The Best ILIFE Robot Vacuums

Robot vacuums are not a new concept, but they are becoming more prevalent with the advancements in technology and overall efficiency to their utility.

Some robot vacuums can now automatically recharge, navigate their home base for a complete clean and change of batteries.

They are cheaper than cleaning services, and you also do not have to be around while the cleaning is done for it, which takes away from what you could be doing with your free time.

The best ILIFE Robot Vacuum is the ILIFE V3s PRo, click here to learn more.

ILIFE is an entirely new robot vacuum brand; it was founded in 2011. They are the first company to set up an R&D center for cleaning robots in mainland China and provide 24-hour online support via website or smartphone APP.

They are known for their low price compared to other brands while still maintaining superior quality.

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best ilife robot vacuum

Why should you purchase a robot vacuum from ILIFE?


The ILIFE warranty policy protects the customer against manufacturing defects and, as such, covers components under warranty for one year from the date of purchase.

ILIFE can extend this warranty to 2 years if you register your product on their website within 30 days after the original warranty period ends. Each household warranty extends only to products purchased through authorized channels. The customer must provide proof of purchase via warranty card, or the company can not guarantee warranty validity.

A warrantied robot vacuum retains its performance at full power more than 90% of the time throughout its warranty period. This means that customers have little reason to complain about faulty performance beyond normal wear and tear during this period.


While ILIFE’s performance and availability vary between models and countries of purchase, company representatives of ILIFE are usually reachable via phone or email in less than 24 hours on weekdays.

This is particularly important because, in some cases, repairing your robot vacuum yourself may be more cost-effective than paying someone else to do it.

Customer service from ILIFE has been reported as very helpful and responsive, demonstrating their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Company representatives have suggested using the device to its full potential, such as changing the cleaning pattern or running another cycle if needed.


The durability of a robot vacuum cleaner depends very much on the quality of the materials used in its construction. Most of the models from ILIFE uses ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) and PC (Polycarbonate), which are both thermoplastic polymers (used to make tough, durable plastic).

This material durability is also why these two plastics are sometimes used as replacements for glass in car windshields since they can withstand just about anything you throw at them.


ILIFE is a well-known company. They are not household names like Google or Microsoft but seem to be gaining popularity because of their robot cleaning products.

If you search it on the internet, the first thing that will appear is the official website, and there must be several million results for reviews and guides about this brand.

So they have a good name in the industry, unlike most sellers in Amazon, which is relatively unknown.

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best ilife robovac

ILIFE Robot Vacuum Reviews

ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Review

New technologies have been presented in the recent past in the area of household appliances. Robotic vacuum cleaners or also known as robovac, are the best examples of this category. 

As the name suggests, these are vacuum cleaners powered by automated technology, which automatically cleans your home thoroughly and makes it free of dirt even from the most isolated and tight edges and corners. 

These are relatively small and compact; hence, you can make them crawl under carpets and beds to get rid of dust from all the areas in your home. When it comes to robovac, there are many choices to select from.

 The only brand that stands out from all the other brands in the robot vacuum category. Keep reading our ILIFE V3s Pro Robot review to get to know more about this robot vacuum. 

Design and Features

The state-of-the-art ILIFE V3s Pro Robot vacuum cleaner is a reliable vacuum cleaner armed with unique features like powerful suction, automatic charging, and versatile operation on low pile carpet and hard floor surfaces. 

This also comes with automatic cleaning, programmable scheduling capabilities as well as automatic docking. This is also integrated with many intelligent sensors for security and furniture protection, including anti-drop technology and an anti-bump.

This robot vacuum cleaner is a smartly made machine that is armed with the newest pet hair technology. This is made particularly for families who have pets at home. It is programmed to concentrate on pet hairs, dirt as well as other types of debris.

The design of the ILIFE V3s stands out when it comes to design. It has a low profile design with three inches in height, so it can slide under sofas and beds to suck in hard-to-reach dirt and dust. It has 11.8 inches and weighs four and a half pounds, which is considered one of the lightest robovac available on the market today. 

