The Best Coredy Robot Vacuums

Coredy is always ahead of its competitors, they were the first to invent many technologies in the world of robot vacuums.

The best Coredy robot vacuum is the R750.

Their application developed for all their robot vacuums offers way more features than the other brands, it’s amazing to play with the suction power like a little kid.

Here at Colin, we received and tested 5 different models from Coredy that we put through our testing center, we created for you a top 5 in which features the best Coredy robot vacuum.

We wouldn’t recommend products we don’t trust here at Colin, we would without a doubt recommend a product from Coredy.

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Top 5

best coredy robot vacuumWhy should you choose a Coredy robot vacuum ?

Here’s a few reasons why our team would choose a robot vacuum from Coredy over Shark, OKP, etc.

Trusted brand

Coredy is a brand that’s been around in the world of robot vacuums for quite a few years.

They were the first to come out with a robot vacuum that possesses LIDAR technology in order to map and direct itself in a proper way.

They are always the first to come out with new advancements in the the market.

There’s also a lot of reviews on different websites such as USAToday and Reviewed that also claim that their products are to be trusted.

Warranty & Returns

There’s nothing worse than ordering an item on Amazon and getting no messages from the brand you purchased for in order to do fix a problem.

Coredy is always there to process your returns and problems.

The experts at Coredy are always on call 24h/24h because the company also operates in Europe.

You can also contact over social media if you’re having a very specific problem. They will usually respond to questions and return, usually by taking it over email.

They always want to satisfy their customers and we’re happy to see that.

Great Performance

The products from OKP and Shark cannot rival with the robot vacuums from Coredy when it comes to performance.

A robot vacuum from Coredy always has a strong suction power, literally their models start at 2000pa while Shark and OKP offer models below that.

Better Application

While you look at the robot vacuum cellphone applications from Shark and OKP, they are pretty straightforward.

The app from Coredy offers you to alter the suction power, check out how the robot maps your house, etc.

The application from Coredy is very complete overall and will allow you to do different things.

The app is always the same for every robot vacuum so that doesn’t change from one model to the other.

We want our viewers to always have the best experience.

Coredy Robot Vacuum Review

Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum Review

Cleaning the house is one of the essential chores that must be done to guarantee sanity and freshness. 

This house chore also guarantees that there will be lesser risks of getting infected with various diseases caused by an unhealthy and unclean environment.

Not just that, a clean and fresh house provides stress-relieving properties to ensure that the mental statuses of the homeowners are stable.

Most of us use a vacuum cleaner that sucks the dirt and pollens to guarantee a fully cleaned house. 

But what can be the best brand of vacuum cleaners? Well, it is the Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum- a remarkable vacuum cleaner that anyone must try out.

Given that, here is a brief review of the Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum to provide you with vital information and an overview of it.

Voice and App Controlled

The Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum utilizes Google Assistant and Alexa voice commands in starting or stopping it from cleaning conveniently. Here, you can easily control the vacuum cleaner to perform a specific program such as monitoring the accessories’ power, cleaning time, and status. You can also customize the mopping levels and cleaning modes and set a schedule of cleaning dates. Lastly, you can reach out to online support services if needed.

Intelligent Mopping Cleaning Systemcoredy robot vacuum

Next, the Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum has an intelligent mopping cleaning system that promotes 2 in 1 operation to clean the house quickly. It has adopted the latest mopping technology wherein an electronically controlled water pump is utilized, as well as controls of the water level and automated monitoring. One best thing, the product includes a cleaning mop cloth and water tank.

Boost- Intellect Technology

Third, on the list, the Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum has a boost-intellect technology that enables an automatic and increased suction power. This works the best on carpets wherein the vacuum can suck the dirt within few seconds. Also, it operates conveniently both on hard surfaces and carpets. This vacuum’s suction power can be extended up to 2000pa for a better and satisfying clean.


This vacuum cleaner includes the following accessories: 6.6ft (2.01 m) magnetic boundary strips, water tank, mop cloth, HEPA filter, charging dock, remote control, side brushes, cleaning tools, and an extra adapter.

