The Best Shark Robot Vacuums

Shark is one of the most trusted brand in the world of robot vacuums, their robot vacuums have been tested by many experts from USAToday and Reviewed but also by our experts here at Colin.

The best Shark Robot Vacuum is the Shark ION AV751.

Our experts have crafted for you a table containing the top 4 of all the Shark robot vacuums that exists. We have reviewed over 8 models from Shark and we have selected four model that we believe are the best.

Your house cleaning will be completely with the help of Shark’s proprietary AI that provides you with better mapping but also control over the robot. We have included in this article the reviews of the robot vacuums we have in our top 4.

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Top 4

Here’s a table containing the best 4 shark robot vacuums that we selected from the 8 robovac that we have reviewed from them :

best shark robot vacuums

Why should you choose a Shark robot vacuum ?

Here’s a few reasons why you should choose Shark over any other brand in the market for robot vacuums.

Great Warranty System

Shark is always there to respond to you in case you need help, it wants you to contact them in case you have any problems with your device before sending it for warranty. We received an answer to our questions about their products in less than 24 hours using their email during business days.

The return system that Shark has put in place is one of the greatest that you can find, they will usually send you a new product without asking if you send them enough proof. You don’t have to waste your time back and forth with an useless support agent.

Wonderful Designs

The designers at Shark want to satisfy our eyes with beautiful designs, their robot vacuums are really beautiful. The robot vacuum that you choose will suddenly find its place into your rooms, it needs to be beautiful.

From whatever model you choose, the robot vacuum will find be your most humble companion. He need to look at its best at all times, make sure you choose a beautiful robot vacuum.

Click here to see more information about the best Shark Robot Vacuum


If you compare them to other brands, products from Shark are really fairly priced. Your robot vacuum won’t be priced too high and it will be packed with a bunch of features. It’s really important to have a fairly priced product because some features are really important in the world of robot vacuums.

We want our viewers to enjoy products that they can buy, the robot vacuum category usually present products that are worth a car. Shark is the only brand that offers affordable robot vacuums that are really performant.

AI Features

Your robot vacuum from Shark will be packed with all the newest technologies in the world of robot vacuums. Using precision mapping that’s curated using an AI, your robot will have the most effective path every time it is in operation.

You’re not gonna have to pick up your robot vacuum in order to charge it because it will be intelligent enough to establish that first, it has low battery, second, that it must return to its charging base. It will automatically take his little robot ass back to the charging station and pick up his cleaning again later.

best shark robot vacuum

Shark Robot Vacuum Reviews

Here are our reviews of the Shark Robot vacuums featured on our top 4 of the best Shark Robot vacuums.

Shark AV751 ION Robot Vacuum Review

Having a robot vacuum cleaner at home is an excellent way to keep your space clean instantly. Since it can be programmed to perform tasks all day long, it makes your cleaning experience more productive and efficient. 

Most robot vacuums can be connected to an app or can be used with the help of your home assistant, just like this one.

When it comes to a robot vacuum, Shark AV751 ION Robot Vacuum marks to every homeowner. This product is professionally made to meet your expectations and ensure that it will last for a more extended period. By reading our review of the Shark AV751 robot, you are going to learn more.

The Shark AV751 ION Robot Vacuum weighs 8.13 pounds (3.69 kilograms) and with 18.5x15x6 inches dimension. With this product, it is easy for you to maximize its function via mobile devices. 

All you have to do is connected the product to your mobile phone, and you can clean your space through voice activation. It also can clean all the area for two hours straight. Just like other robot vacuums, this product can also retrieve debris bits and dirt because the AV751 is the best at it.

Another best thing about this Shark AV751 ION Robot Vacuum is that it is a proven budget-friendly device. Since this product is filled with advanced technology cliff sensors, it can easily detect home spaces like stairs, corners, and even hazardous fall areas. 

The carpets inside your home will be deeply cleaned. Its strong suction can clean unwanted stuff on your carpet. 

Features Overview

Group of pets at home? It would be best if you had this Shark AV751 ION Robot Vacuum. Removing all kinds of animal fur of all lengths is easier with this model and other related dirt. Here are some features of the Shark AV751 that you need to know :

  • Comes with three brush types as a tri-brush system, channel brushes v, and multi-surface brush roll.
  • Home integrated allows you to clean every corner of your home space. 
  • Able to handle debris and other types of dirt
  • Has an easy voice control for instant command using Google Assist or Amazon Alexa

The Shark AV751 ION Robot Vacuum also features Wi-Fi connectivity. A surprising 120-minute runtime will satisfy your needs. Since it has three distinct brush types, it is easy for you to maximize its function.

