Garmin Forerunner 945 LTE Review

The Garmin Forerunner 945 LTE Watch is a wristwatch designed to keep you secure while you run around your town. It has a 1.2-inch screen with a resolution of 240×240 pixels that can be seen in direct sunlight without having to run in the shade.

It features the ability to share your location with previously registered emergency contacts if you ever get lost or find yourself in precarious conditions,  but also, it has 24-hour monitoring team behind you seven days a week, Garmin has satellites that can be moved around in the sky in order to specifically track you down.

A variety of data analysis and training/recovery functions are all included. It now also includes phone-free tracking, emergency services, and texting can be done via your phone that you have with you.

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With LTE connectivity, the Forerunner 945 LTE brings you a bunch of safety features that the runner and bicycler will need. Like said earlier, your watch may transmit your name and link you to the Garmin IERCC, it’s great if you think that your spouse can get lost.

It’s a pretty advanced watch that can stream your position somewhere else, it’s built for people that are going to be in extreme physical conditions very soon. Whether you are in the North or on top of a mountain, that watch will always be your best friend.

This watch is specifically designed for tough terrain but it can also be used as a daily running watch for dedicated runner. You won’t even have to have your wallet with you in order to pay for things as it as integrated ContactLess Payments. You will find below a more thorough review of the Garmin Forerunner 945 LTE from our fantastic team here at Colin.

Garmin Forerunner 945
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garmin forerunner 945 lte

Garmin Forerunner 945 LTE Running Watch Review

There are several circumstances in which the 945 LTE’s ability to seek aid without using your phone might be useful, because you might think it’s not. I think that for a little peace of mind, it’s a perfect watch if you feel like something bad could happen to you while running.

Data Analysis

Triathletes will know that when it comes to working out and evaluating datanothing is better than a running watch. I bet you’re gonna like the fact that it includes pool and open-water swimming because it’s waterproof. It probably has the most adaptable multi sport profile from all Garmin running watches available today.

It has built-in triathlon, brick training, swim-run, and other multisport activities. You can also design your own unique multisport activities that perform really well. The sleep and stress functions, as well as the pre/post-run evaluations, are all excellent.

Safety Measuresgarmin forerunner 945 LTE

LTE connection with a paid service has now been enabled by Garmin, which is really great, but not as much as you may expect. There’s a bunch of features inside the watch to keep you safe at all times, and you’re going to be safe that’s for sure. Some chumps online are saying this watch has the status of an Apple Watch, this may not be the case, because this watch does way much more than it is advertised.

The LTE, on the other hand, adds some really exciting capabilities. It will enable you to utilize the per-existing Garmin’s LiveTrack app without having to connect to your phone over Bluetooth. That’s when you are allowed to stream your location to your friends because you can now load up the app Garmin made to stream your position.

I tested it with a few of my friends and they sent me messages during a 5 kilometer run, that was like fantastic. I felt like I was in a marathon and I was gaining motivation from them while I was running. There’s even services to help me if I’m lost, that’s like what I like the most because I get lost a lot and I fear getting abducted one day by aliens some maybe I’m going to be able to stream my position to the world.

Why You Should Buy The Garmin Forerunner 945

The Garmin Forerunner 945 is a watch that you will almost certainly never need to replace because the brand has been known to produce fantastic running watches for years. Garmin is always and I think will be for many years to come the best running watch company.

The LTE features on this watch are really great, it basically replaced the need of my mobile phone while I was running. I hate carrying phones while I’m having a run outside because they keep bouncing no matter what we do, on lengthy runs I would tape it to my arm until I got these arm cellphone things.

The safety and emergency really gived my wife the peace of mind she needed to allow me on longer runs. I don’t think she thinks I am cheating but the running watch definitely improved the trust issues in our couple.

The LiveTrack app that Garmin produced is simply fantastic, I was browsing it and I found that it was pretty easy to stream your location which I did easily. You can check it out on your phone before purchasing the Garmin Forerunner 945 LTE

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When it comes to in-race or marathon use,  we all know that not having a phone is essential but also prohibited. The battery is being sold as able to last over 18 hours but it was quite tricky with the running watch that I received because it really depends on how much screen usage you do from it. I had to really dig to find it but  Garmin added a secret “power save” option buried in the LiveTrack app that you can change on your phone

To expend on battery life, it’s a fact that if you are in an area with spotty or tenuous cell coverage, connecting and disconnecting from LTE will waste a huge amount of battery. If you live in the Appalachians there might be a lot of problems while you are running with it, you could easily be surprised at how much battery you have left. You always have to keep this in mind if you are going in dangerous conditions and I’m trying to warn you beforehand, it’s not a free ticket to safety every time.

I didn’t want to and get the chance to test out the emergency assistance, I still hate being lost sometimes so it’s great to know that there could be extra-steps taken by Garmin in order to find me if I am lost. This why you pay a premium charge and it’s why you should pay for it too.

This product has LTE connectivity built-in for exercise sharing and emergency assistance. The battery life is excellent. It has button navigation, fantastic when you are sweaty and dirty because it is comfortable and light on the wrist.

Why You Should Not Buy The Garmin Forerunner 945

It is difficult to say this is not a wonderful watch because it has so many great functions over the other running watches that Garmin offers.

You can easily replace the LTE plan with a cellphone, let’s be honest. It’s for extreme people that go on Everest but sometimes it can be great to know that you’re always gonna be safe. It’s almost like a life alert subscription for old people, what are you going to do with this is your personal choice. Personally I fell that the LTE feature is more like a powdered sugar instead of  frosting on the cake, we get it Garmin.

While also having LTE mode on, it will disable certain features as it has problems maintaining certain components working if you have your cellphone connected. If your mobile phone also has access to the internet then you can link and profit from the same functions like LTE.


When you get over the monthly charges for this running watch, it proposes so many features that you don’t find everywhere. There’s always the non LTE model available for you to purchase but for my review of the Garmin Forerunner 945 LTE running watch, I think that LTE is a great addition to extreme people that will go on to on on the Everest if that’s ever your goal. Without any problems I would declare this watch the best watch for Everest.

If you are old and feel like the end is near, the Garmin Forerunner 945 LTE will give you the peace of mind to run around without worrying about emergency services. Life alert can be a massive problem outside of the house but this watch will always keep you on trackk/

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