Virtual Boundary Compatible

Lastly, the Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum is virtual boundary compatible which is a specialized and upgraded sensor. This is responsible for detecting the boundary strips so that the robot vacuum will clean only the given area. Remember, the area to be cleaned by this vacuum cleaner must be definite so that the program can avoid committing any mistake.

That’s all for the product itself. Now, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum. The following things below will give you an in-depth understanding of the product.

Pros & Cons



This vacuum cleaner is a lightweight one, so it isn’t a problem cleaning even the house corners and other tight spaces. It can also fit under the sofas and tables that also need a thorough cleaning. The best thing here, Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum can be taken from one place to another without getting exaggerated by its weight.

Easy to Use

Next, Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum is easy to use as the instructions and programmed performances are printed on the instruction book. It also used the English language so that a lot of customers can understand the way it works.


Third, this vacuum cleaner is very affordable, very surprised by Coredy about the price of this robovac.

Smart Voice Command

The application that includes voice commands makes everything easier for you! If you’re doing something else, then using your voice commands can make the robot vacuum work. It does not need any hand, but only voice commands to operate.


Mopping is Weak

First con, the Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum has a weak mopping power wherein you still need to lift and assist your carpet to be mopped. The mopping works the same for the hard surfaces and carpets, which is not recommended since the two have different textures.

Our Verdict

Now, all we can say about the Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum is that it’s worth the price. This robot vacuum cleaner is one of a kind that transforms human life into something better and convenient.

Coredy G800 Robot Vacuum Reviewbest coredy robovac

Although robot vacuums do not replace the home cleaning tools you have, their cleaning abilities are superb since they have a compact size. They can pick up dirt, dust, and other debris all on their own.

Robot vacuum cleaners are designed to work on short-pile rugs, hard floors and wipe off pet hair, debris, and dust. High-quality vacuums such as those from Coredy can work efficiently on carpets. But considering the carpet’s size and thickness, it may consume lots of energy and require frequent charges to clean up the whole carpet.

The Coredy G800 Robot Vacuum is a convenient and reliable device to keep your floors free from dust, dirt, and even pet hair. You’re not gonna have to spend your precious time vacuuming, maybe pet your dog or cat.

There are a lot of things you would love about using the Coredy G800 vacuum, which includes the following:

  • Modify its suction power through your mobile phone
  • Create a proper cleaning schedule with the Coredy app included on your phone.
  • Dry or wet-dry hard floors
  • Locate the robot vacuum quickly

With the device’s real-time map feature, this robot vacuum can memorize the floor paths after cleaning it for the first time. This device has an accurate planned routing, which means it could clean each corner of your room. Aside from that, you can also use it to sweep or vacuum different floor surfaces, making a more efficient and extensive cleaning experience.

The Coredy G800 is packed with staggering features that would leave every homeowner speechless. All of its specifications and components work together. It ensures that the floor is thoroughly cleaned with no traces of dirt or debris.

The Coredy robot vacuum app is included with the Coredy G800. The Coredy Robot App enables you to navigate the device through your phone. Compared to the apps of other robot vacuums, this one allows you to start, pause, or stop the machine from cleaning.

The app also allows you to adjust its suction power by up to 2000Pa. Although this device has a powerful suction ability, it still maintains to work without producing lesser noise. Thus, it is perfect to use even while working on your project or watching your favorite TV show.

You’re gonna love the 3200 mAH battery of the Coredy G800. This means that its battery life can last for more than two hours. What’s more, the Coredy G800 robot vacuum cleaner works on any floor type. So, whether your floor is made from vinyl tiles or hardwood, this device still works effectively and efficiently.

This Codery G800 robot vacuum is also equipped with boost-intellect technology. This means that it can adjust its power automatically once it detected dirt and dust on the carpet and other similar materials. Also, once it detected a hard floor surface, the device will reduce its power.

There’s a drawback you’re gonna notice about the Coredy G800, it is that it is expensive. The package includes several accessories necessary to handle the device, such as a charging dock, an efficient filter, a cleaning brush, adapter, and side brushes. All these components are critical to keeping your device working efficiently.

