Eastvolt Electric Impact Wrench EVIW800 Review

Eastvolt is one of the most well-known power tool manufacturers, and its products are famous for their quality and dependability. Whether it is reciprocating saws, drills, oscillating multi-tools, or even LED torches, the company’s cordless lineups are particularly enticing.

This includes impact wrenches, such as the Eastvolt electric impact wrench. This model perfectly illustrates how true the adage “good things come in tiny packages” can be. This device is cordless, small, and portable, making it a perfect substitute for your vast, loud air impact wrench.

Do you use these kinds of equipment regularly? If you do, you should consider purchasing a gadget from a reputable manufacturer. The Eastvolt Electric Impact Wrench could be just what you are looking for.

Specifications of the EVIW800

  • Voltage: 20V Motor: Brushless motor DC44
  • Recommended battery type: 4. 0Ah li-ion Max
  • Torque: 300N
  • M No-load speed: 0-2000rpm/min
  • Impact power: 0-3000BPM
  • Metal belt clip: Yes
  • LED working light: Yes
  • Chuck type: 12
  • Battery pack with 7mm square bit: Use the same battery for the whole series

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It has three functions: hammer drill, screwdriver, and so forth. The EVIW800 is capable of a lot of things but it will meet the majority of house decorating and maintenance needs. Select the hammer or drilling function according to your tasks by rotating the knob. Drilling is for wood mental and other purposes, whereas hammering is for tile brick walls and masonry.

This gadget provides excellent performance and makes quick work of whatever chore you put at it, with 221 ft-lb of torque and speeds of 0-2000RPM or 0-2400RPM. Its exceptional ergonomics come in the shape of a lightweight and curved handle, which gives good comfort during extended usage and makes the Eastvolt electric wrench a joy to operate.

The drill is portable, thanks to a belt clip. The soft rubber handle ensures maximum comfort while in use. The battery indicator displays the battery level. The fast charger takes one hour to charge fully, and the lightweight design fits into small spaces.

The intense LED light included inside the device might aid in locating the functioning object in the dark. The lock-off lock prevents start-up by mistake. For easy direction changes, there is a forward and backward switch.

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Eastvolt EVIW800
  • Performance
  • Appearance
  • Aesthetics
  • Power
  • Extra features


The Eastvolt EVIW800 is a fantastic impact wrench that will satisfy your maintenance needs, definitely look at it before purchasing an impact wrench from another brand.


This product has a robust brushless motor. This high-torque motor can provide torque up to 300Nm (221 ft-lbs), making it perfect for tightening lug nuts and removing bolts. Thanks to its tremendous torque, it can also handle automobile repairs, giant building projects, heavy equipment maintenance, and product assembly.

It also has an adjustable speed. Adjust the power of the trigger to produce a different speed in one of the two-speed ranges: 0-2000RPM or 0-2400RPM. When the fastener is sufficiently loosened, the reverse rotation auto-stop mode stops spinning in two seconds. The intense LED light included inside the device might aid in locating the functioning object in the dark.

Additional features are that the soft rubber handle is quite comfortable to hold. The wrench has a belt clip to make it portable—the battery level displays in real-time.


This impact wrench is capable of removing big, corroded nuts from automobiles and trucks. The unit’s 4-pole engine has more poles, which means it provides more torque (221 ft-lb). It is perfect for chores that smaller, electric versions cannot do, including removing difficult bolts and lug nuts.

The Eastvolt Electric Impact Wrench can replace a ball joint on a truck, loosen nuts, remove sway bar links, repair a vehicle’s gearbox and engine mounts, and complete many other tasks.

The built-in overload protection avoids any severe damage that may occur in abusive conditions, while the integrated variable speed trigger controls the unit’s current speed.

Accessories and Warranty

Those who want certain accessories in addition to the gadget might consider purchasing one of the company’s combination kits (such as the Eastvolt Electric Impact Wrench piece set). This item comes with a substantial guarantee, which sets this brand apart from the competitors.

Why we recommend

The most notable benefit of this remarkable instrument is unquestionably its power. It is clear that the makers wanted to cram as much power as possible into it, and they succeeded.

Despite this, they were able to make 2663-20 as tiny as feasible. The model’s small size and ergonomic grip make it a pleasure to use. If you are a skilled technician who wants to be free of hoses and cords, this model will undoubtedly meet your needs.

The unit’s reverse rotation is another feature we appreciated. It makes socket switching a quick and straightforward operation, which will be critical for anyone planning to utilize this wrench in a business setting. Furthermore, its battery gauge makes it simple to determine how much working time you have left before needing to charge.

Compared to major brands, the tool removes the lug nuts on my vehicle and has adequate torque for the money. It is completed to the same high standard as a comparable Milwaukee or similar model, but it is a steal for the features.

  • A powerhouse of an impact wrench
  • Small size and weight
  • Reverse rotation feature
  • Real-time battery fuel gauge

Why we do not recommend

Many people are dissatisfied with this, and they used it on their jeep without removing any bolts. It can be solved with a force of 300 NM, according to the instructions. However, this product is unable to solve 120 NM. It does not have much strength, but it is a good deal for the price.


According to consumers, the impact wrench is “extremely well-built and powerful,” who praise the unit’s strong build and outstanding performance. They claim it has enough torque and battery life to get them through any project, regardless of size. They also like the unit’s ergonomic design and the substantial guarantee it comes with.

We anticipated nothing less from an Eastvolt Electric Impact Wrench power tool than the electric impact wrench. It is a heavy-duty cordless impact wrench that looks and performs just as stated, ensuring smooth and trouble-free use. Although it lacks a few extra features, its sturdy design and excellent performance make it a worthwhile buy that is difficult to regret.

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