature that makes it more unique than the other models.

Some do the classic 360 degrees turn and some do not, so you kinda have to check out what each model offers. I recommend you to also check the product’s page on the manufacturer’s website.

With a waffle maker, you can have a hassle-free experience in preparing your waffles. Meanwhile, there are various brands of waffle makers in the market. So, you should carefully choose the right one for your individual needs.

If you have high standards for your waffle-making, you will prefer a Black+Decker Waffle Maker that’s constructed with quality materials.

Black+Decker is a reputable brand that can offer you quality and efficient waffle makers.

As you will see from our tests results, we believe the WM1404S model to be the best waffle maker from Black+Decker.

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Comparison table

Here’s a table containing my personal rankings for the best Black+Decker waffle makers.

Why Choose a Black+Decker Waffle Maker ?

Black+Decker is among the top brands today on the market if you’re looking for a waffle maker. If you want to know if it’s worth it to buy the products of Black+Decker, I think that the quality of the materials and the warranty is the reasons why. These below following are the reasons why you should choose a Black+Decker waffle maker over other brands.

Wide collection of quality products across all categories

You should choose Black+Decker over other brands because they offer a variety of products for your specific needs, they offer almost an appliance in every category. They have kitchen appliances for your cooking needs. The brand also have irons, lighting, home office, gardening tools, and more. I have been very satisfied with almost every product that I have reviewed from Black+Decker.

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Reliable brand 

Black+Decker is a reliable brand you can trust for your specific needs, they always deliver great products. They value the satisfaction of their customers and there’s thousands of reviews available online for you to judge, including this one. So, they only provide quality products in the market because that’s what the owners had in plan with the company first. With more than hundred years of experience in the industry, they already gained the trust of their valued customers across North America.

Affordable but quality products 

Most of the products of Black+Decker, just like their waffle makers are available at a price that’s really fair on the wallet. However, you don’t need to worry about anything because most of the products they come up  with have excellent quality. Black+Decker waffle makers are also priced very competitively if we compared them to popular brands.

History Of Black+Decker Waffle Makers

The Black+Decker was founded way back in September 1910 by Duncan Black and Alonzo Decker at their machine shop in Baltimore, Maryland. The original name of the company is Black & Decker Manufacturing Company, they recently changed to Black+Decker. They were very impressive during the war effort leading to them surviving for more than a hundred years. In 1916, they began to manufacture and design electric power tools, that is their most sold products of all time.

Black & Decker used ways like product catalogs and competitive door-to-door salesmanship to increase their customer base during the 80’s. The company owns many patents due to its pistol grip and other inventions that you can find on their website.. After World War I, they also introduced portable electric tools like a grinder, 3/8-inch drill, and a screwdriver, products that have sold for millions of units to consumers worldwide. Their first service centers were located in New York and Boston in 1918 but they also moved their headquarters in the state of Maryland.

As the company grown through the years it existed, they have decided to offer other products, including garden and electric lawn tools, power tools, building products, home appliances, and more. With their quality products, Black+Decker established a good name in the industry, and many professionals and experts agree so. Black+Decker is now among the top brands for power tools, home appliances and also waffle makers.

Who Would Buy A Black+Decker Waffle Maker ?

The Black+Decker waffle maker is ideal for people who are waffle lovers or people looking for a cheap waffle maker that’s durable. The home appliance can be the most efficient tool to make waffles with sweet dessert flavor for breakfast or anytime. There’s no waffle without a waffle maker, it just shouldn’t even be called a waffle. It is also a good investment if you want healthier food since you can customize your batter depending on your nutritious needs.

With the help of a Black+Decker waffle maker, you can have the classic waffle look every time you cook one. Black+Decker waffle makers now come in attractive designs, making it a good display in your kitchen and they look design, they really do. The cooking surface is very smooth so you don’t have to worry about anything sticking on them, they will always stay clean. There won’t be any spill while operating your Black+Decker waffle maker because it is packed with features to stop overflow of batter.

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You will be able to make restaurant quality waffles, something that we all have tried in the past. Waffle makers from other brands always have problems during the cooking process, we didn’t have nay problems while operating our Black+Decker waffle maker.

There’s always a certain quality assurance when purchasing products from Black+Decker, there’s no difference when it comes to their waffle makers. They always have to pack their products with interesting features and technologies and that’s why we love products from Black+Decker.