Coredy G800 also features distinct cleaning modes for general cleaning projects. Two of them are the schedule cleaning mode and turbo mode. The former allows you to program the device for its specific time to scrub. The latter is designed to perform substantial cleaning tasks.

Aside from hard floors, this machine works well on wood flooring. The good thing about this robot vacuum is that it can lift the dirt, dust, and other debris trapped between floors, which conventional sweeping can’t do.

This machine does not have a bulky top. This means it is ideal to use in cleaning your low-leveled furniture items. With its price range, it is expected that this robot vacuum cleaner can handle even the thickest type of carpeting without consuming much energy.

So, if you are looking for a robot vacuum cleaner that works on different types of carpeting, then the Codery G100 is the perfect machine for you. The Coredy G800 might be priced a little bit higher than some of its competitors, but it does its job very well.

Coredy G850 Robot Vacuum Review

Do you want to keep your floors clean without manual vacuuming or mopping? It might be time for you to purchase a Coredy robot vacuum to have a chance to relax. You’re going to have a lot of choices to choose from, but Coredy is among the best brands you can find in the market for robot vacuums. But, if you are currently in search of a good-looking robot vacuum that works decently, then you should not look further than the Coredy G850 Robot Vacuum.

Vacuums have been around in the market for the past few years. They are designed to pick up the dirt by dragging it through the floor. But with the Coredy G850 robot vacuum, you don’t need to get up from the couch to start cleaning the mess on the floor. This robot vacuum can collect different debris found in your home, including pet hair and dust. It can do its work seamlessly and efficiently.

This might not be the cheapest robot vacuum on the market, but it is still worth purchasing because of the top-rated features it offers. Apart from being a robot vacuum, this device also works like a mop. But, the mopping system is not included in the package. Thus, you need to purchase it separately.

Perfect for small places

One Coredy G850 machine is perfect for individuals living in small- to medium-sized homes. In the case of large-sized properties, it would be better to run at least two robot vacuums. Two robot vacuums can finish the work faster and easier without using too much of their energy.

Fair Power

The Coredy G850 suction has power is up to 1500Pa, which is fairly good. Although its suction power is lower than the other models in the same price range, it can still function efficiently. Aside from that, it works without emitting loud noises. Therefore, you can run it while doing your homework or chatting with your loved ones.

Every corner of the floor is cleaned thoroughly with the Coredy G850 in your cleaning apparatus. Many of its users are surprised after it managed to clean their shag rug.

Just like the other Coredy robot vacuum models, this one also comes with an application you can install on your phone. Through this app, you can have more control over the machine even you are not home. Remember, you need to download the app. But, don’t worry since it is free. Also, it comes with an Alexa feature, allowing you to stop, start, and pause it by voice commands. Considering all of these features, Coredy G850 is handy and versatile for the newbies in using a robot vacuum.

Considering its sleek and decent look, it will match all the furniture pieces you have. Beyond that, you can set it up with ease. Setting up this robot vacuum only takes a few minutes to complete. All you need to do is follow its well-written and easy-to-understand manual. Do not worry since the manual is included in the package.

If you are working, you can program its cleaning schedule right after you went off to work. When you get home, you will be surprised by how clean your floor is because the Coredy G850 has several cleaning functions. I can tell you about circle cleaning, which works in cleaning different parts of the room while you’re away.

To make its cleaning job faster, many recommend taking away anything on the floor. These include shoes, chairs, and carpets. But, if you decided to keep them in place, the robot vacuum can still do its job but a little slower.

Some of its users experience problems in connecting the app to their mobile phones. When this happens, it would be great to uninstall and download the app again.

Although this device is relatively smaller than the others, it can manage to collect even the smallest piece of dirt found on your floor. In case you are not able to use its app, you may use its remote control. The remote will allow you to connect the device to Alexa. The machine will start its work after your voice command.

Another great thing about the Coredy G850 robot vacuum is that it has longer battery life. Plus, it automatically returns to its docking station and charges itself without hassle. So, you will not worry about it running out of charge.

