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When you’re looking for a robot vacuum, the brand yeedi offers a few models that have been popular and tested by many experts such as us, the New York Times and Reviewed. This brand offers quality robovac for the customer with a tight budget. Products from yeedi have also been reviewed in a positive manner by many customers so you’re buying a trusty products.

Choosing a robot vacuum is quite hard because of the various things you must consider while purchasing one. We have declared the yeedi K700 as the best yeedi robot vacuum available today.

We have tested the models in our top 4 below in order to simplify your purchasing process. We took the yeedi robovacs inside our testing area and had them run through various tests, some models performed better like the K700.

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Top 4

This table includes all the yeedi robovacs available to purchase in-store or online :

yeedi Robot Vaccum Buying Guide

Here’s a few things that you should know before buying your yeedi robovac.

Survey your home

You should survey your home in order to know what type of carpets and floor you have. You should consider knowing that the yeedi K700 has a mop included inside the box, so if you have hardwood floors, it might be preferable to pick this model, then the other models K600 and K650 do not have that feature. It’s really important to know what yeedi model offers next to the other one.

Your budget

While the K600 is fairly cheaper than the other models, the prices of the yeedi robot vacuums vary very widely. Be prepared to spend more if you have a self-charging station and more. Each yeedi robovac offers a little feature or a more powerful motor.

The application

The application that’s been created by yeedi is really great and should make your day easier. It has all the functions you want in a robovac app, we say bravo to yeedi for their great programming. It’s a really fantastic app and easy to understand compared to other brands that makes robot vacuums.

Varying methods of navigation

The models offer different methods of navigation, some yeedi robovac use boundary strips, other can map your house by itself. The cheaper yeedi models can’t really do much compared to the ones with a higher price tag.

Some models adapt better

We have declared the K650 model the best model for all the houses, while if you have no carpet, we could recommend the K700 because of the mop that’s included. It all depends on your house, so take real precaution when buying your yeedi robovac.

yeedi Robot Vaccum Reviews

In this section we’re gonna include reviews about the vacuums that we have included in our comparison table that’s on the top of the article. We hope that these yeedi robovac reviews are useful to you so you can make the safest choice possible.

yeedi k700 Robot Vacuum Review

Modern technologies have opened lots of doors and opportunities for human beings to strive better than imagined. It brought countless dreams to possibilities with the differing ideas and aid of technology. One of those is when it comes to cleaning the house, which is considered a must not be forgotten house chore. It is a house responsibility to ensure that the property can prolong its life, as well as to promote a clean and safe environment.

Now, vacuum cleaning is the only modern way of cleaning the house, the vacuum sucks dirt, dust, and other debris that decreases the property of a house. However, due to a large number of customers worldwide, there have been various brands that came out to the market such as yeedi. You’re always being put in the dilemma of which brand you want to choose.  There is the Yeedi k700 Robot Vacuum, which has been building a reliable reputation from customers across the world. Given that, here is our detailed review and overview of our personal tests with  the Yeedi k700 Robot Vacuum for us to thoroughly understand its properties.

Smart Navigation and Mapping

First, the Yeedi k700 Robot Vacuum has a smart navigation and maps your property utilizing a camera mapping technology that allows the robovac to use its compass. The capacities of yeedi robovacs are endless, the robot is able to map the house and plan beforehand a way to vacuum the entire area fully. This promises an efficient and neater cleaning procedure because it saves what it has recorded into it’s computer in order to have smarter cleaning later.

2 in 1 Vacuum and Mop

If you’re looking for a cleaning tool that promises 2 in 1 procedure, then the Yeedi k700 Robot Vacuum is for you. The yeedi robot vacuum has both vacuum and mop, along with a 600ML dustbin and reservoir exchange use measuring 300ML.

The best thing is that it promises twice neater floor and surfaces because of the versability of the robovac. The mopping mode can be used for 250 min and can also stop automatically whenever there is a slipping-prone hard floor or it finally meets carpet upon cleaning all the hardwood floor.