The suction port comes with a tangle-free system that makes cleaning pet hair stress-free. What is more to a powerful suction is also integrated with AirAway technology with a double filter feature that efficiently separates dust and dirt from the air. So, less clogging and lots of suction power to eliminate pet hair, grime, dirt, and crumbs from carpet and hard floor.


This robovac can also program with ease to follow a schedule. This is also capable of handling seven days of cleaning. Therefore, even if you are at the office or asleep, rest easy that your home is clean and tidy.

Another remarkable thing about this robot vacuum is the integrated 2600 mAh lithium-ion battery, which provides 110 and 120 minutes of performance. You can fully charge this 20-watt robot vacuum cleaner in 250 to 300 minutes. 

It also can go back to its charge dock when done cleaning automatically and needs a recharge. The integrated programmable schedule function enables you to clean your apartment while you are at the office.

This vacuum cleaner from ILIFE V3s Pro has been made to offer versatile performance regardless of the floor. It is also integrated with four separate cleaning modes such as Auto Cleaning Mode, Spot Cleaning Mode, Edge Cleaning Mode, and Scheduling Cleaning Mode. 

Other essential features integrated are front obstacle sensors to avoid barriers and avoid bumping from the furniture. The sensors detect any cliff, it keeps the machine from falling off the stairs or any space it can fall. The ILIFE V3s Pro specializes in cleaning dog and cat hair and other fine dust particles. This machine operated with remote control as well as a touch screen.

The ILIFE V3s Pro Robot vacuum cleaner comes with a dust capacity of 0.3 L and weighs 4.29 kg and a package size of 45 by 39 by 14 cm. This is available in white color. However, this is not ideal for dark-colored floors and high piled carpets or rugs.

Our Verdict

This tremendous and noteworthy robot vacuum from a reliable company has all the best and essential features, which a fabulous robovac must-have. Unlike other robot vacuums out there, it instantly goes back to its charging dock when cleaning or needs recharging. 

It also works up to 120 minutes as opposed to other high-end leading brands out there. The ILIFE V3s Pro is offered for an affordable price across the internet.

ilife robot vacuum

ILIFE A4s Pro Robot Vacuum Review

For the last few years, most of us are dreaming of having a hands-free robot vacuum. Now that these cleaners are already available on the market, some find it hard to navigate.

Although these devices are equipped with sophisticated features, using them might be complicated for many. After all, we are just looking for a machine to clean up the little mess on our desk.

Luckily, some cleaners are simple but rich with advanced features; the ILIFE A4s Pro Robot Vacuum is the robotic vacuum that fits that need. This vacuum is the latest version of the A4s cleaners has easy-to-use controls and powerful suction. You can get all of these advanced mechanisms for not more than 200 bucks.

Compared to its old version, the ILIFE A4s Pro has gone through several tests to ensure its superb and quality cleaning abilities.

Features & Design

The A4s roller brush is replaced by the A4s Pro’s 2-in-1 brush combining rubber and bristle extractors. This feature can clean and collect dust and dirt more efficiently. The roller is detachable, which means you can clean it with ease and convenience.

From 1000Pa, A4s Pro has an improved suction power by up to 1500Pa. Also, its Spot mode suction power is increased to 2000Pa from 1500Pa. Another great feature of A4s Pro is ElectroWall. This feature is a device powered by a battery that works in building a virtual barrier. In other words, it restricts the device from entering prohibited spaces in your area.

This device requires straightforward instructions for setup. All you need to do is to plug in its charger, turn it on, and let it charge. To fully charge this machine, you need to set it for five hours. Its running time can last approximately for up to two hours. As you charge this device, insert two AAA batteries into its remote and two AA batteries to the ElectroWall.


This ILIFE A4s pro one of the most performant robotic vacuums, and also, note that it is easy to use. By setting the machine in general cleaning mode, it can clean spaces near its position. It can also increase its suction power automatically when it senses dirt on carpets or rugs. 

The topmost part of the vacuum has an Auto button you need to press to start and pause the cleaning. To put the ILIFE A4s pro into its sleeping mode, press and hold the button for five seconds.

The robot vacuum also does its work at your preferred time. All you need to do is schedule a time when you want the machine to start cleaning. After that, the device will clean your room or desk every single day at the same time. Turn off the robot vacuum if your area does not need extra cleaning.

