The Best OKP Robot Vacuums

Robot vacuums have gotten the go-to appliance when it comes to house cleaning due to their constant improvement in technology. Forget the old robovac that would randomize or use no sensors in order to create the paths it would take, the future is now.

They are better at cleaning than a lazy vacuum user, they’re not afraid to go under places when you can’t normally go.

We’re here to help you find the best OKP robot vacuum between all the models available from the company, they have been around for many years.

Considering buying a robot vacuum ? Consider what flooring is around your house, the overall layout of your home and the type of dust and hair found the ground. Let’s be honest here, we cannot compare their suction to upright vacuums but we can say that they do a greater work than you think.

We have selected from all the models available from OKP what we think are the best 3 OKP robovacs you can find today, they’re available in our top 3. Our top 3 is based after observations on USATODAY and during our personal tests with the OKP robot vacuums we have reviewed down below.

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Top 3 OKP Robot Vacuums

Robot Vacuum Buying Guide best okp robot vacuum cleaner

Here’s a few questions you should ask yourself before buying your OKP Robot Vacuum.

How often can you run a cleaning robot ?

Here’s a real important to ask yourself because if you cannot keep a watch on your robot vacuum while it’s operating, it’s better to get a stick vacuum which will be more economical time wise.

Robot vacuums take a long time to complete a full cleaning process, also leaving one unattended could cause a failure if it gets stuck. If you’re working from home or home during most nights, then a robot vacuum will be okay for you.

Maintaining your cleaning robot

How you plan to maintain your robot vacuum can be important because it can cause the device’s life to shorten.

Using any water near a robot vacuum can cause it’s near instant failure so you have to find a way to maintain your cleaning robot, it’s going to be more technical than a normal stick vacuum so you better get used to it being hard.

How important is the app to the smart cleaning experience ?

To be fair, there’s robot vacuums cheaper than the models from OKP that offer very little feature but still do the job. It’s important to consider how much an app will be important for you and if you want to use the app from OKP.

The application for your OKP robot vacuum will allow you to change the mode of operation and observe how to device is doing. Their application is very much complete and the best across all the robot vacuum companies we  have reviewed in the robot vacuum category.

What type of cleaning robot should I buy ?

Each model from OKP offers something different from one of the others, if you have carpet or woodfloors, the model you chose will be different. If you have pets too, your choice will also be different. You have to keep your house in mind and check each robot vacuum product page on Amazon in order to know what each model does.

How does the robot know where to go ?

Robot vacuums have different ways to navigate around the home, some have cameras and some have sensors. OKP proposes the best technology for navigation across your home, they are the best rated acompany across all the companies that we have had the chance to review in the robot vacuum category.

Some robot vacuum today use LIDAR which is a technology used in speed guns by the police. It allows them to track at a 360 degrees circumference across them. OKP proposes the most accurate robot vacuums in 2021 so you can purchase a robovcac from them without any problems.

How robot-friendly is your home ?

If your home has 15 chairs standing in the way of the robot vacuum, it will have great problems whatever technology it uses for navigation. The more obstacles there is, the more problems you’re gonna encounter.

If the robovac has to do an hardfloor then a tall carpet, it might be a problem because the robot cleaner won’t be able to get onto the carpet. So again, remember that if your home is not robot friendly, there might be problems during the operation of the device.

OKP Robot Vacuum Review

Here is a review of the OKP robot vacuums that are found in our top 3 of the best OKP robot vacuums.

OKP Life K2 Robot Vacuum Review

Vacuum cleaning is one of the essential things that can be done at home, work, school, and other else as it helps to promote cleanliness and sanity. Instead of traditionally sweeping and dusting off dirt from floors and other surfaces, a vacuum cleaner ensures that there will be no residue left.

The OKP Life K2 is a powerful appliance and cleaning tool that makes our cleaning jobs lighter and easier.

Moreover, nowadays, different brands and models of vacuum cleaners with their respective claims have been released out to the market. This then led to hardships in choosing the best one. The good thing is there are several reliable brands, such as the OKP, which is well-known for producing and innovating world-class home appliances such as vacuum cleaners.

Now, one of its latest and most reviewed models is the OKP Life K2 Robot Vacuum. Given that, here is a quick review of the product to better understand and appreciate its claims when it comes to deep cleaning.


The OKP Life K2 Robot Vacuum is one of a kind due to its weight. Its size is only as big as a plate and weighs only a few kilograms. These properties make this robot vacuum suitable to be used on tight areas such as under the tables, couches, corners, and others else.

With this weight also, the robot vacuum is able to be carried from one place to another. Compared to the old models that have attached handles and huge bags, this robot vacuum does not have any of it, which then promotes convenience.

6 Cleaning Modes

Compared to the previously reviewed models of robot vacuum, this one has amazing six cleaning modes. The first part consists of four major modes, which are spot cleaning, edge cleaning, auto cleaning, and programmed cleaning.