Warranty service

This product has an included user’s warranty service, and if you have any problem with your robovac, Shark is there to help you. Once it is damaged, you can return it to the supplier. 

Great user manual

best shark robovac

In addition, it also comes with an instructional guide. In case you are new to this product, you can efficiently operate it. Since its instructional guide is readable and easy to understand, it is expected that you can quickly familiarize each process. 

Are you planning to have this product? Then, you can check the Amazon website to know its exact cost because it offers great discounts and other exciting reviews from customers. You need to look for a great website to shop from.

Users claimed that this product is the ultimate robot vacuum as it is loaded with advanced technologies and quality materials that the brand Shark loves to put in its products. But, its popularity negatively impacted some users as fake Shark robot vacuums were introduced in the markets by some sellers.

If you opt to get rid of these fake products, your first move is to compare your preferred product to others. Next, don’t hesitate to read reviews online and ask your friends about their personal product experiences. 


Using this Shark AV751 ION Robot Vacuum doesn’t need to be complicated. If you find it hard to know how it works, you can check its actual usage online. You can also depend on the instructional manual to knows its critical functions. Above all, you can watch YouTube videos about this product. 

Transform your home cleaning experience now! This product is entirely perfect for your needs and budgets. Upon getting this product, you will love how this product cleans your home spaces. 

What more can you ask for? This product is an amazing one and therefore shouldn’t miss a chance to have this at home! 

Shark R77 IQ Robot Vacuum Review

Are you tired of cleaning your floor or carpet? Then, you don’t have to! With advanced technology, everything can be done instantly. 

One of the most in-demand home mapping devices is the so-called Shark R77 IQ Robot Vacuum. 

Are you familiar with this product? If not, this is your chance to know more about this product.

Shark R77 Features Overview

The Shark R77 IQ Robot Vacuum is designed to meet the needs of every homeowner like you. It comes with a bagless self-emptying base that can hold debris and dirt for more than 45 days. 

This product also comes with faster mapping speed and excellent carper cleaning, suitable for a faster total home map like other vacuum types. 

Another best thing about this Shark R77 IQ Robot Vacuum is its multi-surface cleaning system. It has a brush-roll that pulls all types of debris and dirt from floors and carpets.

Voice-controlled Robot Vacuum

Since this product comes with a state-of-a-art scheme, it has a voice or phone command. It means that you can schedule your home cleaning or identify any rooms you want to clean right away. All you have to do is to use its voice control with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. You can also use the SharkClean application for great voice commands.

Having this Shark R77 IQ Robot Vacuum makes your home cleaning experience even more effective and perfect than others. Its powerful suction is perfect for large debris and pet hair and small debris on floors and carpets. 

Shark IQ Robot Vacuum Review

It can also clean your untidy space methodically. This product can navigate room to room for ideal home coverage. Since this product has an automatic vacuum, it makes the process simpler and faster than any conventional type. Apart from its self-empty base, it also has a multi-stage filtration system to get dander, dust, and even pet allergens. 

When buying this Shark R77 IQ Robot Vacuum, you have a chance to have a shark IQ robot, two side brushes and filters, and a self-empty base. Depending on your chosen seller, either in-store or online, you also have a chance to get its discount rates and other promotional deals. 

The product is designed for homeowners and even for company owners looking for an excellent cleaning device. Shark ensures that all its products are made with quality and durable materials because of its 1-year warranty. 

If you have friends who already purchased this product, you may ask them how they work and how durable they are. Most customers claimed that this product lasts for a couple of years, provided if they know how to properly use and take care of this product. 

To ensure that it will last for a couple of years and maintain its excellent functions, Shark ensures that its customers are fully aware of how to use its products. There’s always an excellent and easy-to-read manual included with the products from Shark.

If you are new to this product and don’t know how to operate it, there is nothing to worry about. An easy-to-read and understand given to you by Shark. Therefore, it becomes easier for you to understand each step and adequately use your Shark Robot Vacuum.