The remote control features all the buttons to control your ILIFE A4s properly. Edge cleaning mode sets the robot to clean the wall sides. You can deactivate this cleaning mode by pressing its edge button. The Spot cleaning mode is essential in cleaning deeply concentrated dirt. To activate, all you need is to press the Spot button. Once it lifted the deep-seated dirt, it will automatically switch to Auto cleaning mode.

Our Verdict

Compared to other robot vacuums on the market, this one does great work in several floorings, including vinyl tiles, hardwood, and carpet. It can switch its position in different areas smoothly and leaving no trace of food crumbs, pet hair, dust, dirt, and other debris. With 2.95 inches in height, this device is low enough to fit itself under low-clearance furniture pieces, such as a couch, without hassle. You can use its ElectroWall feature to restrict the gadget from bumping restricted spaces in your home.

Since ILIFE A4s Pro does not feature an application, you might be missing out on the high-end features offered by app-enabled vacuums. This means that it could wander and change its directions while cleaning the room unless it senses a cliff or obstacle. Also, without an app, this device produces series of beeps instead of voice alerts if it has been stuck in one area. Nevertheless, look at its bright side. This robot vacuum is simple. It works in small to medium-sized rooms. Plus, it only takes five hours to charge and gives you two hours of work.

So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly vacuum, you should not look further than the ILIFE A4s Pro.

ilife robovac

ILIFE V9e Robot Vacuum Review

These days, many homeowners start to throw their mop, dust bin, broom, and vacuum into their storage area. The robot vacuum is now available to help you with your housekeeping activities. 

After it has been included in science fiction movies, robot vacuums are not real household devices. Different models offer distinct features. However, most of them are equipped with technology.

If you plan to invest in a robot vacuum but do not know how to start, it would be best to begin with, ILIFE B5 Max Robot Vacuum. This model from ILIFE is equipped with high-quality features. 

The good thing about the ILIFE V9e is that it comes at a meager cost across all the websites we visited on the internet. It is available for relatively cheap, so you have peace of mind when purchasing this gadget.

Design and features

The ILIFE V9e Robot Vacuum has a large dust bag. The dust bag that functions as a filter can be found near the tank meant for collecting trash. This feature contributes to maintaining the high performance of the device while it does its job. When it has enough waste, make sure to throw it immediately.

Another good thing about this robot vacuum from ILIFE is that it has a powerful suction that comes from the Nidec Brushless Motor. This feature is essential in picking up even the smallest or largest particles or debris. It also works well on sweeping pet hair and tiny dust.

This cleaning device is equipped with technology. It can recharge itself automatically and allow you to program its scheduled cleaning. When it determines its battery is running low, the machine will go back to its charging station and recharge itself. Also, once it is fully charged, it will restart doing its work according to its cleaning schedule.

ILIFE V9e  can sense when to stop or change direction to prevent dropping from the stairs or desks. It features sensitive sensors that make B5 Max differ from the other models at the same price.

This V9e Robot Vacuum also comes with an application you can install on your gadgets. This allows you to adjust the machine’s suction power conveniently. Thus, you can program the suction depending on the size and number of trash or particles it already has.


Even though its NIDEC Brushless motor comes with a powerful suction of up to 2000Pa, this machine can still do its job with less sound.

Anything you expect for a high-end robot vacuum is in B5 Max. It comes with several cleaning modes that you can choose from. Spot mode is meant to handle demanding cleaning tasks as it increases its suction power to a maximum. The Path mode is beneficial to improve the device’s cleaning coverage. You can use the Edge mode in cleaning the corners and edges of the floor. Lastly, its Max mode is meant to clean the surface thoroughly.

Its suction nozzle has an anti-tangle feature allowing it to clean and collect pet hair easier. Its suction nozzle sip through the dust, debris, crumbs, and even pet or human hair scattered on the floor without tangling. Thus, it is perfect for homeowners with shedding pets.

The ILIFE V9e Robot Vacuum has a compact size with no bulky top. This means that it can easily slide down through tight areas of your home, such as under the sofa, to give it a thorough cleaning.