Suction Power

Next, it just has that remarkable suction power during our tests, it reached 2000Pa and features dual side brushes to work with the rubber and V-shaped nylon rolling brush. This makes the Yeedi k700 Robot Vacuum perfect for cleaning food fragments, pet food residue, and pet fur. During our tests, we have seen that the suction power was higher on this model than the K600 and the K650, important information to have.

Easy to Control

This model is easy to control with only one button to operate and control the cleaning procedure of the apparatus. By simply alternating by pressing the button it includes the spot cleaning mode, two suction modes, edge cleaning mode, and auto cleaning mode. These four cleaning modes make Yeedi k700 robovac  your best friend to deep clean the house and even its tight corners.

Prevents Scratches and Collisions

Lastly, the Yeedi k700 Robot Vacuum is able to prevent any scratch or collision with its tempered cover glass not just for protection but also for additional aesthetic appearance that makes is a beautiful appliance to allow roam your house. It also has a built-in 6D infrared sensors as an anti-collision program that functioned great during our tests with the robovac.

Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of choosing the Yeedi k700 Robot Vacuum.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Accessorized
  • Easy to control
  • Affordable
  • Does not have voice commands

Our Verdict

The Yeedi k700 Robot Vacuum is a great product. After few times of using it, this robot vacuum truly proves something essential when it comes to cleaning the house thoroughly. It has an appealing look that comes either in white or rose gold paint colors. It also has an excellent cleaning property that can be proved after usage. With its suction power, this robot vacuum is a must-have.

Another thing, this robot vacuum has the basics when it comes to vacuum cleaning, so it is safe to be left around in your house with the kids roaming. Since there are points wherein the kids can be too curious about things around them that include a vacuum cleaner, this one won’t put their lives at risk, what a fantastic product by yeedi.

It may lack some properties such as voice commands and assists, yet this robot vacuum is one of a kind, because of the yeedi advantage. With its affordable price and availability in online stores, this one must be purchased and repurchased if needed and the great reviews says so. So, if you’re thinking of a vacuum cleaner, the Yeedi k700 Robot Vacuum will bring you to goodness only because of the features included by yeedi.

yeedi k650 Robot Vacuum Review

The yeedi K650 aims to remove dust and dirt from the floor thoroughly by having all the features you would like in a proper robot vacuum. There’s nothing better than a mid-range model that performs really great in the robovac category and this is why we have reviewed this model.

We have included in this review of the K650 robot vacuum review the many reasons why you should choose it. While it’s not the best yeedi robovac, it still has all the qualities that you would like in one. It’s also available for cheaper so you can enjoy a great experience every time.

Quiet Vacuum Cleaning

First and foremost, the Yeedi k650 Robot Vacuum has a quiet processing and power, that just cuts off any noise that comes from it. My dog always hide himself or tries to attack the vacuum while we are doing the chores, this a huge help if you don’t want to be disturbed. Perfect for the morning vacuums as it can’t disturb those who are still sleeping in the house while the little robovac does his little route.

With 3 levels of adjustable suction power, the Yeedi k650 Robot Vacuum is perfect for cleaning both hard floors and carpet because of the time you’re gonna save. Usually, on normal mode, it only produces 54dB, the same as using a normal microwave inside your house, there are some models that are loud so watch out.

Dusts Off Pet Furs

Next, the Yeedi k650 Robot Vacuum is perfect if there are pet furs all around your apartment because little cat roams around. This vacuum conveniently sucks pet hair and fur with its silicone main brush. It also has an XXL 800ML dustbin that is able to hold pet dirt if little doggy likes to dig with its paws. You’re not gonna have to cut the hair of your dog every week in order to save cleaning time.

Boundary Strips

Third, on the list is that it has boundary strips easily detected by the vacuum cleaner for effective cleaning, an amazing device. These strips serve as boundaries for the robot to ensure that it only cleans designated areas while you are away around the house or working on a computer. Any striped area won’t be clean, areas such as those with cables under the desks and couches. However, the boundary strips are included inside of the box of your yeedi robovac.

Easy Control and Smart App

Next, the Yeedi k650 Robot Vacuum has a smart app that allow you to choose the cleaning hour and  scheduling, change the cleaning mode easily, adjust the suction power, and even more than that. This robot vacuum cleaning makes it easy to be controlled through its wide compatibility with software such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, nothing better than shouting at your vacuum. You can start a cleaning process by asking Alexa and the robot will obey his master.

