DASH Chef Series Deluxe 64 oz Blender Review

Blenders are a must-have kitchen appliance for fresh juice lovers.

You can easily make purees, soups, smoothies, sources, and frozen desserts with a good-quality blender.

A blender is an appliance that will help you elevate your kitchen experience and spice things up in your kitchen.

In addition, it will ease the workload and get work done in no time.

One model of blender that carries all features mentioned above is the Dash Chef Series Deluxe 64 oz blender.

This blender has a high-powered motor and exclusively designed blades.

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Our Review

The dash blender is equipped with six preset options, a digital interface, and ten-speed levels. This blender has a dial knob that sets the preset programs. These programs range from puree, rinse, soup smoothie crush, and frozen. You can easily set the program by placing the knob in front of the appropriate program.

DASH Chef Series Deluxe 64 oz BlenderEasy To Use

The dash blender is easy and comfortable to use. You can set the speed and time by clicking on the positive or negative signs in front of them. You can set the time from one to ten minutes.

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This allows you to cook different foods according to their cooking time. You will not have to press start every two minutes.

In addition, this blender has a start and stop button that activates the blender to start blending. The dash blender stops blending once you push stop. This start/stop button flashes as soon as you plug it in.

Once you press start, all of the options available in the blender light up. This signals you to move ahead to the next step and select the preset options.

All you have to do is rotate the knob, set time and speed. You can make changes to the time and speed while the blending is running. This option will come to the rescue when you set the wrong time or speed.

Furthermore, you can use its manual time and speed. You will have to push stop as soon as your desired consistency is achieved.

You can easily clean the blender’s blades through a thorough cleaning procedure. However, this blender is not dishwasher safe. So you will have to be careful while cleaning this blender. In addition, the dash blender has a height of 21.5 inches along with a 10-inch base unit.

This will make it hard for you to fit this blender under your kitchen cabinet. But the machine is extremely powerful and helps prepare high-quality drinks.

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The dash bladder has a heavy base unit. It contains a 1400 watts motor, which rotates the blades at a speed of 35,000 RPM. This motor is designed with utmost attention using a metal drive socket.

Therefore, it is durable. In addition, the blender’s base unit has an auto shut-off system. This system automatically stops the machine when it is burdened with ingredients. This is to keep your blender from needing repairs.


This blender model comes with a container, custom tamper, vented rubber lid, blades, and few recipes. Its 64oz co-polyester container pushes all the ingredients towards the blades. This is to ensure fast blending without any lumps of food in your smoothie.

The container is 1.9 liter and BPA-free. This will prevent the addition of chemicals in your beverages and make sure your drink is healthy to consume. In addition, this container has a 2-part rubber vent. This vent helps in cooling hot liquid while it is inside the blender. This saves time and requires no effort.

The dash blender has six-prong stainless steel blades. These blades are highly sharp and durable. However, the retainer nuts and gear shaft are also made of metal. As a result, they accumulate grease and retain some of the product that comes into contact with them. This results in the blades not working effectively and the nuts developing cracks.

Our Verdict

The dash blender is full of benefits. Its strong motor and easy assembling will make your life easy. If you are craving restaurant-style smoothies at home, you should purchase the Dash blender.

We would recommend the DASH Chef Series Deluxe 64 oz blender with stainless steel blades to our viewers without any hesitation because it has performed really great during our in-house tests at the Colin Testing Center.

The dash blender comes with a seven-year warranty on its motor and one year warranty on all of its accessories. You can extend the one-year warranty to two years by registering the product through the manufacturer’s website.


  • It has performed well when we tested it inside our testing center, great performance all-around.
  • It’s easy to assemble and use, there’s no extra fluff buttons and everything is clearly indicated.
  • It has pretty good safety features such as an auto shut off function that works really well.


  • Some parts of the DASH Chef Series Deluxe blender are not dishwasher safe which is disappointing.
  • The bowl could be larger it’s pretty small for the price of the blender.
  • DASH is not a company that is really known on the market.


Our experts at the Colin Testing Center have reviewed the DASH Chef Series Deluxe 64oz blender. While it is a high-priced item, it will satisfy everybody’s needs because of the great performance it gives to its users.

Our experts have also liked the choice of colors available to you and the many reviews online. While the brand DASH isn’t really known at all, you will be left satisfied by the Chef Series Deluxe 64 oz blender.

DASH Chef Series Deluxe 64 oz
  • Blender Performance
  • Blender Precision
  • Blender Quality
  • Blender Time
  • Appearance
  • Extra Features


Our experts from Colin are ready to recommend the DASH Chef Series Deluxe 64 oz blender because of the great qualities it offers. Judge by yourself today and make your judgement using our expert review from our testing center..

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