Black+Decker Waffle Maker Reviews

Black+Decker 3-in-1 Waffle Maker Review

If you want a versatile partner for your breakfast needs, the Black+Decker 3-in-1 Waffle Maker is the best choice. It has excellent features that can satisfy your specific needs. Do you want to serve your family a healthy and delicious breakfast? If yes, this product can be a good investment for your meal preparation needs. It can serve as a waffle maker, grill, and sandwich maker.

3-in-1 function

This waffle maker by Black+Decker features a 3-in-1 function that will allow you to make various things with it : it can serve you as a waffle maker, sandwich, or grill maker. With this, you can enjoy different foods anytime while have one appliance in your kitchen. You can use your Black+Decker 3-in-1 waffle maker in order to make eggs, bacon, crepes, French toast, and more. It allows you to eat nutritious foods while saving time for the cooking process, that’s what a waffle maker is for

Reversible and removable plates 

Another unique feature of this product is it contains reversible and removable plates included inside of the box upon purchase. So, you can change from grill to waffle maker to sandwich maker easily without having to spend an extra buck on an accessories. I think that’s why choosing a Black+Decker 3-in-1 Waffle Maker is so advantageous compared to the competitors in this category.

Cool-touch handles 

You can have a hassle-free experience, as you don’t have to worry about burning your hands on the handles, you can use this Black+Decker waffle maker safely. It comes with cool-touch handles that allow you to move food easily and check it while cooking because we love looking at a waffle while its cooking.

Grease run-off channels

The Black+Decker 3-in-1 Waffle Maker has a cooking surface that enables grease to run off for easy disposal and collection. While using the waffle maker, the batter will stay inside of the appliance and keep the overflow inside allowing you to keep it very clean if you plan to do a batch of waffles.

Temperature indicator

It features a temperature indicator, something that should be expected, it allows you to know if the plates are preheated or not. Between each waffle you’re gonna have to wait for this indicator to be fully green in order to cook a new waffle once again.

Black+Decker WM2000SD Review

Why you should buy this Black+Decker 3-in-1 waffle maker :

  • It has a 3-in-1 compact design making it a versatile cooking machine that can achieve a variety of meals.
  • The product has nonstick cooking plates that are also dishwasher-safe, the cleaning process should be fairly easy for you.
  • The handles of the waffle maker always stay cool at all times so you don’t have to worry about anything while you are operating it.
  • It can be your versatile cooker to enjoy your favorite breakfast foods that are everyone’s favorite.
  • The appliance has beautiful stainless steel accents and and modern and sleek design that you should really love upon seeing it.

There’s a clear disadvantage to buying this Black+Decker Waffle Maker :

  • Some said that the product has poor lighting but we haven’t found that to be a problem during our tests by experts in our certified lab.

Black+Decker Belgian Waffle Maker Review

This product can be your efficient waffle maker for your breakfast needs. It comes with a practical cost but still can provide you with excellent performance and quality.

It can also give a good value to your money since it is equipped with functional features for your waffle needs. This handy machine allows you to make four delicious Belgian waffles anytime.

Vertical storage base

The waffle maker has a vertical storage base which makes it look more elegant compared to other Black+Decker waffle makers and its competitors in the belgian waffle section. It is quite a beautiful design overall for a waffle maker and I am proud of the product Black+Decker has decided to put on the markets.

Cool-touch handles

The appliance comes with cool-touch handles so that you can transport the food easily while it is cooking, I don’t really know why you would do this but you can. It’s also very easy to open the waffle maker in order to see the state of

Elegant design

The waffle maker has an elegant silver design making it a beautiful addition to your kitchen, it fitted really well into my decor. I really liked the design that Black+Decker offers with this model, this is a really great model for waffle makers.

It comes with a nonstick coating

The waffle maker has a nonstick coating, making it easy to clean, because you can simply put it into the dishwasher and wait for it to be done. It will be clean from all waffle batter after putting the plates into the dishwasher.

Indicator lights

The Black+Decker WMB500 Belgian Waffle Maker has a power indicator and ready light, you will know when to put that batter into your waffle maker. These lights are like all the others that you can find on Black+Decker models across the market.

Black+Decker WMB500 Review

I can think of a few reasons to recommend the Black+Decker Belgian waffle maker :

  • It is a quality waffle maker because of the quality of Black+Decker
  • The waffle maker can be a good investment because it is a versatile appliance that can also cook bacon and eggs.
  • You can purchase this product in-store or online at a very affordable price, but you can still expect quality and performance from Black+Decker.
  • It allows you to cook Belgian waffles one after the other so you can easily cook a large batch of waffle at once for your family.

