Garmin GPSMAP 64x Review

Mountain riding has often led me on lonely journeys far into desolate places, even before the covid19 pandemic. This sort of travel has always worried my folks at home so that’s why I always bring an handheld GPS, it’s always a plus if it has an altimeter.

The Garmin GPSMAP 64sx is the newest model from the GPSMAP model that offers you a a bunch of new features compared to older GPSMAP models. If you new to handheld GPS devices, this is not the same thing as a hand-held GPS or a cell phone because you’re being tracked by the highest quality of satellites.

Garmin has a lot of satellites in the sky that provides complete coverage in the United States, they can even redirect them in order to give you more GPS signal in case you are lost. That is thanks to the Iridium statellite network, there’s currently in orbit, 66 low-earth satellites that are cross-linked.

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Users of the GPSMAP may send and receive messages from nearly anywhere on the planet thanks to the worldwide Iridium satellite network. 66 low-earth-orbiting, cross-linked, they provide worldwide coverage and allow two-way communication with them, a pretty impressive technology.

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There’s nothing better than knowing that you’re being tracked at all times while you’re in the wilderness, because getting lost is fairly easy even for experienced hunters and outdoorsy people. The GPSMAP 64x is a great handheld GPS and has all the features that you need to find in one.

Garmin GPSMAP 64x Series Review

The Garmin GPSMAP 64csx seems like a tank when compared to a cell phone or most cameras. It features a rubberized, tough exterior. It is also IPX7 water-resistant.

On the front of the device there is a d-pad and six other buttons are located around it. There is no touch screen on the GPSMAP 64x series yet. Instead, there is a TFT display, the resolution is of 200 x 265 pixels which is fairly good. The GPSMAP is always built with high quality materials and  is extremely durable and built for outdoor use. Because of the buttons, this gadget may be operated with gloves or when wet. If you have ever attempted to use your phone during a rainstorm, you know that this is a great feature in order

Despite the lack of a touch screen, the software interface is simple to use and navigate. It is also really quick and responsive. On this device, you will not have to wait long for displays to load in general.

The cover for the SOS button is located on the device’s side.When you push the SOS button, it starts a conversation/action with a search and rescue dispatcher from Garmin that will dispatch help to you where you are.

Battery Life

The battery life is about 6 hours and it comes with an extra battery, I was pretty sad about that, but in the end it really matters on how much you use it. You can turn it off and on to use it more than 12 hours.

If you keep the tracking on these handheld GPS those will draw battery juice faster than a cellphone, it’s pretty amazing how the technology for phones is way better, but it’s pretty much for your safety because compared to your phone a satellite will always know where you are.



There’s the needed quad helix antenna and multi-GNSS support in order to always be tracked down in the United States, it might get harder outside of the United States where tracking will get spotty unless on top of a mountain or something like that.

I didn’t get the chance to take it outside of town since I live in Baltimore, the GPS did track me in the city without problems. Fairly, I couldn’t tell you much beside the fact that it tracked me in a large concrete building.

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I wouldn’t recommend an handheld GPS without Bluetooth capacities these days, I was pretty impressed by the fact that they now display emails and other stuff beside text messages. Replying to the messages can also be done but I wouldn’t recommend it because it only has a D-Pad, it does a pretty good job of notifying you, you’re able to type brief messages faster like ok, yes, no, etc.

Messages may be delivered to numerous recipients and can be sent to phone numbers and email addresses. There are three “preset messages” as well, you are able to change them and select them upon receiving a message.


When compared to the earlier models, the earlier lack the topographic maps included with them, those can get pricey. You will receive waypoint capabilities, as well as basic latitude, longitude, altitude, and heading displays when it comes to navigation on the smartphone.

Because the compass is a compass, it can only be used when moving in order to determine your direction. Another reason why some you might like the handheld GPS is because is that it comes with a real compass.

With TopoActive maps included with your GPSMAP 64x featuring trails across the United States : you’re able to see the terrain around you and determine where you should walk, there’s also mountains and emergency help points included. Those maps are really great and are industry standard, you need to purchase them in order to access them for some GPS.

There’s also the fact that it loads GPX files, by that I mean that you’re able to load geocaching games with the GPSMAP. I simply had to connect it to my computer and I loaded up and found a file, pretty easy process overall.

Why You Should Buy The GPSMAP 64x

The topographic maps included are made of high quality, these maps can cost a lot if they are not included with a device, there’s websites offering them for 100$. That’s a pretty big advantage over the other brands who do not offer them.

The GPSMAP 64sx should track you every where you hike or hunt across the United States because of the great array of satellites that Garmin has, it will keep tracking you inside of buildings like I have said.

Geocaching is fairly easy to do with this GPS because it supports the GPX files, in some cases you have to use a converter, this is definitely a plus. A GPX file is a file that possesses the waypoints for you to find the cache.

Why You Should Not Buy The GPSMAP 64sx

The battery life is complete crap to be honest, it lasted a whole 6 hour before I had to replace it with the extra battery that came with it. That’s been a recurrent problem with the devices from Garmin.

It’s not designed for normal customers because it’s very hard to understand how the device works and how you can fully utilize it. There has been a lot of people leaving bad reviews about this product because they couldn’t open the owner’s manual.

If you want extra maps, you’re gonna pay and heavy amount to Garmin in order to receive them, then they will simply send you the files and leave you to figure it out. The support from Garmin for these devices is pretty poor compared to their normal GPS products.


According to our test fleet, the GPSMAP 64sx is one of the finest devices for nearly complete communication with the satellites from Garmin in order to receive full GPS coverage.  Its sole flaw is that it has the recurrent problems from Garmin that the devices battery is very poor and you always need to bring and extra.

The GPSMAP 64sx is a must-have tool for anyone who spends a lot of time outside without normal GPS coverage. Don’t be misled by the reviews that will tell you to use your cellphone GPS, remember that a cellphone and the GPSMAP 64sx  are two different devices with different goals.

It is excellent for adventurous explorations and long backpacking journeys anywhere in the United States in Canada, with its effective texting, navigation capabilities and SOS button. It’s perfect for the hunters that are looking for a complete handheld GPS, you might never get lost.

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