To conclude, all the features mentioned made this Coredy G850 a worthy investment to keep your home clean.

Coredy L900 Robot Vacuum Review

When it comes to making high-quality robot vacuum cleaners, the name Coredy will never go out of the list. Their L900 robot vacuum machine has the latest navigation system. This navigation system allows you to use different sensors, such as control/management, Wi-Fi connectivity, a LIDAR sensor.

Use the Coredy L900 as a mop, vacuum, or a combination of the two, it all depends on your needs, this is great for hard floors.

You can find the control buttons in the upper part of the unit. It also comes with a Coredy Robot App that allows you to have easy access to the entire features that are included with your Coredy Robot Vacuum. Take note that Coredy L900 Robot Vacuum is not supported by a remote or any similar items.

With its long battery life, 3-level mopping function, and impressive suction power, there is no doubt why it has become the best friend of many homeownersBeyond that, it also offers you convenience, horsepower, and utility.

Its LiDAR navigation system is beneficial in helping you to establish and map out borders and areas in your property. This assures you that your home is safely and thoroughly cleaned to meet your needs.

Aside from having a sleek look, this Coredy L900 vacuum cleaner offers you top-rated features. These functionalities enable you to ensure the cleanliness of your property. All products from Coredy are made with high-quality materials which we love because it makes your robot vacuum more durable and lasts for several years. Some great features you will find in this machine are the following:

  • 5200 mAH battery means that it can last for up to three hours when fully charged.
  • It recharges itself automatically
  • Cleans the room with lesser noise
  • 3-level mopping functionality
  • 2700Pa suction power
  • LiDAR Navigation System

You can simplify the customization, operation, and navigation of all the mentioned features through its application. Despite being rich in top-notch features, this item also comes with some drawbacks concerning its performance.

But if you look at it as a whole, the convenience and cleaning features it offers are undeniably superb. Also, each component of this machine is working together to give you only the best cleaning results.

The features equipped by this robot vacuum make it a versatile tool. Beyond that, this handy machine combines the intelligence, convenience, and efficiency you can never have from other devices. Even though it has good suction power, this Coredy L900 still manages to keep its noise level at a minimum. Thus, you can have a relaxing and soothing experience while allowing it to clean your room. Aside from that, this device also comes with an available mop attachment, allowing you to use it for vacuuming and mopping purposes. But take note that the mop attachment is sold separately.

Its suction power works efficiently in removing the hard-to-lift debris, including pet hairs and dust. Aside from that, it has a great transition from rugs to hardwood floors or vice versa. Even during the cleaning transition, its minimum noise level does not change.

The machine also comes with a reliable mapping system. This feature allows you to set the location effectively and leave the machine working while you’re not around. Once it has been finished cleaning, it will automatically shut down.

Setting up this device is quite tricky. This is because the machine is trying to navigate the structure and cleaning habits you want in your room.

The charging dock included with the Coredy L900 will need to be plugged in and the machine will need to be towards the wall to set it up correctly. Through this, the Coredy L900 will maintain a stable position while being charged. In addition, you need to allow three to six feet of space around the device to let it move freely throughout the charging session.

Maintaining this device is a must to keep it working efficiently. The machine’s package includes a HEPA filter, which you can use when the filter inside the tool is already clogged or saturated. You must keep the device’s air circulation at its maximum capacity.

In addition, you also need to monitor its dust bin since its suction power could collect a lot of debris in no time. Do this maintenance to prepare your device for succeeding use.

Our Verdict

After thoroughly testing the Coredy L900 is what we think is the best Coredy robot vacuum you can find today. Although this machine has a high price tag, its top-notch features made it a great form of investment.

Coredy R580 Robot Vacuum Review

Considering today’s generation, you can find a lot of robot vacuums from many different brands on the market but without a say, each of them is designed to meet a specific requirement. Robot vacuums are the new cleaners that could help you remove dirt and other debris around your home. Unlike the traditional vacuums, this one works by itself, and you’ll be the one to control it through an app or a remote.