Prevents Falls, Scratches, and Collisions

The anti-scratch glass on the Yeedi K650 protects it from any scratch and collision, an additional protection from naughty pets and accidents,. It also has an upgraded 6D anti-collision infrared sensor to detect and avoid any potential collision instead of camera based vision like you find on the K700, but that’s still a great piece of technology.

Self-Charging and Long-Lasting Battery

Yeedi k650 Robot Vacuum has a 2600mAh lithium iron phosphate battery, makes it very long lasting without having to recharging it. We got around 3 hours of usage with this robovac in our office, we just allowed it to clean. The battery is also environment-friendly for those worries, so decomposing it after usage is safe to do. Its work time is advertised as over two hours, it automatically charges afterward if you have a charging station.

Deep Cleaning

The deep cleaning properties of this robovac are endless : with its three side brushes and tangle-free silicone, it picks up dirt, debris, and dust. Your surfaces are going to be very neat at all times of the day, these robovacs are a clear advancements over some models that you find online.

Pros & Cons

Some pros and cons of buying the Yeedi k650 Robot Vacuum.

  • Easy and lightweight to use
  • Slim body to fit tight surfaces
  • Excellent suction power
  • Side brushes
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Excludes boundary strip in the package

Our Verdict

All in all, the Yeedi k650 Robot Vacuum is a worth-it product that we shouldn’t miss out on if you’re looking for a yeedi robovac. It has promising properties making it perfect for vacuum cleaning in your humble home that’s probably pretty clean already. It also guarantees thorough cleaning with its suction power and long-lasting life that we have tested in our office.

Lastly, it has a lot of accessories to accentuate the cleaning procedure that you don’t have to pay any extra in order to obtain them from yeedi. Thus, the Yeedi k650 Robot Vacuum must not be out of your list if you’re on the lookout for a yeedi robot vacuum. Let the technology of the yeedi robot vacuums do the cleaning chore for you conveniently.

yeedi k600 Robot Vacuum Review

What about letting a personal assistant do vacuum cleaning around your house or you must do it yourself ?  An area that is clean and fresh is an enjoyable experience every time. Also, vacuum cleaning does require a little effort, let a yeedi robot vacuum do the work for you, stop wasting that precious time.

Recently, the yeedi k600 Robot Vacuum was featured on Popsci, Bobvila, Spy, and Reviewed as the best affordable robot vacuum cleaner. It’s like an opener to the world of robovacs, affordable for almost every one it’s going the virtual assistant of the house. We didn’t think there’s was much to mention about this product, while it’s in 3rd in our top 4 of the best yeedi robot vacuums, there’s nothing extra about it.

Self-Charging and Long Battery Life

The 2600mAh lithium iron phosphate battery of the Yeedi k650 Robot Vacuum promotes safety when operating it because it has overcharge protection. The robot vacuum can also last for almost two hours while doing its work and automatically recharges afterward at the recharging station(if purchased). Environment-friendly with its batteries because they decompose naturally and safely when you are going to throw out the robovac.

4 Cleaning Modes

It also has the 4 cleaning modes that you normally find on yeedi robovacs : spot cleaning mode, auto cleaning mode, two suction modes, and edge cleaning mode. With these modes, the robovac will thoroughly vacuum clean every corner of your house and give it an instant refreshing ambiance.

Three Brushes Deep Cleaning

The yeedi k600 Robot Vacuum has three brushes that conveniently help for deep cleaning. Want to clea your house thoroughly, then the yeedi k600 robot vacuum suits your needs. Also, with its three brushes that work with rubber and V-shaped nylon rolling brush, any dirt, and dust from your floor or carpets can be picked neatly.

Easy to Control

We found that the K600 was very much lightweight compared to the other models we tested here at Colin. We made sure that anyone could carry it, even your children will be if they have a problem with it. There’s a remote included that has one button and you only have to switch it to alter the modes of the robovac. You’re not gonna have to read any manual included with your yeedi robovac, it will save you time, easy to control like we said.