Aside from working as a vacuum, this one also functions as a mop. The ILIFE V9e can do both at the same time, which is impressive. Therefore, it can effectively eliminate the trash and dust, leaving your floor shiny and spotless.

To program its cleaning schedule, make sure to set up the schedule and clock time properly. You should make sure not to turn off the power of the ILIFE V9e when you already programmed the machine. If you do so, it will lose the cleaning schedule you have created for your personal use.

Our Verdict

To conclude, a robot vacuum is a must-have for every homeowner who does not have time to do the housekeeping tasks. This ILIFE V9e is expensive but worth every buck. The ILIFE V9e  is packed with high-quality features by ILIFE that will make your floor clean and shiny every week you have it. This machine is easy to navigate and does not require intricate steps to set up. With its high-end features, you can maintain a clean floor without even coming off your couch.

ILIFE V5s Pro 2 Robot Vacuum Review

If you are searching for an economical yet mighty and reliable robot carpet and floor, look no further than the V5s Pro Robot from ILIFE. This machine is packing a special deal of power, state-of-the-art features as well as functionality. 

It is also integrated 2 in 1 cleaning function, which is considered remarkable and exceptional. The ILIFE V5s Pro is a 2 in 1 machine and works like a wet mop and a vacuum cleaner. If you are new to this robovac, this ILIFE V5s Pro 2 Robot Vacuum review will help you get to know more about this robot vacuum.

Design and features

State-of-the-art ILIFE V5s Pro is a groundbreaking robotic vacuum cleaner that comes with mopping functionality and a water reservoir. This robot vacuum cleaner does the vacuuming, sweeping as well as damp mopping. 

It is integrated with intelligent sensors on-board to assist it to keep away from falling and knock into your furnishing. You can adjust the settings on the ILIFE V5s Pro according to the types of hard floor, including hardwood, laminate, and tiles. With state-of-the-art dropping technology and big wheels, this robovac is ready to clean your home.

What makes this robovac cleaner is that it is integrated with 4- cleaning modes, which make it straightforward to customize your cleaning. You can choose from Auto mode, Edge mode, Spot mode, and Schedule cleaning mode. The Auto Cleaning feature is for cleaning the entire space. It also changes its intensity in cleaning as it goes along; it depends on the dust, dirt, or any grimes it comes across. 

On the other hand, Edge Cleaning helps clean edges and corners and other hard-to-reach areas. The Spot Cleaning allows you to direct this machine to vacuum a specific location. The Schedule Cleaning will enable you to schedule a time if you like the robovac to begin cleaning.

What makes this robovac worth purchasing is its design as well as its highly developed features. They let it clean both thin carpets and floors.


State-of-the-art ILIFE V5s Pro robovac comes with a high capacity 2600 mAh lithium-ion battery, which provides up to 120 minutes of continuous suction. The battery lasts longer than high-end vacuum cleaners within the price range. You can fully charge the ILIFE V5s in 280 minutes.

This robovac from ILIFE has been made to offer versatile performance on all types of floors. The fact that it features a slim body, this vacuum is ideal for cleaning under furnishing, appliances, and beds. It comes with four separate cleaning modes. 

It is integrated with Advanced i-dropping technology that assists the machine to keep away from drops and falls, with big rollover wheels that helps it to move and maneuver between heights without so much pressure.

Another remarkable thing about this fantastic robot vacuum is the integrated barrier-cross feature for a height of 10 mm maximum. While climbing is restricted to fifteen degrees maximum, this is enough for many uses or applications. 

This state-of-the-art robot vacuum cleaner weighs 4.76 kilograms, which is considered super lightweight. It has a dimension of 44.8 by 39.8 by 13.2 cm. You can have this machine in a striking gold color, which makes it apart from the rest.

The ILIFE robovac cleaner is made with artificial intelligence capabilities. Some of these are anti-collision sensors that detect and keep away from obstacles on the floor, like toys and furniture. This robot cleaner must eliminate smaller items such as clothes, cords, and many others from the floor before cleaning. 