If you feel tired using your old vacuum, today is the right time to consider investing in a robot vacuum cleaner. This kind of device does the cleaning and sweeping work you used to do manually before. Robot vacuums are one of the most favorite cleaning appliances by many. After deciding to invest in this cleaner, you won’t get disappointed.

You’re gonna have to consider a few things when buying a robot vacuum from Coredy because each model offers something different. The market offers you several brands such as Coredy, Shark, and OK, but there are also many other models of robot vacuums. This would give you a hard time picking which one works best for you.

One of the great robot vacuums you would see is the Coredy R580 machine. It gives you lots of benefits and some minimal drawbacks.

In this post, we will help you decide whether this robot vacuum cleaner fits your requirements or not.

One of the great things about Coredy R580 is that it can sweep and vacuum different floor surfaces. What’s more, it also has mopping ability, which is ideal for hard floors. This feature will 100 percent deep clean your home and leaving it shiny. You can operate this app through your phone by installing the Coredy Robot app.

Aside from its high-end application, you can also control the functionalities of this robot vacuum through Google Assistant and Alexa. All you there is to do is to connect Coredy R580 to a wifi network right away. With that in mind, your voice comments would let the cleaner do its work while you are relaxing and browsing your social media.

Aside from that, you can use the application to set a cleaning schedule for your machine. You can do this despite your location. You can program the device with ease and convenience even though you are out of your home. So, no matter where you are, the robot vacuum can still do wonders in your home.

The following are some of the reasons why I would recommend the Coredy R580 robot vacuum:

  • It has improved suction power. Thus, it can pick up and sweep even the smallest or largest debris on your floor.
  • It is super thin that allows it to slide around and under your furniture pieces, such as sofas and beds, which are typically hard to clean.
  • Although its suction power is around 2000Pa, it still maintains to work quietly at less than 65dB.
  • Like said in our review, the Coredy R580 can vacuum different floor surfaces, including hardwood floors and carpets.
  • It also comes with a microfiber rag that you can mount to its water tank. Through this, you can start mopping hard floors when needed. Thus, giving you thorough cleaning results.
  • It comes with a Coredy Robot app. This mobile application allows you to find the machine without any hassle. All you need to do is to click the “Find Robot” on the app which will automatically track it for you.
  • It comes with anti-drop technology. This feature works by preventing the machine from falling off the edges or stairs.

The following are some of the reasons why I would not recommend the Coredy R580 robot vacuum:

  • New users of robot vacuums find it hard to set up and navigate
  • It is fancy. Despite that, it gives you the latest and more advanced features

Our Verdict

To conclude, the Coredy R580 is one of the great models of robot vacuums available on the market. Its compact size does not measure its ability to vacuum and clean your area rugs, hardwood, carpet, and floors.

It is one of the few models of robot vacuums that are fairly expensive but offer a wide range of more advanced features and functionalities. The good thing about this machine is that it returns itself to the charging station before it runs out of battery. So, you don’t need to look for it under your bed or sofas once it accidentally shut down.

Coredy robot vacuum vs eufy

There’s nothing better than a Coredy robot vacuum, that’s the brand that we would recommend over eufy because it just cannot design great robot vacuum models.

Coredy robot vacuum vs Roomba

I would always declare Coredy the winner against Roomba because their robot vacuums have way more features and operate well compared to Roomba. We loved the answers to our tests from Coredy compared to the Roomba: the suction power was better, etc.

Coredy vs shark robot vacuum

I would say that this is more of a stalemate here because Coredy offers way much more products than Shark at the moment. But Shark is a household brand so I would say there are chances that Coredy could rival them.


Like we have said in this article, we believe that the best Coredy robot vacuum is the R750 model who offers you strong suction while also being able to do carpet and floor cleaning. There’s a mop included for the hard floors and the R750 handles carpet very well.

You’re not going to have a problem with a robot vacuum from Coredy because of their great warranty system and history. There’s also thousands of customer reviews available for you to read and obtain information from. We have tested every of the Coredy robovacs you find here and that’s our findings about what is the best Coredy robot vacuum.

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