Brentwood Persian Rice Cooker TS-1216S Review

Satisfying your weeknight Tahdig craving is a good rice cooker away.

Cooking Tahdig, the rice with a crust of crispy rice at the bottom of the plate, is an arduous task.

Yet, people make a hot plate of rice with a golden-brown crust and put it on the table for others to enjoy.

Thanks to the wonderful rice cookers who have made this possible.

You can’t turn your back on Persian food once you have tried it.

Therefore, the Brentwood crunchy Persian rice cooker is your best wager.

Once you start using this rice cooker, you will never dread cooking crunchy Persian rice.

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Our Review

The Brentwood Crunchy Persian Rice Cooker makes the delicious tahdig scorched rice any time you are hungry. There is no guesswork involved while using the Brentwood crunchy Persian rice cooker. So every time you use this cooker, you will be sure of yielding perfect results. No one can go wrong with the Brentwood rice cooker.

This rice cooker will help you make the authentic Persian tahdig. Please don’t buy this rice cooker, thinking it will somewhat add a hint of tahdig to your usual rice. Instead, the Brentwood rice cooker makes the exact tahdig rice with the exact flavors and a leveled crisp at the bottom.

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Brentwood Crunchy Persian Rice Cooker TS-1216SDesign

The Brentwood rice cooker has a large capacity. You can cook anywhere from 2 to 16 cups of rice. This size makes it great for large meals. You can treat your guests or family members using the Brentwood rice cooker without worrying about the quantity of rice. In addition, this capacity is great if you plan to save leftovers for the upcoming days.

Putting 8-cups of rice will yield up to 16 cups of cooked rice at a time. This helps you give your sides and main courses new depths of taste and texture. In addition, the Brentwood rice cooker allows you to choose your preferred level of crunch.

You can do this using its 60-minute knob timer. If you wish to have a different level of crunch, you can easily go for it. All you have to do is rotate the knob towards the appropriate time. Remember, the higher the time, the higher the crunchiness.

This rice cooker is made of stainless steel. This material ensures reliability and longevity. Its dimensions are 10 x 8.5 x 9. In addition, it has a depth of 11 inches. This size is suitable to use and makes it convenient to store the rice cooker.


The Brentwood rice cooker is excellent for making Tahdig. However, its use is not limited to cooking rice. You can use the cooker to heat chili, make soups, oats, rice pudding, quinoa, and more!

You are mistaken if you think the quality of soups or rice pudding won’t be as good as Tahdig. This cooker does everything wholeheartedly. Put the right ingredients, and you will have the most flavourful dish in front of you.

This crunchy Persian rice cooker has an auto warm function. You can use this feature by rotating the knob to the keep-warm function. The rice cooker will retain its heat to keep your food warm.

You won’t have to reheat your food every time before eating it. In addition, you won’t be bound to cook rice right before lunch/dinner time. Cook whenever it is feasible for you and serve your rice as fresh.

The Brentwood rice cooker has cool-touch handles that ensure easy serving. You won’t burn your hands if you mistakenly touch the handles. In addition, you can easily carry the cooker around. Furthermore, this rice cooker has a removable non-stick pot. This feature will help you cook unburnt rice.

Cleaning Process

This rice cooker is dish wash safe, and its non-stick pot makes it easy to clean. In addition, the non-stick pot ensures that the tahdig keeps its shape when you take it out of the pan. The Brentwood rice cooker comes with a tempered glass lid. You can check your rice without constantly removing the lid.

Our Verdict

In addition, the package for the rich cooker includes a paddle and measuring cup for easy portioning and serving. This rice cooker comes with a one-year warranty upon purchase.

Buy this Persian rice cooker and enjoy flavourful rice. Once you go Persian, there is no coming back!


Our experts would recommend this persian rice cooker from Brentwood to our viewers due to great features and the quality of the persian rice produced; it was crunchy and moist, the best duo. If you’re on the market for a persian rice cooker this model is perfect for you if you’re looking for an affordable one.

Our team was pretty surprised to eat rice for a while but they loved it. Great rice all around produced by this persian rice cooker. We’re proud to have reviewed a product from Brentwood, they’re a great company with a great support team always available to you if you have questions.

Brentwood Crunchy Persian Rice Cooker TS-1216S
  • Cooking Time
  • Cooking Precision
  • Cleaning Process
  • Cooking Quality
  • Extra Features


Our tests results have came back positive and we’re ready to recommend the BRENTWOOD Crunchy Persian Rice Cooker to our viewers across the world. It is a perfect opportunity for you to obtain a Persian rice cooker because Persian rice is clearly life. You should always remember that once you go persian, you never go back to another type of rice so be warned before.

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