Trusted Robot

It has been a couple of years that the Shark R77 IQ Robot Vacuum has been circulating in homes.  

Where to buy it?

But, since it is well-known and recognized for its quality and reliable features, some shops offer fake types. This is the reason why you need to be more extra careful in choosing your preferred item. 

In case you are in doubt, don’t hesitate to review the Shark R77 customer reviews online on a website such as Amazon. You may also check the official website of Shark where you can purchase their products safely without having to worry about fakes.

Buying this Shark R77 IQ Robot Vacuum doesn’t need to be expensive. You can have a perfect deal online and even to the nearest shop in your local area. 


Are you excited to have this one? Then, get yours now! Start searching for an online shop like Amazon to obtain a product that’s not been meddled with. Just like others, you will surely love how this product improves your home cleaning experience. 

Shark IQ Robot Vacuum AV992 Review

Robot vacuums transformed the home cleaning experience into a more advanced and effective one. Its revolutionized features entice countless homeowners around the world. However, as technology improves, various brands and models of robot vacuum tend to increase.

Among the different options, you probably heard the products of a well-known company, “Shark.” Shark is renowned as one of the trusted manufacturers of robot vacuums. They are loaded with professional teams, designers, IT experts, and many more.

If you are looking for the best Shark robot vacuum, you should not miss having the Shark IQ Robot Vacuum AV992.

Great Design

The Shark AV992 has a good build quality, filled with a matte finish, wheels, rubber front bumper, and glossy accents. It is also made of black plastic for a classier look. Its dirt compartment is made of sturdy black plastic. 

You should know that the AV992 has multiple parts and therefore requires es regular maintenance. In case you do not know how to do it, read its easy-to-understand manual. 

The AV992 robot vacuum offers the same cleaning system, same functionality, the same 2-hour lifespan of the battery, and other qualities like AV751.

Impressive performance

However, if you want a vacuum robot cleaner that contains a light black shade, the Shark AV992 Robovac will not surely disappoint you because of our excellent review. The AV992 offers outstanding performance over the other models from Shark.

Moreover, if you have this product at home, you do not need to worry about its installation or assembly process. It is because it is easy to assemble since you need to install its side brushes. 

Here are some remarkable features of Shark IQ Robot Vacuum AV992 which you need to know:

Dust Bin 

This robot vacuum comes with a quality dustbin. It can be easily removed and installed. All you need to do is to press the release button located at the back of the unit. After each use, you are free to empty it or pull off any unwanted dirt collected on the anti-tangle comb area.


This feature is designed as a self-cleaning one. However, you are also free to lift the vacuum’s brush roll to clear away any dirt or access it. 

Side Brushes 

These side brushes can be removed from their plugs for cleaning purposes. It is a must dust them with a dry cloth. If there are a tangled human hair or pet allergens, clean them before using them again.

Great Filter 

This filter is situated inside the dirt partition. You cannot wash it with clean water. Nevertheless, filters need to be cleaned regularly. You can do this by tapping it over a garbage container to take away excess debris or dust.

Rolling Front Wheel 

This feature must be removed periodically. This can clear any dust from the wheel and even to its housing. If you find it hard to remove the dust, you can use any tool that’s at your disposal to enter and thoroughly clean everything.

All Around Drive Wheels 

As a homeowner, it must rotate the drive wheels in its housing. This feature makes your cleaning process even faster and easier compared to regular vacuums.

The Best Sensors 

The Shark AV992 Robot vacuum sensors allow you to clean any space you want without worrying about the vacuum falling off the stairs. The vacuum can detect if the area is stiff, along the aisle, or beside stairs.

Excellent Charging Pads 

Another best feature of the Shark IQ Robot Vacuum AV992 is its charging pads. Able to be charged while unused, you should be dusting that thing regularly using a dry cloth.

Accessible to Use Voice Command 

 You can schedule your home cleaning instantly with the use of this feature. You need to connect your Shark robovac to any voice control app like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.


With these best attributes or features that were mentioned above, you can now decide if the Shark AV992 Robovac is perfect for your home cleaning or not. However, generally, this cleaning tool will surely give the benefits and advantages that you are looking for. 

So, much better if you consider the Shark AV992 Robot Vacuum, among other types and brands. So, what are you waiting for? Come now and purchase a robot vacuum AV992 robot vacuum for your home because it needs to be cleaned. 