Our verdict

It also comes with an anti-fall sensor that senses and keeps away from stairs. On the other hand, steps more than 10 mm may not be recognized by the integrated sensor, leading the machine to fall. Automatically goes back to its charging port once it completes its cleaning task or needs to recharge.

One clear missing feature in this robovac is the floor mapping. However, that is one trade-off you need to make for an affordable price. Since this cleaning machine does not remember the room’s layout or where it had been cleaned before, some spatial analysis difference may happen. If it does, you need to transfer this robovac to another place manually.

ILIFE V8s Robot Vacuum Review

Are you on a tight budget or not yet ready to spend more than 500 bucks for a robot vacuum cleaner? If so, then this ILIFE V8s Robot Vacuum got you covered. This is a combination of a mop and a vacuum that is easy to navigate. It does not need an internet connection or an application to run. This means that it would be a perfect present for your grandparents.

Although this vacuum cleaner is not fully equipped with the latest technology, this does not mean that V8s lacks technology. The ILIFE V8s has been built and packed with good features, including a series of cleaning modes, a cleaning schedule, and more.

It is easy to use at it comes with only one button to start and stop the device. Compared to the old robotic vacuums and bumps, this one has a better navigation system. Unfortunately, it does not feature virtual barriers, room mapping, and other more advanced features.

Design and Features

Its battery life can last up to two hours after three to six hours of charging time. The manufacturer recommends you charge it for 12 hours after the initial purchase.

Compared to other low-priced robot vacuums, this one has a modern and sleek look with its disc shape with a silvery finish. It is perfect for cleaning low-clearance cabinets and furniture since it does not have a bulky top. The buttons that control the machine, including spot clean, cleaning schedule, return to the dock, path, and start/pause, are on its top part.

Despite its size, it can carry lots of dirt and other debris. Most robot vacuums you see on the market today have large-sized brush rollers. However, V8s are different. This one has two side brushes and one intake nozzle that works in sweeping dust into the bin. A capable device for cleaning carpets and hard floors is the ILIFE V8s. At a low price, you can enjoy a device with a good power suction to keep your space free from debris.

Another great feature of V8s is that their mopping motor and vacuum motor are placed in separate bins. Some wires connect the water tank and dustbin to notify the machine either it is mopping or vacuum time.


The machine has two different modes, including the low power mode and the auto cleaning mode. The first one cleans the area with lesser suction power and does not produce a loud sound. The second cleaning mode features random direction navigation. This means that this mode is perfect for multi-spaces cleaning.

The V8s has an upgraded mopping motor equipped with iDropping technology. This feature is equipped with three water settings, allowing you to control the water it needs for cleaning. Thus, this vacuum device is perfect for wood floors or other objects that only need to get slightly wet.

Compared to vacuuming, mopping does not use much battery. This means that you can clean any wide surface on a single charge.

There are some good and bad sides you may notice about the cleaning schedule feature of V8s. This feature is mainly seen on expensive robot vacuums, but V8s has it despite being low-priced. The problem comes in when setting it up. The ILIFE V8s require several steps that are pretty hard to follow. Thus, you need to keep its manual in your hands. For instance, it requires you to set the cleaning time and days beforehand to utilize your robot vacuum. There are lots of buttons that need repetitive pushing.

Although V8s is less techie than other brands, this does not mean it follows a random cleaning pattern. This vacuum device finds first the room edges before it starts cleaning in a zigzag pattern. Thus, you can ensure that it wipes off the dust and dirt scattered around your floor.

Our Verdict

Many customers were amazed by how this machine work. They never expect to get such an efficient device at a low price range. It also comes with a remote control which allows you to change its cleaning direction conveniently.

This ILIFE V8s robot vacuum is recommended for those homeowners who are not tech-savvy and budget-conscious. It is also perfect for cleaning hard floors and other flooring materials. If you are starting to discover robot vacuums, investing in ILIFE V8s can be a great start.


Robot vacuums from ILIFE are smart and accurate; you do not need to move any obstacles out of their way while vacuuming because they can recognize the objects automatically and start working around them.

This can save lots of your efforts and extend the life span of your furniture because you will not need to worry about whether or not it can get stuck somewhere under your bed, sofa, or along staircases.

