FEZEN Cold Press Juicer Review

We live in an age where health has become paramount. These days, we need to include healthy foods in our diet.

One little act of negligence invites unwanted lifestyle diseases. So, to make things easy, companies provide us many gadgets.

As a fitness freak, I can tell you that a simple juicer saves most of my headaches. This gadget isn’t as complex as learning new software.

All you need is to plug into the power outlet, and your juice is ready.

One of the best juicer is the FEZEN cold press juicer.

Checkout our review after our experts at the Colin Testing Center have performed various tests on this cold press juicer.

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Our Review

I tested this phenomenal little machine, and the results were magnificent. So, I decided to review this product and help all the fitness enthusiasts out there. Here is a detailed review of the FEZEN cold press juicer.

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FEZEN Cold Press JuicerDesign

First, let us talk about the design. The first look of this juicer is, in a word, posh.

The stainless steel design is the clear highlight of this juicer. You can sense the efforts put into the ergonomics aspect.

Feature-wise, the juicer has a nice handle. So, you can move it conveniently.

Further, the dimensions are ergonomic as well. It fits easily into most kitchens.

Here are the dimensions for your consideration: 16.81” x 12.87” x 7.72” (L x W x H). The weight of this portable juicer is approximately 10 pounds.

Finally, the minimalistic design includes a single operating button.

This button has three functions – ON, OFF and R. Here, ‘R’ stands for reverse. Long-pressing the reverse button can help clean out the blockage.

I felt this option to be quite impressive.

Motor and Noise Level

Now, let us move on to the performance. The company claims you can extract juices from carrots, apples, oranges, etc. In simple words, you can grind a variety of fruits and veggies with this juicer.

Another feature that I admire is the controlled noise level. The company claims its operating noise to be under 60 dB, which is remarkable. However, I recommend you chop veggies or fruits into small pieces. After all, we need to play our part in using good gadgets responsibly.

The FEZEN cold press juicer has a reliable copper motor. Importantly, this motor is silent in operation. I love when a product doesn’t overcomplicate things. And this masticating juicer sure keeps things simple.

The low-speed grinding squeezes the maximum amount of juice. Compared with centrifugal juicers, this function provides high efficiency. If you want to get the best nutrients from your fruits, the FEZEN juicer serves this purpose without hassle.

Other Features

Practically, low-speed grinding works better than conventional juicers. The consistency of the extracted juices is spot-on. Overall, the performance is certainly better than other juicers in the market.

The USP of this juicer is low operating speed. The copper motor rotates at 85 RPM. Importantly, grinding fruits at low speeds helps preserve vital nutrients. So, with the FEZEN cold press juicer, you can get the maximum benefit from your juices.

I always buy products that adhere to safety standards. Notably, this juicer uses food-grade stainless steel. Generally, stainless steel is anti-corrosive. Also, you can clean it easily. Hence, buying stainless steel products proves highly beneficial.

Another facet I love about this product is the BPA-free material. So, if you have an infant at the house, this juicer seems safe. Moreover, the technical customer support of FEZEN proves handy most times.

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Our Verdict

What do the customers say? The majority of customers laud the ease of assembly, quiet operation, and value-for-money of this juicer. I can agree that it is surely easy to clean.

Overall, I feel this juicer does one thing best – it gives you excellent quality juice. And that’s what a juicer should do. It should be simple, easy to operate, and work efficiently. The FEZEN cold press juicer ticks the right boxes.

What is the biggest advantage of the FEZEN cold press juicer? In addition to the simple design, I felt the yield rate is a big positive. Here, the yield rate implies the amount of juice you get after grinding. You can try various fruits and veggies, but the results will remain the same.

So, for all the health buffs out there, be sure to try the FEZEN cold press juicer. I believe this kitchen gadget will be an integral part of your daily breakfast regime.


Our team of experts that are located inside the Colin Testing Center were pretty surprised by the FEZEN cold press juicer. It produced excellent juice quality overall compared to other models. FEZEN is not a brand that’s really known across the world but they are here to stay as we believe they are the best in the business.

Our experts have told us to create an article and create a positive review about this product so without a doubt, if you are on the hitch of purchasing this product do it. The FEZEN cold press juicer performed really well under all of our test conditions.

FEZEN Cold Press Juicer
  • Juice Quality
  • Juice Color
  • Juicing Time
  • Juicing Sound
  • Extra Features
  • Cleaning Process


We are recommending the FEZEN Cold Press Juicer because of the excellent juice quality that we have observed during our tests inside the Colin Testing Center. We have performed various tests on this product and we’ve all agreed that this juicer is one of the best on the market.

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