Strong Suction and Pet Friendly

Next, the yeedi k600 Robot Vacuum makes it perfect if you have pets. It will easily remove not only dirt, dust, and debris but also pet furs because of its strong motor. We all know that pet fur isn’t safe to be inhaled, especially by the kids because it can do respiratory problems such as astma. The advanced brush less motor is aided by 20,000r/min which helps it generate 1800pa total suction power as times go on. The best thing with this is that its sound only reaches 55dB compared to the other robovacs from yeedi.

Prevent Collisions

When the vacuum gets near a table, it simply detects it and moves around it without hesitation, even if it gets scratched there’s a tempered glass on it protecting it. The sensor is a 6D infrared sensor that does 360 degrees of detection in order to map your room.

best yeedi robot vaccum 2021

Clean Tight Areas

The yeedi k600 Robot Vacuum is able to clean tight areas with its slim body that can fit under the sofas and tables wherein most of the dirt hides undetected by the human eye. The yeedi k600 can also work with tiles, carpet, and wood which we tested with the other models from yeedi.


The warranty of all yeedi products are really great, their team easily joinable for a return. You can contact yeedi social media team in order to get specific questions answered, that’s all available to you these days. Yeedi is really trying to impress the customers in its market in order to be a well known brand, really great to see.

Pros & Cons

Here are the pros and cons of buying the yeedi k600 Robot Vacuum.

  • Easy to Use and Control
  • Lightweigh
  • Thoroughly cleans
  • Does not include smart voice commands
  • Only has one control button
  • Limited Controls

Our Verdict

For the final verdict, the yeedi k600 Robot Vacuum is okay yet lacks other properties for it to be considered as one of the best vacuums offered in the market. It is merely the basic robot vacuum version that can be tasked to do only basic cleaning procedures.

Still, it is a great catch if you’re looking for only the basic vacuum properties at an affordable price compared to other models from yeedi. The quality of the materials used in order to produce the yeedi robovacs are made of great quality and this product doesn’t shy away from it.

yeedi vac max Robot Vacuum Review

Don’t care about piercing a hole through your budget while buying your yeedi robovac ? The yeedi vac max, while being the costly yeedi robovacs, is one hell of a Robot vacuum. With a 3000Pa suction power, it’s an industry-leading rating.

Let’s be honest, yeedi wanted to create a robot vacuum that’s at the top of the industry and this is this one. It’s like having a mini hurricane inside your house, it literally sucks up hair and dirt like nothing. Yeedi advertises the yeedi vac max as the product ideal for pets, we would agree too.

Forget the random moving robovacs that you find on the market, this robovac will analyze your space and save it into it’s computer like a GPS. The visual mapping technology from yeedi is just so great so you should really check it out.

We would recommend the yeedi vac max to our viewers if the price of it wasn’t so high but it packs performance like no other. It doesn’t have a gyro inside of it like some of the models making it your pefect friend.

Yeedi has advertised a 200min time on one charge which is really great if you’re looking for a battery with great capacities. It’s 3 hours so it’s pretty great to know your yeedi vac max will have your back if your house is larger than some.

The appearance of it is really great, it will look great pacing around your house, vacuuming and doing its thing. It’s like all the other designs of yeedi robovacs, they always look great and the vac max is no exception to the usual experience you’re going to have with it.

Our verdict

Looking for a performant yeedi robot vacuum ? Well this model is the one you’re looking for amongst such a wide selection of yeedi robovacs. It’s suction power is unrivaled by the other models such as K600 and K650 but the K700 can give the vac max a good run for it’s money.

The best yeedi robot vacuum will depend on your personal choices just like we selected ours, but the vac max would be the best if we were rating the robovacs on peformance only. The vac max performed really well so we appreciated that yeedi tried to create one of the best industry leading robovacs we have ever seen,.


As you can see, we have decided to declare the yeedi K700, the best yeedi robot vacuum for this article created in 2021. When purchasing a robot vacuum, you must always ask yourself, what can pushes you do purchase it ? If you have carpets it might be better to purchase the yeedi K650 because it has better carpet cleaning capacities than the K700 model but the K700 still stands overall  as the best yeedi robovac.

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