Cuisinart CAP-1000 PuRXium H13 Review

It is important to clean your home to stay safe. However, there is a part beyond the surface that you often ignore; the air we breathe.

The air is not visible, so no one can see whether it is clean or not. However, using an air purifier can help clean the air you breathe.

An air purifier will improve the air quality and help you breathe easier.

The Cuisinart CAP-1000 PuRXium H13 is perfect for that, we have tested inside the Colin Testing Center and are proud to show you our review.

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Our Review

You can find a lot of air purifiers in the market today. But, if you decide to buy an air purifier online, you can avail huge discounts on your purchase.

If you are looking for high quality and compact air purifier, you can purchase the Cuisinart CAP-1000 PuRXium H13. If you buy this air purifier now, you can avail a discount of 17 percent on various online stores.

Cuisinart CAP-1000 PuRXium H13Performance

The Cuisinart air purifier offers the complete clean option. The air purifier catches up to 99.99 percent of air-bone particles. These particles are 0.1 microns and even larger. As a result, the air purifier ensures that you will breathe fresh and contamination-free air all the time.

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The Cuisinart air purifier cycles air within a room up to 1000 square ft. 2x every hour. If the room is smaller, around 500 square ft, then the air purifier will cycle air at a 4x speed. This air purifier’s power source is AC and is suitable for a large room.

This air purifier catches odors with its freestanding Purxium. This feature also allows the air purifier to capture airbone contaminants present in the air.

So, your home will carry a pleasant scent that can act as a mood lifter. In addition, you will notice a difference in your breathing pattern after using an air purifier consistently.

In addition, the Cuisinart air purifier has an active carbon filter. This filter helps the air purifier catch smoke, unpleasant cooking odors, and VOCs.

This feature makes it a perfect countertop purifier. No one will know that there is a kitchen activity going on if you place this air purifier on your kitchen counter. So, you don’t have to use air freshening sprays to get rid of unwanted odor.

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The dimensions of this air purifier are 10.5 x 10.5 x 23.25 inches. The Cuisinart air purifier is tall, slim, and sleek. You can fit it in any corner of your house or place it beside sofas. This air purifier has a modern and beautiful design. Its white color blends in with the living room’s interior easily.

The Cuisinart air purifier weighs 13.5 pounds. This size is ideal for both, living room and bedroom. You can easily move it around. So, if you feel like spending the day in your room, carry the air purifier to your bedroom, and you will breathe fresh air.

This air purifier has reusable and removable metal pre-filters. These filters help the air purifier catch larger air-bone particles. So, if you buy this air purifier, you will easily get rid of pet dander and cooking oils.

This air purifier has a child safety lock. This lock ensures the safety of children. You won’t have to worry if your children are running around. They won’t be able to operate this air purifier. In addition, this air purifier has a sleep mode. If you switch this mode on, the air purifier will switch its night light on. This will give you a good sleep at night.

The Cuisinart CAP-1000 PuRXium H13 offers UV-C disinfection protection. The UV-C light acts as a disinfectant when directly exposed to different air-bone particles. In addition, this air purifier has 360 degrees four-sided air intake. Therefore, the air purifier will capture air from each direction. As a result, you won’t have to go through the hassle of changing its direction.

The Cuisinart air purifier’s cord length is 72 inches. This size is perfect for a large room. You won’t be forced to place the air purifier away from where you sit because of its short cord length.  You won’t need an extension either.

Its illuminated touchscreen control consists of child safety, UV-C light, 12-hour sleep mode, four fan speeds, power on/off, and filter replacement indicator. In addition, this air purifier comes with a 3- year limited warranty.

Our Verdict

Buy this air purifier now and say goodbye to your allergies and dirty air. With the Cuisinart air purifier, you will never have gloomy days. Our experts would without a doubt recommend this air purifier to our viewers who want to enjoy clean air inside their homes.

Cuisinart is an household brand in the air purifier sector and proposes great quality every time. It will change the air quality of your house instantly and bring a calmer ambiance to the room.


Our beloved product testing experts inside the Colin Testing Center would recommend the Cuisinart CAP-1000 PuRXium H13 to anyone that reads our website due to the great air purification ratings it has received by experts across the world. If an Energy Star rating worries you, know that this one has great ratings too, so it’s a great air purifier all around.

Cuisinart CAP-1000 PuRXium H13
  • Air Purification
  • Air Cleanliness
  • Overall Speed
  • Cleaning Process
  • Extra Features


As you have read thorough this article, our experts would recommend the Cuisinart CAP-1000 PuRXium H13 to you because of the great air purification it provides across the board. We have tested this air purifier thoroughly in order to be able to claim that.

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