The best one here is the programmed mode, wherein you can schedule and set boundaries on the area to be cleaned. Another thing, there are two more which are the mopping and timed clean.

Visibly Intelligent Cleaning

Next, the OKP Life K2 Robot Vacuum guarantees visibly intelligent cleaning with its OKP Life app. This application allows you to create a plan for cleaning even though if you’re outdoors. With this application, you can easily monitor the cleaning procedure programmed to the robot vacuum become accomplished.

You can also add specific cleaning processes and even a path to be followed by the robot. Not just that, this OKP Life K2 Robot Vacuum has voice control using the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can conveniently give cleaning commands to the robot vacuum.

Ultra-Thin Design

In connection with the first thing about OKP Life K2 Robot Vacuum, it has an ultra-thin design which makes it easy and lightweight to be used. Despite its thin body, this robot vacuum is still able to provide a satisfying performance when it comes to cleaning. For its suction power, this robot vacuum can reach up to 2000Pa with a noise of 70Db only.

Large Battery Capacity

Next on the list is that this robot vacuum has a large battery capacity. This property makes this product able to be used for an hour and a half nonstop. With this given time, you can make sure that every corner of your house is thoroughly vacuum cleaned.

Aside from that, it has a 3600mAh battery making it not prone to overheating when used. By the way, the charging time of this product is about 5-6 hours.

Upgraded Free Movement Technology

Lastly, the OKP Life K2 Robot Vacuum has an upgraded free move technology that utilizes built-in infrared sensors for anti-collision. It also has another one for ground inspection. These properties make it possible for the product to detect and avoid any potential collision from a distance by changing directions.

Final Verdict

All I can say about the OKP Life K2 Robot Vacuum is that it’s worth the hype and price for the final verdict. This robot vacuum is truly a must-have with its offered qualities and properties. It suits both the basic and huge needs when it comes to cleaning the house with a vacuum cleaner. Not just that, this product also has less noise when used which makes it perfect for morning cleanups despite other people and even pets being asleep.

OKP K8 Robot Vacuum Review

Cleaning the house is essential to keep it clean and cool and ensure that it does not accumulate any disease that might affect the homeowners soon. Also, it is essential since there are cases wherein a dirty house isn’t suitable for homeowners, especially those who have cardiovascular diseases such as asthma.

Now, cleaning the house isn’t only about dusting off the dirt or sweeping the floor. It is also about thoroughly and deeply cleaning every surface to ensure that the quality will be elevated, and so the ambiance.

Moreover, it requires specific cleaning tools and appliances, which include a vacuum cleaner. However, the problem comes when choosing the best model since there have been many brands competing with one another. Good thing, we have here the OKP K8 Robot Vacuum along with a brief review about it.

Suitable for Daily Cleaning

First, this OKP K8 Robot Vacuum is suitable for daily cleaning since it has the basic properties and procedures for cleaning the house. With this robot vacuum, you can conveniently sweep off the dirt, dust, and other residues off your carpets and floors. It also has a great quality which enables it to last long during usage.

Suction Power

For the suction power, this robot vacuum, unfortunately, has none. Due to that, the alternative is by turning it to high running working mode to ensure that every bit of dirt will be swept off the surface.

You can also try checking out its official app or by simply clicking the + button on the remote control. Despite not having competent suction power, OKP K8 Robot Vacuum still guarantees high-quality sweeping power to keep the dust and dirt off.

Four Cleaning Modes

Although it may not have any suction power, this robot vacuum has four cleaning modes to accentuate your cleaning needs. It has the auto cleaning mode for instant start and cleaning procedure; spot clean for designated areas assisted by the boundary strips; manual cleaning if you like the cleaning to be dependent on your will; and wall follow clean, which focuses on walls and corners. By visiting and using the application of OKP K8 Robot Vacuum, you can conveniently switch on/off and transfer from one mode to another.

Longer Battery Life

Next thing, OKP K8 Robot Vacuum has longer battery life than the usual vacuum cleaner. This product is equipped with 1800mAh batteries made of lithium iron phosphate to ensure safety and efficiency when used.

These batteries give then the vacuum at least 100 min to be operated. Another great thing about the OKP K8 Robot Vacuum is that it can charge itself. Once it detected a low battery sign, the vacuum itself will charge on its own and provide an alert once full.

Easy Control and Smart App

Aside from those, this robot vacuum has easy control and a smart app that promotes convenience when used. With this, you are able to create cleaning schedules, change cleaning modes, and control the direction through activating the OKP app.

Also, it has compatibility with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to support voice controls and commands. If you are too lazy to get up and manually operate this vacuum, you can command using your voice. Thus, it saves you both energy and time!

