FRESKO V8 Vacuum Sealer Review

A vacuum sealer keeps the food fresh and preserved for a longer time, but it has numerous other amazing features.

Features that make it a product worth having in your kitchen such as being able to preserve food.

The food we eat must always be of good quality because it is one of our basic needs as human beings.

The best part about the FRESKO vacuum sealer is that it is automatic and includes a great starter kit.

Just one click and your food remains preserved. How cool is that?

Our experts at the Colin Testing Center have given us their review, let’s check it out.

Our Review

FRESKO V8 is not like other gigantic sealers. It is the accurate optimum size with so much to offer. With innovative technology and advanced build quality, the FRESKO food saver machine can stably deliver more than decent sealing services.

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You do not have to press the lid and hold it until it is sealed. The one-touch operation has made the otherwise arduous task so easy and a matter of seconds. Touch the button, and it’s done!

The FRESKO V8 is compatible with almost all sorts of vacuum bags or seals in the market, keeps food fresh, and does not take up much space in your refrigerator. Moreover, it uses the sealed bags to increase the life of stocked food.

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FRESKO V8 Vacuum SealerDesign

If we talk about design, The FRESKO V8 is a countertop appliance measuring 17.95 x 5.67 x 6.02 inches and weighing about 4.26 lbs.

It’s decent and minimal looking from the outside, with a silvery surround and a black plastic exterior that stars a touchscreen interface. It feels firm and well-designed. And it’s very smooth to use.


One of the points of variance between the FRESKO V8 and a conventional/regular vacuum sealer is that it works much quicker, with no requirement to clinch the device over the plastic.

Here’s how to use it. Put the food you want to store into one of the plastic covers that comes with the device. It’s sealed on three sides. Lay the bag so that the open side fits into the opening on the front of the FRESKO V8.

From the touch panel on top, select either ‘dry’ or ‘moist’ as per your preference and food. These features allow you to preserve and prepare dry foods such as nuts and water-rich food like fruit or meat.

The machine automatically draws the air out from the bag and heat-seal it immediately. It has a suction power of up to -65kpa. Furthermore, the V8 vacuum packing machine works on wine stoppers and vacuum jars. Its efficient work is possible because of the external vacuum pump of an all-in-one design.

Money Savings

The V8 automatic vacuum sealer machine is a total steal for the money we pay and the features we got it at for our tests. It is worth it for all our viewers here at Colin.

You save both time and money. In return, you get fresh preserved food, a longer shelf life, efficient organization of the leftovers, resealing chips and snacks, and a perfect solution to store the fluids.

What more could a person possibly ask for from a vacuum sealer? So, we can say that it offers everything. Made from PC & ABS, the sealer can be used both automatically and manually.

With every purchase we make, we are a teeny bit nervous about how it will turn out. With all the glistening features and attributes that the FRESKO V8 automatic vacuum sealer machine brings to the table, it also brings one problem.

Our Verdict

The only downside this product has is that it relies on single-use plastic. Let’s face it, it is 2021, and we are trying our best to limit plastic waste. But this sealer or any other sealer is not helping. Instead, it is creating more of it.

Apart from this, it is a great product, and if you are thinking of investing in a high-quality vacuum sealer, then look no further than the FRESKO V8 automatic vacuum sealer machine. Most customers who bought the FRESKO V8 automatic vacuum sealer machine love its functionality and build quality. They happily recommend it to others.

Upon the purchase, the V8 sealer comes with a warranty of 12 months, so again a win-win. Why use a conventional, arduous vacuum sealer when you can have the FRESKO V8 and all the remarkable features? Sleek design, advanced technology, and numerous features. I think this is the best option in this price range.

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As you can see by reading this review, our experts at the Colin Testing Center have declared this vacuum sealer a great product. It offers everything that our experts here at Colin are looking into upon purchasing a vacuum sealer.

This vacuum sealer from FRESKO, one of the best brands on the market at the moment, offers great versatility and features. As you have read in our review, we loved the performance and the automatic features. Our experts thank you for reading their review of the FRESKO V8 Vacuum Sealer.

  • Sealing Performance
  • Sealing Quality
  • Sealing Temperature
  • Appearance


Our experts have given us the go ahead to recommend the FRESKO V8 vacuum sealing machine to our viewers because of it’s automatic sealing features. Offering that features to customers is just magic, it makes their lives easier and overall is an easier process than the other brands.

“We have been really surprised by the FRESKO V8, it’s better than some of the other companies available on the market in the United States of America.” – Experts at the Colin Testing Center

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