Braun MQ5025 VarioSpeed Hand Blender Review

hand blender is a handy kitchen appliance that has been designed to mix food ingredients in different types of pans or containers.

However, when buying hand blenders, it is crucial to consider that they come in various styles and sizes.

Some hand blenders are used by men, while others will be better suited for women who handle most kitchen chores in their homes.

The Braun MQ5025 hand blender can puree, mix and blend into a smoothie or milkshake. It comes with various attachments such as chopping blade, whisking attachment and dough hook.

The following models numbers also use the same base but have different accessories : MQ5000 and MQ5027

Our experts tested this hand blender and would recommend it; check out why down below.

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Our Review

Testing products from Braun is pretty fantastic, their products are durable so we do not have to worry about a catastrophic failures. While it performed well during our tests, the MQ5025 didn’t blow us away like we thought it would.

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It still a recommendation to us due to the brand and great warranty. If you want to purchase the Braun MQ5025 hand blender, then do it on Amazon to get the best offers and price at all times.

Braun MQ5025 Hand Blender Multiquick VarioPerformance

The performance of the is hand blender is good for the price. We have been using the Braun MQ5025 regularly to make smoothies, and it has never failed us yet.

Its sharp blades are powerful enough to crush ice cubes quickly without much effort from you. So far, after using Braun MQ5025 hand blender, we would recommend it to anyone searching for a performant product. The low price and good performance make it very worthwhile to use.

Braun MQ5025 is an excellent hand blender and worth every penny you pay for it, as Braun always produces high-quality products.

It has been working great in our smoothie tests so far, and we will be purchasing more of them to test.

During our tests with the Braun MQ5025, we found the hand blender to be very sturdy and robust. We have tested Braun items in the past, and Braun has not let us down yet; Braun has always been there for me when we need them.

When we made a soup, it was easy to clean, and the soup was smooth. The Braun MQ5025 hand blender operates on battery or AC power through an adapter. It makes quick work of chopping onion, carrot, celery tops and other ingredients found in soups.

You also can create hummus with a Braun hand blender by just adding water. The MQ5025 proved its mettle, making choppy ice for slushy drinks.

The motor of the MQ5025 is rated at 1200 watts. It has a high-performance motor that makes MQ5025 the right tool to have around for any culinary task. Braun’s performance is incredible; you can tell when using it compared with other hand blenders.

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The design of the Braun MQ5025 Hand Blender is simple, with the Braun logo emblazoned on one side of the plastic casing. Braun is a reliable name for home appliances and accessories, offering products that are well-made and durable.

Braun’s electric hand blenders are no different; they can be used for blending ingredients for cooking or preparing milkshakes and smoothies. This Braun hand blender has a 1200 watt motor, making it powerful enough to mix even heavy ingredients quickly and efficiently while still giving you control over your product as you blend.

The Braun MQ5025 blends slowly, so there is no need to worry about any splashing from your blender hitting you in the face as you cook. The containers given to you for blending are made of BPA-free plastic, so they are dishwasher friendly and can be cleaned quickly.

The colours available to you are White, black, red, green, purple. The blades of this hand blender are made out of stainless steel, which Braun claims make them more durable than other blender brands on the market.

The MQ5025 measures approximately 10.5 inches tall and has a set of buttons that are used to start and stop blending and control the speed of the blades inside the container where your ingredients are being blended.

The MQ5025 hand blender comes with an instruction manual. It shows you how to use it for various recipes, including milkshakes, smoothies, soups, desserts such as ice cream and whipped cream salsa, peanut butter or even baby purees. Braun also offers a recipe book online that can be downloaded from their website if you want additional ideas for what to do with your hand blender.

Cleaning Process

To clean the Braun MQ5025, use a cloth or sponge with hot water, dishwashing liquid and a little salt. Then after that, you can wipe it with a wet cloth to clean the Braun MQ5025 hand blender.

As you can see, cleaning this hand blender is super simple. Braun has made this hand blender with the goal of them being easy to use and straightforward, which makes things, even more, more manageable for you.

You can put it in the dishwasher. Braun still recommends that you hand-wash it for better care. Braun has left the cord very long, so they can fit in any sink or counter.

If you want your Braun MQ5025 hand blender to last longer, then take good care of it. Braun will not take responsibility if something happens to your hand blender by regular usage.

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Our Verdict

To conclude our review, Braun has one more vital point in line with Braun’s slogan, “German Technology.” Braun even provides a 5-year warranty on the Braun MQ5025 hand blender, showing Braun’s confidence in their product.

This Braun blender can be used for daily purposes or when you are preparing unique dishes. It can deal with various foods effectively without compromising its looks and performance, so it is a reliable kitchen appliance for everyday use.

It is not an expensive gadget, which means anyone who needs this item can purchase it without worrying about his/her budget. Furthermore, it is affordable enough to dispose of it. After using it, you feel like the product does not satisfy your needs.

We would recommend the Braun MQ5025 hand blender to those who need a reliable kitchen appliance that is not too expensive but does the job efficiently.

It has a sleek design that will look great inside your kitchen and strong blades that blend food to perfection. Braun designed this product with maximum customer satisfaction in mind; hence, Braun created it extremely easy to use for both experts and beginners alike.

Braun also ensures quality control of their products through a rigorous manufacturing process; therefore, it is guaranteed safe for your family’s consumption or even when used near children.

Braun MQ5025
  • Blender Performance
  • Blender Precision
  • Blender Quality
  • Blender Time
  • Blender Design
  • Extra Features
  • Cleaning Process


The Braun MQ5025 hand blender is a clear recommendation from our experts due to various reasons. One of them is the great design of the hand blender that makes it really great to look at. Add to that the results of the MQ5025 during our tests, it’s the perfect model.

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