Braun JB9040BK TriForce Power Blender Review

There is nothing better than making fresh smoothies and soup at home; they taste much better.

Braun has recently launched an array of new blenders on the market, something they have never done before.

Already getting good reviews from experts from ConsumerReports and others, we have decided to review one of their blenders.

We asked our experts to prepare smoothies and various items for our team in order to give us a review.

After drinking smoothies for a whole week, our experts would recommend the Braun JB9040BK TriForce power blender to our viewers.

Check out the reason why in their in-depth review down below.

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Our Review

We have fallen in love with the Braun JB9040BK TriForce blender because of its excellent design and the tremendous response it gave us to our performance tests. We would without a doubt recommend it to our viewers, here are the reasons why.

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Braun JB9040BK TriForce Power BlenderDesign

While it was resting on our countertop, we loved looking at the Braun JB9040BK.

The black colours were pleasing to our eyes and gave a modern look to our testing area.

The triangular jug with the lines that rise from the bottom of it is charming too.

While we will talk about the performance improvement of the triangular inside, it is a great design that we should see a little bit more on the market.

The handle is fixed at the most upper area and the complete bottom, proposing excellent handling of the TriForce blender.

The material covering the handle feels professional; it feels like quality. The mini-holes in it assure that it will not slip out of your hands.

On the front rests the intuitive control panel; 11 buttons with clear indications and a knob for controlling the programmed setting and timer is located there for you.

The cover on top of the triangular jug will not come off quickly, and it is locked there even when not using the JB9040BK. It does not feel like the ingredients want to come out of the jug while it is operating, and we were trying to push things down; it keeps everything in there.

The jug also feels weightless in your hands, even when containing your ingredients. The handle is specifically designed for stability and weight distribution in your hands.

Overall, the materials used to build this blender are of excellent quality. The JB9040BK should not scratch easily, and most of its components are created with stainless steel, which is very durable. We also appreciate the design of this blender from Braun, and it is adorable to look at.


It seems Braun has unlocked a new era in the world of blenders. Triangular jugs are a new improvement over circular ones, and they do indeed create better results while using a blender. The blending process is significantly faster than some other models on the market today and creates better centrifugal force.

With 1600 watts of power, the Braun JB9040BK power blender will satisfy the home cook’s needs at all times. Our experts loved the power of this blender. It created a fine mixture every time they used the JB9040BK.

There are also various settings for situations in which you might find yourself: ice chop, soup, smoothie, etc. These settings make the Braun JB9040BK operate at different speeds; we say these settings are correctly customized. Sometimes, we test blenders with settings that do not change anything well; you can notice the changes between the settings.

There is also an intuitive control knob on the front that lets you choose three settings: smooth, medium or coarse. These settings set the timer correctly then you have to press start on the central button. We would say that is a great feature but nothing vital to add to this blender.

The blades are created in Solingen, Germany, with special care. Those are very sharp compare to the cheaper models that we have tested earlier in our recent history. Those blades could cut frozen ingredients without any problems during our testing with the Braun JB9040BK blender.

Cleaning Process

There is an auto clean setting located on the Braun JB9040BK blender; it lets you quickly rinse the jug. You simply add soap and water to the jug and let it run a few minutes then all the things will be cleaned and ready for a rinse.  It makes the whole cleaning process easier for everyone and is very well welcomed by our experts.

Customer Support

As a customer, you must be used to receive a two-year warranty on most items, but with Braun, it is the opposite. You get a 5-year warranty on all of their products because they believe in them. Their products usually last longer than five years, that is why they offer this kind of warranty.

We would also send many thanks to the support team over at Braun for answering our questions within 24 hours. We sent questions to them using various channels of communication: social media, email and their website. Each one of them was answered on time; good job Braun.

You are rarely going to find a warranty like the one Braun offers. They are the only ones in the world to offer this kind of warranty. It is just a testament to their attention to detail and quality, which leads to durable blenders like the Braun JB9040BK.

Our Verdict

We would recommend the Braun JB9040BK TriForce power blender to our viewers here at Colin. This comes after hours of testing and researching products from Braun. We want our viewers to have the best buying process available to them, and our reviews are created for them.

Pros of the Braun JB9040BK 

  • Our experts noted that it is a durable product that comes with a five-year warranty.
  • We loved the performance of the JB9040BK during our performance tests.
  • The handle creates an even weight distribution, and the jug feels lighter than some other models.
  • Triangular jugs create better centrifugal force, with that comes better smoothies and soups.

Cons of the Braun JB9040BK 

  • There are plenty of useless sounds like alarms coming off the blender, which you cannot turn off.
  • The blender is mainly build using Chinese parts instead of German parts like Braun promises. 
  • The central knob on the JB9040BK feels cheap and could break off easily.


As you can see by reading our experts’ review, the Braun JB9040BK TriForce power blender is one hell of a blender. It produces fine mixtures and has all the recent technologies in the world of blenders to fulfill your needs. They have tested it inside the Colin Testing Center, and they know what they are talking about when our experts recommend the Braun JB9040BK.

Braun JB9040BK
  • Blender Performance
  • Blender Precision
  • Blender Quality
  • Blender Time
  • Design
  • Cleaning Process
  • Design
  • Extra Features


By having tested the Braun JB9040BK TriForce power blender, our experts can safely recommend it to our viewers. They loved the design that they had to look at during a whole week but also the performance it gave them during their blender tests.

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