We are amazed by its features, giving you the benefits that you expect from a product that Shark made. Once tested, you will then say that the AV992 is perfectly good for your investment. 

Shark IQ RV1001 Review

Shark has been in the industry for several years and has an excellent reputation for producing affordable and decent robot vacuums. Among its different types, Shark IQ RV1001 Robot Vacuum marks to every user. 

We want to help you understand how the Shark IQ RV1001 works after having tested it in our offices; we think this is a great model from Shark, and we think that more people should check on this robovac model improvements need to be made by Shark.

The Shark IQ RV1001 Robot Vacuum has two rotating side brushes, a bumper, and a carpet brush. If your Shark robot vacuum encounters an error while doing its function, it sends a beep via the app. Clearing the errors that are happening is pretty easy since you only have to clear them with the application.

Easy operation

In addition, the Shark RV1001 has two buttons, a clean and a dock button. Since the RV1001 is powered by an advanced technology AI, it is easy for you to maximize its usage. Once it is enabled for both Google Assistant and Alexa, the app is fast and easy to use. 

Here are the other exciting features of the Shark IQ RV1001 robot vacuum you should not miss knowing:

Easy self-emptying base 

This feature allows you to hold numerous debris and dirt for almost 30 days, making your cleaning experience more straightforward and effective.

Most performant deep-cleaning suction 

This feature takes not only massive debris but small ones as well. Through this feature, you can easily remove pet hair on bare floors and carpets.

Self-cleaning brush roll for the lazy

 This feature allows you to remove long hair and pet hair. It ensures that there will be no presence of annoying hair wrap tangles or other related jumbles.

Maps and remembers your home 

 The Shark IQ RV1001 robot vacuum can map your home and therefore allows you to pick which space needs to be cleaned using the application given to you.

IQ AI navigation 

This feature allows you to clean the space row by row. Then, it navigates each room for excellent home cleaning coverage.

Shark IQ AI

 This vacuum will return to its docking area and recharge. You can also pick it where it is left anywhere in your house.

Above all, the Shark IQ RV1001 robot vacuum captures and collects 99% of dander, dust, and even pet allergens. 

Great User Manual

Upon buying the Shark IQ RV1001 robot vacuum, you also have a chance to get a user’s manual inside of your product’s box for an easy home cleaning experience. Each step included in the manual comes with simple language and straightforward procedures. Shark experts can guide you to understand what is going on entirely; just call them.

Impressive Warranty

A one-year limited warranty service is included with this robovac from Shark. Return the product to Shark if it has some issues or defects; they have an easy return process inside the United States.

Easy to contact Shark

If you need an expert on operating this product, you are also free to contact Shark’s most trusted experts. Most Shark suppliers are very much willing to extend their services to answer your immediate needs. 

Where to buy it?

This Shark IQ RV1001 robot vacuum is available online and in other reputable offline shops. Shark allows shops like Amazon to put their products at a discount almost every day. There are also sometimes coupons for in-store robot vacuums from Shark, and you need to look on the internet.

However, there are no perfect robot vacuums in the market, and even the Shark IQ RV1001 robot vacuum has some flaws. Since the Shark IQ RV1001 robot vacuum is packed with advanced technology advancements, you cannot use its voice app if you do not have an internet connection. 


Take care when buying this robot vacuum from Shark. The popularity of Shark IQ RV1001 entices some sellers to sell fake. If you doubt where to deal with it, do not hesitate to read reviews online about the seller you are looking to buy from…

 Also, take time to ask your trusted friends and relatives about their home cleaning experiences using this SharkRV1001 robot vacuum. Shark robot vacuums are reasonably affordable for everyone. Make a perfect choice online by having our help when purchasing.

Turn your home cleaning experience into a more exciting and effective one using the Shark IQ RV1001 robot vacuum. You are free to do anything you want while cleaning your house. 

Free your home of the dust and dirt that it has at this moment. What more can you ask for? Get the Shark IQ RV1001 robot vacuum now and see how perfect it is!


After reviewing many Shark robot vacuums, we have declared in this article that the best Shark Robot Vacuum is the Shark ION AV751. We have thoroughly tested the AV751 with different room sizes and mapping problems, and it performed well. We think that this product should bring you all the features that you would want inside of a bit of robot vacuum. Your house will be cleaned relatively easily.


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