Advance Brushless Suction Port

Next on the list, this OKP K8 Robot Vacuum promotes no hair entanglement with its advanced brushless suction port that is also suitable for pets. If you have shedding pets, then this vacuum can easily sweep off their fur for safety and sanity with its brushless suction ports. Just gently put in your pets and let the suction begin!

Free Move Technology

Lastly, this robot vacuum has free move technology wherein enhanced protection from collisions and scratches are promoted through the built-in 6D infrared sensors and a tempered glass cover.

Final Verdict

To sum it all up, the OKP K8 Robot Vacuum is worth the price. This vacuum cleaner is surely a catch for the cheap price it is offered at. From my own experience, it has been a great experience to use this product since it guarantees quality and excellence for cleaning chores.

Another thing, this robot vacuum is powered with voice control which is the best and most convenient for anyone.

OKP K7 Robot Vacuum Review

In these modern days, when technology has surpassed almost everything when it comes to human living, trying out the innovations does not make anything worse. Instead, today’s products are aiming to elevate our living statuses. Almost everything has been aided by modern technology, even the way we clean our house.

Traditionally, we use sweeping materials such as brooms, mops, and scrubs. But today, we are introduced to a vacuum cleaner that guarantees thorough and deep cleaning of various surfaces. A vacuum cleaner helps to maintain the cleanliness of our house.

However, choosing the best brand becomes the problem. Good thing there is OKP K7 Robot Vacuum, and with that, here is a brief review about this product!

Zigzag Cleaning Path

The first thing with OKP K7 Robot Vacuum is its zigzag cleaning path. We may think most vacuum cleaners clean with a straight path, yet this one is different. This robot vacuum can be operated and used to clean an area with a zigzag path.

The good thing about this property is that it cleans the surface in an irregular path that guarantees no mark of repeated and omitted cleaning. It serves as a methodic cleaning, but still, it leaves straight paths to make sure that there will be no omission.

Also, the good thing about this is that it cuts off time when cleaning. It can easily detect and clean spots where dirt and dust strive with its incredible suction power.

Voice Control and Smart App

The next thing about OKP K7 Robot Vacuum is that it has voice control and smart apps that are powered by a Wi-Fi connection. With this, we are able to control the processes of the robot vacuum conveniently and effectively by connecting the product with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

We can also change the robot vacuum modes with the remote. Here, we can transfer to zigzag cleaning, spot cleaning, edge cleaning, and even auto cleaning.

Another thing with this robot vacuum is that schedules can be set with the app. Here, we will be provided with a cleaning map to calculate the time we spent cleaning, as well as if we have followed our schedule.

Upgraded Free Move Technology

Third, on the list, this OKP K7 Robot Vacuum has 6D anti-collision infrared sensors that are built-in to help it detect and avoid collisions. It can also help the robot vacuum avoid getting stuck in tight areas such as under the sofa or chairs.

Once the program detects a potential collision, it drives the vacuum away to another direction. Also, the anti-dropping sensors help the vacuum to be safe from falling down the stairway. These are included to ensure that the product will last long, together with a tempered glass cover for additional protection from scratches.

Automatic Recharge

Next, the OKP K7 Robot Vacuum automatically recharges when needed. Here, we only need to find a robot-accessible spot to allow a convenient charging until it is full again. While charging, we need to continue busting the dust from the robot vacuum to make it clean for the next use and charge. The best thing here is that the robot vacuum does not miss out on any area.

Efficient and Quiet Cleaning

Lastly, the OKP K7 Robot Vacuum promotes an efficient and quiet cleaning with its triple action cleaning system that features dual-edged brushes, excellent suction power, and a rotating brush roll for a thorough cleaning. With this, even the pet fur can be collected, making our house even safer, especially for the kids.

Furthermore, its quietness makes it one of the best since it does not put out too much noise to disturb both people and animals. When operating this robot vacuum, the sound is not too much, yet the work is too much.

Final Verdict

The OKP K7 Robot Vacuum is a worth it product due to its promising properties and benefits. It suits every vacuum needs to ensure that our house is clean and fresh all the time. Also, it is great to know that this robot vacuum has an informational manual that guides us throughout the usage. Thus, the OKP K7 Robot Vacuum is the perfect vacuum for every cleaning need.


OKP might be a brand that you don’t know yet in the world of Robot Vacuums but let me assure you that they’re quality. They are the greatest appliances that you’re going to be able to buy in your life, the tracking is always on touch and everything.

The application included with your OKP robot vacuum will be be great and downloadable via the app store, allowing you to match with Alexa and google assistant is fairly great too. There’s nothing like having a personal assistant to the start vacuuming by himself.

Like we have said earlier, we have declared the OKP Life K2 Robot the best OKP robot vacuum that you can find from them, it has the best navigation from all the systems reviewed and the suction is really great overall which is why we have chosen it.

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