Man, I can think of only one reason to not recommend the Black+Decker WMB500 :

  • Some of the bad reviews are stating quality as a reason why but we don’t see why a Black+Decker product wouldn’t be durable.

Black+Decker Flip Waffle Maker Review

If you want a more innovative Black+Decker waffle maker, this product is a good option. It is equipped with excellent features to help you prepare a delicious waffle. With a single flip of the handle, you can have perfectly formed waffles. It can be a good appliance you can use to enjoy healthy and flavorful waffles. Additionally, you can also use it to prepare other foods like cookies and grilled sandwiches.

7 inches waffle plates

The Black+Decker Flip Waffle Maker in Silver comes with 7 inches waffle plates that can provide you with 4 Belgian waffles or one giant good ole’ American waffle. You can easily interchange them in order to produce the waffle you want.

Ready indicator light 

This absolutely needed feature allows you to know if the waffle that’s inside the waffle maker is ready to be eaten, a really useful thing. You are going to be able to bring to your family a breakfast they will remember for the rest of your life because the temperature will always be right every time.

Handle lock 

It comes with a cool-touch handle that locks the plates very hard so it doesn’t leak batter while flipping the waffle. The batter that’s inside of the waffle maker will never overflow outside causing a massive mess around the waffle maker.

Rotate and cook system

It only requires you to flip the waffle maker a single time then it will lock itself out, then you re-flip the waffle maker when it is ready. Upon opening the waffle maker you will realize that it is simply way too perfect. Black+Decker guarantees you a perfect waffle every time or you can easily use your warranty in order to return it to the manufacturer. Their team is always fast to respond to your messages when you contact the Black+Decker support team.

Non-stick waffle plates

This Black+Decker waffle maker comes with non-stick waffle plates, which it should make cleaning a breeze, there’s also an overflow protection included that will keep the batter inside. You can make different foods with this appliance, including grilled sandwiches, cinnamon rolls, brownies, and even more things that you can think. Black+Decker always includes plates that will do different things with their waffle makers, you don’t have to pay for the extra accessories that competitors offer to their consumers.

Elegant design 

The Black+Decker Flip Waffle Maker comes with an elegant design, it looked very modern inside my kitchen. It is available in various colors but with prefer the stainless steel silver with black model because that is the one that we had the chance to review and perform various tests on it.

Black+Decker WM1404S Review

Why would I purchase the WM1404S waffle maker :

  • It has stainless steel and plastic material for great durability
  • The waffle maker has silver color making it elegant-looking. So, you can make it a beautiful display in your kitchen
  • With its indicator feature, you can know when the waffle is ready to prepare for breakfast
  • It is available with a 2-year limited warranty, so you can get customer service if you encounter any issues while using the product
  • The waffle maker comes with reliable quality that allows you to make fluffy and thick waffles. You can choose the toppings of your choice to enjoy a delicious breakfast

Why I wouldn’t purchase this Black+Decker Flip Waffle Maker :

  • Some complained during their reviews that there’s too much grease on the waffle iron, making it challenging to clean. We never had this problem while testing this Black+Decker waffle maker.

Black+Decker Nonstick Plates Waffle Maker Review

The Black+Decker Waffle Maker with Nonstick Reversible Plates is a quality waffle maker you can rely on for preparing your flavorful American waffles. It is loaded with satisfying features that can provide you with an enjoyable waffle-making experience. If you want a multi-purpose cooking appliance, this model is for you. With this handy cooking machine, you can enjoy cooking different delicious and healthy meals for you and your loved ones.

3-in-1 function

This appliance comes with a 3-in-1 function that allows you to fry up bacon and eggs, toast sandwiches, and make fluffy waffles. You only need to switch the machine’s nonstick reversible cooking plates that comes included in the box of your Black+Decker waffle maker.

180-degree hinge 

It has a 180-degree hinge that doubles the available cooking space on your waffle maker plates, that’s something that we agree is not found elsewhere. This is feature that you won’t on other Black+Decker waffle makers so you might have to purchase this one only for this reason.

Nonstick reversible cooking plates 

The appliance has easy-to-clean removable and reversible nonstick grill plates, that’s why it’s in the name of the product. These plates are tougher to handle than the other models and any recipe you want to make, this waffle maker will do. They are always dishwasher safe if you put them in there they always come out squeaky clean and without waffle batter.

