Gevi Milk Frother Review

The pandemic has robbed you of the chance to visit your favorite café. So, you decide to make yourself a quick cup of coffee on that swanky new coffee maker sitting in the kitchen.

Is this going to be a regular habit?

In that case, owning a milk frother to go with the coffee maker might be a good idea. There are many milk frothers to choose from, and it can be very confusing for anyone really.

But look no further, as we think the Gevi Milk Frother is one of greatest models in the recent years.

Recently, the Gevi Milk Frother debuted as the No.1 New Release in the Milk Frothers category on A position that it truly deserves, for the Gevi Milk Frother has some killer features.

Our Review

The Gevi Milk Frother has a fascinating 4-in-1 design that allows it to function as a multi-purpose frother. It can be used as an automatic electric milk steamer. It can be used as a hot foam and cold foam maker. You can even use it to make hot chocolate! This feature brings great value for your money.

Another great thing about the Gevi Milk Frother is the ease of usage. There are five buttons on the frother: Function/On-Off button, Cold Milk Foam, Hot Milk Foam, Heat Milk, and Heat Chocolate buttons.

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All that you need to do is this: press the on-off button and one of the other option buttons, depending on your needs. And voila, it’s done!

What’s more, your preparation time is just 40-180 seconds. Irrespective of whether you want heated milk, hot chocolate, or foam. The Gevi Milk Frother respects your time a lot.

With an operating range of 500 W, 120 V, the Gevi Milk Frother sure does pack a punch. Moreover, it comes with an NTC Temperature Control System that is beyond amazing. The system has a thermostat and temperature controller to prevent the frother from over-heating.

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Gevi Milk Frother ReviewGreat Whisks

The Gevi Milk Frother’s whisks require special mention.Two different whisks are available to you for heating and frothing. The whisks are durable, and they perform at the highest level. The best part? You also get an additional replacement whisk at no extra cost.

The Gevi Milk Frother measures 10.5 cm in length and has a height of 17.5 cm. These dimensions make the frother extremely compact. So, you don’t have to worry about finding storage space for the frother in your kitchen.


Owning a piece of equipment is easy. Cleaning and maintaining it regularly is the hard part. Also, not many people are fond of cleaning. Milk stains, in particular, can be very hard to clean. However, the Gevi Milk Frother can spare you all your cleaning worries!

Gevi Milk Frother’s interior is made of stainless steel, coated with food-grade, non-stick material. This does not allow milk stains to stick on the surface. So, you can easily clean the frother with just some water and a piece of cloth.


While quality matters, so does quantity. Gevi Milk Frother checks that box with its generous capacity. You can get up to 150 ml of hot milk foam and cold milk foam in a single-use.

This value is double at 300 ml for heated milk and hot chocolate. Talk about being big on capacity!

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Noise Level

Frothing milk can be a noisy process, it’s something that we wish we could all avoid. The Gevi Milk Frother is designed to operate quietly, so noise is minimized to the maximum.


Now, let us talk about the Gevi Milk Frother’s design. The milk frother is made of stainless steel, contributing to its durability. The handles of the Gevi milk frothers are firm, making it easy to hold  with strong muscles. The frother has a large opening for easy access and comes with anti-skid rubber feet as well.

If you like less variety, there is some good news! The Gevi Milk Frother comes in two exciting colors: Black and Silver. Both colors come with loads of aesthetic feel.

Our Verdict

The cherry on the cake is the one-year warranty you get on buying this product.

Finally, the Gevi Milk Frother is a great companion for Gevi’s Cappuccino and Espresso machines. Alternatively, you can pair it with your coffee machine at home as well.

If you are looking to whip delicious lattes and cappuccinos, then you have little time to waste.

Grab a Gevi Milk Frother now!

Gevi Milk Frother
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  • Milk Quality


The Gevi Milk Frother is a fantastic product currently being sold across the world and is being purchased by many since the number of online reviews are growing overall. Gevi is a new company, that we can agree, but we think that they are here to make waves on the markets.

We would recommend the Gevi Milk Frother to anyone that’s looking for one, really, it performed well during our test at the Colin Testing Center.

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