CRUX Indoor Grill & Air Fryer Review

If you plan to lose weight or intend to consume healthy food but do not want to give up on fried items, an air fryer or indoor grill can be your savior.

A good air fryer will ensure the provision of authentic taste. It will also provide you with the best deep-fried items without demanding excessive oil.

You can cook flavourful and healthy food using the CRUX Indoor grill and Air fryer.

You’re going to find below our extensive review from our experts inside the Colin Testing Center of this indoor grill from CRUX.

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Our Review

Below is our review of different elements of this indoor grill and air fryer from CRUX.

CRUX Indoor Grill & Air FryerPerformance

The air fryer is powerful. It has an energy consumption of 1700 watts. This ensures speedy and even cooking of meals. You will not have to wait for hours to get the job done.

In addition, the air fryer ensures that you don’t cook overcook or undercook meals. From chicken to beef, the air fryer will cook everything to perfection.

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Furthermore, the Crux Air fryer’s heating element is made of stainless steel. The steel fastens the cooking process and cuts the cooking time. This air fryer is your go-to when you are running late and don’t want your guests to wait longer.

The Crux air fryer has a high cooking temperature range. You can cook up to the temperature range of 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can set the appropriate temperature depending on the food type. You will not have to fear under or overcooking since you will have complete control over the temperature.


Whether you have to cook fries, fish, chicken, or any other meal, you can easily make them using the Crux air fryer. The air fryer is easy to use due to its touchscreen control panel. Operating this air fryer is not complicated at all. Every option is put on the control panel for you to choose from. Then, all you have to do is to click on the suitable option.

You can increase or decrease the cooking temperature using the panel. It is your call whether you want your fried food golden brown or darker. You can also make changes to the time on the control panel. You can change the time even when the air fryer is operational. If you think your food needs more time, increase the time on the panel.

You can easily view the time and temperature set on the LCD. This LCD is located at the front of the air fryer. This will keep you informed regarding the time and temperature you have set, in case you forget. In addition, the air fryer has an auto shut down feature. This means you will never burn your food. The air fryer will automatically shut down when it is done cooking.

The Crux air fryer has a suitable size. It weighs eleven pounds and will fit anywhere in the kitchen, so you won’t have to scratch your head thinking where to place it. Its black color will complement every kitchen interior. The Crux air fryer is extremely versatile, and it will cook any food. However, the air fryer can only fry or grill your food.

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Other Features

The Crux air fryer has a 2.2 Qt capacity. This capacity is large enough to cook for three to five family members at a time. Unlike conventional frying pans, the crux air fryer is hassle-free when it comes to capacity and time.

The Crux air fryer has a preheat feature. This feature helps cook faster. In addition, this feature allows the air fryer to save power. The preheat feature saves around 45 percent more energy compared to traditional ovens. This makes the crux air fryer an economical appliance to use.

Crux ensured that cleaning is easy and simple for everyone. This air fryer comes with a basket that is dish wash safe. The pan is non-stick and BPA-free. You can easily wash the basket and pan using a mild soap.

Our Verdict

The Crux air fryer comes with a limited two-year warranty. Its price is attractive considering the numerous features of this air fryer. The best part about this air fryer is that it does not produce a lot of smoke. You can grill or fry anything without creating a mess.

If you are looking for a device that will deep-fry and grill your food, the Crux air fryer is an amazing wager. It is large enough to cook for multiple people and provides outstanding results each time. Buy this now and have a versatile cooking experience.


As you can see the review of the CRUX Indoor Grill & Air Fryer of our experts inside the Colin Testing Center has been favorable. Our experts really loved the combo of this apparatus and the great design offers you a unique experience every time.

There’s nothing better than a great company and that’s what CRUX is. Our experts carefully put this air fryer and indoor grill through intensive tests that we all know, allow us to give great reviews to products across the internet.

CRUX Indoor Grill & Air Fryer
  • Cooking Time
  • Cooking Precision
  • Cleaning Process
  • Cooking Quality
  • Extra Features
  • Design


Our review from our experts inside the Colin Testing Center of the CRUX Indoor Grill & Air Fryer is completely favorable; it’s a great air fryer and the indoor grill makes it a complete appliance. Your kitchen’s decor is going to love the design of this air fryer and indoor grill. Overall, we can all agree here with our experts that it’s a great product.

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