Variable temperature controls

It comes with a variable temperature control to bring the right heat amount for the specific item that you are cooking. It also had one of the most consistent and reliable temperature control that we have seen amongst the Black+Decker Waffle Makers.

Grease run-off channels 

It has grease run-off channels that take away excess oils and grease, something that is lacking on different waffle makers models that you can find on the markets today. If you want to, you can easily make healthy and nutritious meals for yourself and your family. There’s nothing sadder than cleaning grease, it comes on your hands very easily and it’s usually a mess to clean.

Opens flat 

You don’t have to do some magical flip at the right time in order to cook your waffle, it cooks them flat. The heat is spread evenly on each side every time because of the high quality of the heat conductors Black+Decker produces.

Durable and handy cooking machine 

This product is Black+Decker durable, that means it’s built with high quality materials that are selected from select producers across the world. Black+Decker would never risk it’s brand in order to risk having bad reviews.

Black+Decker G48TD Review

Why we recommend this Black+Decker waffle maker with nonstick plates :

  • It is a versatile appliance that can serve as a griddle, grill, and waffle maker because it comes with various plates that you can interchange.
  • The grids can make four Belgian waffles and reverse for sandwich grilling
  • The Black+Decker Rotating Waffle Maker also has adjustable temperature controls
  • It is an easy-to-clean cooking appliance, so you can make sure that it is safe to use for cooking your favorite meals

We found the only reason to not recommend this Black+Decker nonstick plates waffle maker :

  • Some said while writing their reviews that  the machine is very slow to heat up for waffles but we haven’t found this problem during our tests yet.

Black+Decker Rotating Waffle Maker Review

The Black+Decker Rotating Waffle Maker can be your best partner in order to make the most delicious and attractive looking waffles. It has an elegant black color it’s a product that will fit very well in your kitchen’s decor, you can also choose to keep it in the cupboards. Like other waffle makes from Black+Decker, it also has a ton of functional features that you need for your waffle-making cooking process.

Belgian-Style waffles

The appliance has nonstick and deep grids that allow you to make tasty Belgian-style waffles but also American-style waffles, it all depends on your choice of life if you agree with me. You can place your favorite toppings, some of them can be very nutritious so a waffle maker can also end up to be making healthy foods.

Drip tray

Another feature of this product is its drip tray, I and I presume you, probably hate cleaning dirty grease that clogs up your pores and that you cannot remove. With this, you can maintain the cleanliness of your countertops because there won’t be any drip of oil on it.

Rotating waffle system, restaurant quality every time.

The Black+Decker Rotating Waffle Maker comes with a special cooking system that enables the batter to be distributed evenly. The special cooking plates then spread the heat around evenly for and even better waffle, they will look like those that come from restaurants.

Durable nonstick coating, easily cleanable

With its durable nonstick coating, you can clean it very easily with a rag. You won’t have to use virgin olive oil or any oil for that matter when cooking with it, that sometimes create massive overflow around the waffle maker.

Dual cooking plates with Black+Decker technology

The Black+Decker Rotating Waffle Maker comes with double-sided, waffle plates in two sets that are already included inside the box that comes with your Black+Decker waffle maker.

Indicator lights well located

The lights located on top of the waffle maker are very well located and they are seen at all times. They are the same model of lights that you find on the other models from this great company that we’re talking about. It is great to always know what’s going on with your waffle maker and that’s what Black+Decker guarantees you personally.

Black+Decker WMD200B Review

Reasons to purchase the Black+Decker WMD200B :

  • This Black+Decker has cool-touch handles that can keep the temperature at a harmless distance to avoid burn while opening and rotating its waffle plates.
  • It also comes with extra-deep nonstick grids that rotate in order to cook your toppings evenly at all times.
  • It has a system that rotates and cooks, allowing gravity to do the work for making airy and ideal waffles.
  • The waffle maker comes with quality and performance  and a great warranty that guarantees you that you will use your Black+Decker Waffle Maker forever.
  • It also features a handle lock that is child proof, you won’t have to worry about your child messing with your waffle.

Reasons to not purchase this Black+Decker Rotating waffle maker :

  • Someone said that it has inconsistent cooking times but our tests indicated otherwise when it comes to these reviews that you can see online.


I hope that I’ve helped you while you are purchasing the best Black+Decker waffle maker. There is a few reviews included in this article that should even you even further than the comparison table that is available in this article. We have done hours and tested every product that you can find in this article so you can be assured that we are very transparent thorough our reviews of the different products that we review.

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