A robot vacuum is a handy home appliance that can help you keep your house clean. It will be of great benefit to you, especially when you do not have the time or are too tired to clean your home yourself.

Nowadays, most people find it hard to clean their houses since they are working longer hours and would rather relax instead of cleaning up. This is where a robot vacuum comes in handy as it cleans your house while resting or doing other things around the house.

Hopefully, this information can help you in choosing the best Robot Vacuum Cleaner for your home. In order to select the right vacuum, we suggest you research before buying one.

Look at all the products available in the market and consider their price range to know what to buy.

Once that is done, we hope that your search for the right product will end here. At least, if not yet, then with guidance from us, we would like to be of some assistance until you find what you want. As always, check out other vacuum’s reviews on our site.

Brand Battles

ILIFE vs. Roomba

ILIFE has been compared to Roomba, and it is a fair comparison. ILIFE and Roomba differ in some ways, while ILIFE’s similarities with Roomba are many. ILIFE also has more differences than similarities at first glance, but I think that ILIFE has been the best robot vacuum cleaner that I have ever used.

ILIFE is not as expensive as Roomba, nor does it perform as well out of the box, but with proper setup, ILIFE will outperform most other robot vacuums on carpeting (it can be used on hardwood floors).

To evaluate ILIFE vs. Roomba, we must understand each robot’s strengths and weaknesses. ILIFE comes with a remote, which is excellent for use in comparison to Roomba. ILIFE has several cleaning modes: auto clean zoned cleaning (ILIFE divides the floor into separate zones), or scheduled cleaning can be selected.

ILIFE will adapt to your floors by rotating intermittently while ILIFE cleans if the robot detects that there is no obstruction in its way. ILIFE also has cliff sensors, so ILIFE will not fall downstairs or drop-offs as long as the drop-offs are more than 2 inches high. ILIFE records how much time it takes to complete one cycle of automatic vacuuming, called “runtime” by ILIFE.

ILIFE vs. irobot

ILIFE has cheaper robot vacuums than irobot does, but the quality of their products might not be as good as irobot’s ones. ILIFE offers a 30 days money-back guarantee, while irobot doesn’t provide any refunds at all (their robots come with a 1-year warranty).

Both of these manufacturers have some drawbacks; even though ILIFE’s prices seem to be low compared to other brands, they charge shipping fees for repairs and replacements. And you also need to pay for batteries which cost about the same as ILIFE’s machines themselves.

ILIFE vs. eufy

Ilife is a company that focuses on robotic vacuum cleaners. ILIFE is based in China, and eufy, another automatic vacuum cleaner brand, is based in the United States. Both eufy and ILIFE create similar products: eufy manufactures eufybot (a small robot for house cleaning), eufy smart cube (a smart cube that eufybot cleans the area around it), eufy smart robot (a more advanced robotic vacuum cleaner), and eufy robo vacuum (robotic vacuum cleaner for larger spaces).

ILIFE is similar because they have a collection of products with many similarities to eufy’s products (ILIFE V3s pro is eufy smart cube, ILIFE V3s, and eufy robo vacuum are eufy smart robot). However, ILIFE has more products than eufy and features a Wi-Fi-enabled vacuum cleaner (ILIFE Xi1) that eufy does not.

ILIFE vs. Coredy

ILIFE manufactures home cleaning robots or vacuum cleaners in China. ILIFE, short for Intelligent Life Technology (ILT), started in 2007 based on the technology of Beijing University and has over 50 employees with its headquarters located in Shanghai, China.

ILIFE sells its products directly from its website to customers worldwide or through large online retailers like Amazon. ILDIF serves the domestic market and some overseas markets like Canada, Russia, and Australia.

Coredy is a company that was founded by Chinese tech enthusiast Michael Yang who helped start other companies, including SZ DJI Technology Co Ltd., COBO International Holdings Ltd., COBO Electronic (HK) Limited, and CORE.

It was first founded in 2013 by Michael Yang, Yong Fan, and KaiZhong Zhou to position itself as a leading provider of high-tech consumer products. This company is located in Shenzhen city of China and sells its products worldwide through its website or distributors like Alibaba business platform.

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