Black+Decker BDCDD12C 12V MAX Cordless Drill Review

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This post will review the Black+Decker 12V MAX Cordless Drill/Driver, which is one of the best drills regarding its specifications and design.

So let’s get started and find out how good the Black+Decker BDCDD12C is.

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Our Review

BLACK + DECKER 12V MAX Cordless is a drilling machine brought to you by Black & Decker with a beautiful design and features that make it easy to operate and handle. You can use it for both Household drilling work and hardcore drilling.

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Whether you want to drill into wood, plastic, or you want to hand pictures, screwing towel racks, assembling furniture, or tightening loose screws, this can be the perfect combination of performance and power, stability and comfortability, features, and long battery.

Black+Decker BDCDD12C 12V MAX Cordless DrillLightweight & Cordless Design

If you want to buy a quality Drill/Driver, then the best choice for you is BLACK+DECKER BDCDD12C.

As it is cordless, it is a very lightweight drill/screwdriver and suitable for household tasks. One of the cool things about this drill is it is 35% smaller than its previous model.

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Powerful Motor

It consists of the best quality motor, which rotates at an RPM rate of 550 rpm which means that it is pretty enough to screw within a second. 550 rpm is more than enough for a drill.

For reference ceiling fan rotates with 300 rpm, and the Black+Decker BDCDD12C rotates with an rpm of 550, which is approximately double that of a ceiling fan.

11-Position Clutch

Stripping Screw and Over Drilling is the most common problem you may face while operating a drill but not with this drill because BLACK + DECKER 12V MAX Cordless Drill/Driver comes with 11-Position Clutch which prevents stripping screw and over drilling. No, you don’t need to worry about over screwing because this product will handle everything for you.

The 11-Position clutch will allow you to changeĀ  your settings depending on the material you wish to drill through L wood, metal, plastic or any screw driving task. So it is a very unique and helpful feature that other drills may not provide you.

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Less Weight & High Grip

Its weight is about 2.18 lbs, and it is 35% smaller than previous models, which made it relatively better and easy to handle. One interesting fact about this drill is that other drills have an average weight ranging from 3.5 – 10 lbs. But this drill weight is 2.18, which is even less than the average list. Having less weight is a plus point because it will give you better stability. Soft Grip Handle is also provided with this drill because the grip is essential while drilling.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

It just needs 12 volts of power to run. 1 Lithium-ion battery is also required to power it. But don’t worry, it is included in its packing. When the battery of this product is 100 percent charged, it will last for 10 hours. It means that with 100 percent of battery power, you can continuously drill for 10 hours which is a very long period for a drill.

Also, it has an excellent quality battery. If you put it on charging every time, then it is not going to damage the battery. Like other products, if they overcharge, their battery will get damaged, but this case is the opposite of this product as soaking this product will not damage the battery. Your battery will remain healthy, and its battery life will remain constant.


Upon purchasing this product, you will get a warranty card with a two years warranty, so no need to worry for two years. If you face any problem with this drill within two years, you can freely repair it in the warranty period. This product was brought to you by Black & Decker, which is an outstanding brand known to provide quality electronic products, so no need to worry about it because it comes from a well-established brand.

LED Torch Included

One of the features of this product that I want to share with you Is that sometimes you may need to drill into some places where no light or less light is available, and due to last lighting, it becomes hard to figure out the correct position of drilling.

So to get rid of this problem, Black & Decker included a LED in Black+Decker BDCDD12C, making it easier to drill in dark places. Whether it is your storeroom where flight is available or your garden where bright light is open, you can drill comfortably.

Our Verdict

Now it’s time to make a decision about this product. Black + Decker 12V MAX Cordless is very powerful, rotates with high speed, has a compact design, and weight of 2.18 lbs. Easy to handle, comfortable to operate, contains LED for brightening into dark places, including a very powerful Lithium battery, and completely packed with a large set of features.

The conclusion is simple Black + Decker 12V MAX Cordless is the best drill as of today. There is no need to look for other drilling products because this product is the one-stop solution for your drilling needs.


How much voltage does it have?

It comes with a charger of 110V.

Can it pull out the screw?

Yes, if the screw condition is good and not rusted, you can reversibly use this drill.

Does it have a brushless motor or brushed motor?

It consists of a brushed motor.


As you can see, our experts would clearly recommend this product to our viewers. Our experts tested the Black+Decker BDCDD12C 12V MAX Cordless Drill in order to help you purchase a proper drill for your home.

Black+Decker BDCDD12C 12V MAX Cordless Drill
  • Drilling Performance
  • Drilling Quality
  • Drilling Process
  • Extra Features
  • Appearance


Our experts would clearly recommend the Black+Decker BDCDD12C 12V MAX Cordless Drill which is one of the best on the market. You’re going to drill anything from wood to metal. It’s going to be magic. Just pull the plug.

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