CROWNFUL 5-Quart Air Fryer Review

Crispy fried food is everyone’s favourite.

Be it crispy chicken, crispy prawns, French fries, or fried vegetables; fried food is lip-smacking delicious. Of course, you need the perfect equipment to make these dishes.

It would be best if you experienced the air frying magic of the CROWNFUL 5-quart air fryer.

This 5-quart air fryer is made by CROWNFUL, a brand that is committed to excellence and reliability. They constantly innovate, optimize, and improvise their products according to customer’s requirements and feedback.

CROWNFUL prides itself in the high-quality products they produce and the professional and friendly after-sales services they provide.

The CROWNFUL mission is to use passion to create premium, fine appliances for your home and kitchen needs. Apart from practical and functional devices, they also bring to you stylish, trendy, and aesthetically pleasing machines that make your home shine.

The CROWNFUL 5-quart air fryer is an incredible innovation that has been in the market since last year and has positive reviews globally.

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Our Review

The 5-quart air fryer is a sleek piece of equipment. Its design is neat, simple, and premium. The air fryer is made using plastic and has a stainless steel metal basket inside. Plus, the plastic is of matte black colour, which will leave your kitchen platform gleaming.

When you purchase CROWNFUL’s 5-quart air fryer, you get the air fryer, a user manual, and a recipe book. The recipe book comes with multiple recipes to inspire you and teach you to use the air fryer optimally.

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Something to be careful about when you choose the 5-quart air fryer from CROWNFUL – its voltage is AC 120 V and has a 1500-watt power. So, ensure your plug point can withstand the voltage.

This CROWNFUL air fryer can withstand a temperature that ranges between 180-degrees Fahrenheit to 400-degrees Fahrenheit, which is pretty good for it’s price.

CROWNFUL 5-Quart Air Fryer ReviewSafe usage

CROWNFUL ensures its products are safe to use. Undoubtedly so is the 5-quart air fryer that is UL listed. Plus, you have a 1-year warranty that ensures all your concerns will get addressed, and you’ll be able to resolve any issues with your fryer seamlessly.

The 5-quart air fryer is an all-in-one cooker with seven built-in presets. You can cook French fries, shrimp, cake, meat, fish fillet, steak, chicken, or anything you want. Use the presets or customize your settings to have the perfect air-fried food item.

This air fryer uses 360-degree Rapid Air Technology. CROWNFUL is proud of this technology that enables even heating and cooking of your food. Plus, you can use less than 80% of oil or fat for cooking your food in this air fryer to enjoy a splatter-free experience.

This durable and incredible air fryer is easy to operate too. It has a digital LCD touch screen panel to control your settings easily. Moreover, it lets you start your cooking process at the touch of a button.

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Easy to clean

The best part of the 5-quart air fryer from CROWNFUL is that it’s easy to clean. After cooking and eating delicious food, you can clean it easily with water and soap, brushes, and a soft sponge. The basket is made of non-stick material that eases your cleaning process.

Great Capacity

You needn’t worry about the quantity, as the 5-quart air fryer from CROWNFUL lets you make enough food for 2-4 people. It has a capacity of 4.8 liters. Imagine a basketful of French fries. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

Other features

CROWNFUL’s 5-quart Air Fryer ensures you can eat healthy, delicious fried food items. Plus, it helps you cook quickly, easily, and at optimum temperatures.

The dimensions of the air fryer are 10.6 x 10.4 x 11 inches, and it will not occupy much space on your platform or table. It is well worth the price even if you do not trust the brand CROWNFUL yet.

Moreover, with a time range of 0-60 minutes, the air fryer auto shuts off to prevent overheating or overcooking your food.

The only complaint with the air fryer is that it beeps loudly while using. If you are a midnight snacker and want to cook food at night, this might not be the right fryer for you.

Our Verdict

Despite the loud beeps, the CROWNFUL 5-quart air fryer is user-friendly, has multiple features, a minimalistic and sleek design, and functions smoothly to give you tasty food.

So, if you want to have healthy, crispy, and delicious food, invest in the CROWNFUL 5-quart air fryer.


This air fryer from CROWNFUL checked all the boxes in our testing centre, without a doubt, we would recommend this to anyone currently looking for a competent air fryer. It will push your adoration of these devices to a whole new level that you have never seen before.

With all the features and accessories needed for proper cooking, the CROWNFUL 5-Quart air fryer will surely help you make tasty fried food. Not only will it do it’s job in the correct time, it will also prepare anything that you throw at it.

CROWNFUL 5-Quart Air Fryer
  • Appearance
  • Performance
  • Extra features
  • Temperature
  • Cooking Time
  • Cooking Precision


CROWNFUL might not be a company that you know that does air fryers but allow me to say that they’re pretty great at what they do. This air fryer has the same capacities as its competitors out there like Black+Decker and Cuisinart.

We would recommend this air fryer from CROWNFUL for anyone that’s looking for a great air fryer. We put the air fryer through various tests and it performed very well at each and every one of them.

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