Black+Decker RCR520S Cooking Pot Review

Cooking never goes out of fashion. Therefore, cooking pots have always been in demand.

However, their demand has skyrocketed lately. The reason being coronavirus.

No one knows if it is safe to eat out. No one even knows if these restaurants will be open for long.

As a result, everyone has started a small restaurant at their home to cook the best meals.

And there is nothing better than the BLACK+DECKER RCR520S Cooking Pot to cook those delicious meals.

In this article, we will review this cooking pot from Black+Decker and hopefully help you during your purchasing process.

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Our Review

You can buy this cooking pot online whenever you wish to start easy cooking. Online shopping will not just save your time but save you from the hazards of going out during the pandemic. This fun-sized multi-function cooking pot will make your life easier with its numerous outstanding features.

Black+Decker RCR520SFunctions

The Black+Decker cooking pot has six present functions. These functions will allow you to slow cook, saute, and keep your food warm. In addition, you can cook different varieties of food ranging from risotto to pasta.

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The pot’s stirring functions help make creamy risotto without any inconvenience. This pot comes with a stirring arm that rotates while you are cooking. This saves time and yields consistent results.

Furthermore, Black + Decker’s Saute function will allow you to make the best soup you can ever have. Its stovetop feature helps saute vegetables and proteins. You can present your soup garnished with homemade sauces. Voila!

Design and Quality

This cooking pot won’t occupy much of the space, so you can place it anywhere you want. Its black color will complement every kitchen interior, and its design is fully trendy. You might confuse the pot’s small size with its low cooking capacity. However, that is not the case.

This pot is a complete treat for you that can yield up to 20 cups of rice at a time. So you don’t have to worry if you want to cook for a complete family or plan your weekly meals. Black + Decker cooking has got you covered.

The multi-function pot is all that you need. But making an investment might raise your questions regarding its quality. Black+Decker is a high-quality cooking pot that comes with a two-year warranty. So, you don’t have to worry if your pot stops working. All you have to do is go to the retailer’s website and check the coverage offered for Black + Decker.

This cooking pot will keep your food warm till you serve your food. You will not have to go through the hassle of warming your food again before eating it. This cooking pot does everything on its own. In addition, this cooking pot comes with a tempered glass lid. This feature will let you check your food without letting heat escape.


You are lucky if you have never burnt your hands while cooking. However, if this is a never-ending struggle for you, here is good news. Black + Decker cooking pot has cool-touch handles to ensure safe and easy cooking.

This pot comes with a non-stick steam basket. You can easily boil your pasta using this basket, or you can steam your vegetables and proteins with the help of the basket. This post will help you satisfy all your food cravings while keeping your health in check.

The Black+Decker Cooking Pot is dishwasher-safe. So you won’t have to spend your money and time looking for a suitable dishwasher. Instead, you can clean this pot using mild soap with hot water. All of this makes it a convenient cooking pot for you. One click and your life will be hassle-free.

This cooking pot includes a rice measure that will help you cook fluffy rice. The measure ensures balanced rice to liquid ratio to give you a perfect meal. In addition, the package has a dishwasher spoon that is non-stick friendly. This means you won’t scratch up the pot’s surface while cooking.

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Our verdict

Based on customer reviews, users of the Black + Decker cooking pot are satisfied with its performance. Its features are worth investing in. This pot ensures happy and healthy life. You can avail multiple discounts throughout the year to enjoy lower prices. After all, there is nothing better than flavourful, healthy, and economical food.

Our experts inside the Colin Testing Center would clearly recommend this Black+Decker cooking pot to our dear viewers. As you have read during this review, it has all the features that you want, a great design and great build quality from Black+Decker.

Black+Decker RCR520S
  • Cooking Time
  • Cooking Precision
  • Cleaning Process
  • Cooking Quality
  • Extra Features


Our experts would recommend the Black+Decker RCR520S cooking pot to our viewers without any problems. It has performed very well during our branded cooking pot tests and without a doubt would rival with the biggest brands out there.

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