Greenworks 24V Brushless Cordless Hammer Drill Review

Brushless motor drills adapt their velocity, intensity, and power supply to the job which is to be done.

It will detect whether you’re drilling screws into light plasterboard or solid hardwood and use just the amount of force necessary to complete the task.

Brushed motor life is restricted by the brush type and ranges from 1,000 to 3,000 hours on average, brushless motors may last for hundreds of working hours.

The main reason for this is that brushless drills have no brushes, which can wear out with time.

Our experts have tested the Greenworks 24V Brushless Cordless Hammer Drill in our testing center and have built a beautiful office desk, they would recommend it to our viewers.

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Greenworks 24V Brushless Cordless Hammer Drill KitOur Review

 A 4 Ah battery is required to run this battery-powered hammer drill. GreenWorks 24V Lithium-Ion battery offers twenty percent greater performance as well as thirty-five percent greater operating time, as well as fade-free power along with no memory lapses after recharging.

The highly effective 24V brushless motor delivers greater torque, quieter performance, and higher quality of life, guaranteeing that you can do your tasks quickly and efficiently without encountering any issues.

This device has a 20-position clutch for torque control and a 2-speed gearbox to prevent stripping or over-tightening screws.

There are three modes to this product:

Drill Mode: this mode is used to drill a hole in hardwood, plastics, and metals.

Drive Mode: this mode is used to drive screws and bolts.

Hammer Mode: this mode is used to drill holes in brickwork or concrete.

Pros of the Greenworks DD24L411 

This freshly upgraded brushless hammer drill’s 24V battery is mighty while remaining silent. This Greenworks Impact Driver is the most potent power tool in the smallest compact.

A carrying bag and two battery packs are included with the drill. The batteries work perfectly! They feature a built-in power meter, so you can detect when they’re about to die. They also come with a USB charger, so you can use them to charge your gadgets.

The equipment itself is sturdy and comes with three different modes. Ultimately, this drill is ideal for a novice or an ordinary homeowner that needs to mount shelves, perform little handyman work, and perhaps create a project once or twice a year!

It includes a well-made, tough carrying case large enough to accommodate the battery, charger, and impact driver. This is very important for keeping all of your belongings organized and protected.

All while it’s drilling forward and then backward, it has a great bright light on it. That’ll come in useful if you’re in a confined dark space.

Cons of the Greenworks DD24L411 

According to one customer, after using it on a few bolts, the upper housing started to fall apart. Hex screws connected the driver portion to the green/black rear piece. Those screws came free, and there was an unexpected space between the elements.

The wrench does not arrive with a battery, and Amazon doesn’t sell Greenworks batteries. They suggest a third-party option. The battery works perfectly. However, returning the wrench is more difficult because The Greenworks 24V Brushless Cordless Hammer Drill must replace the wrench, battery, and charger separately.

Customer service is mediocre at best. They take a long time to respond to their clients. The warranty term has usually expired by the time they do, leaving you with nothing except a damaged machine!

Sockets won’t remain plugged in. Because the friction ring is incapable of holding sockets in place, they fall right off. As a result, no matter how wonderful the device is, it will be useless!

Even when you merely crank the impact drill without using it on a screw or bolt, it has a very noisy motor. In comparison to other drills, the drill itself is relatively large.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it true that GreenWorks drills are effective?

Yes, that is a hundred percent true. Greenworks invests a lot in their products to ensure that they are of the highest quality and complete the task for which they are bought. Moreover, their customer support service is also good, so if you encounter any trouble, you can take their assistance without any hesitation.

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Is it worthwhile to buy a GreenWorks hammer drill?

When drilling into brick or the mortar joints between both the bricks, a hammer drill is the instrument to utilize. Although mortar is softer and simpler to drill through than brick, anchors and screws bite into masonry more solidly. Drilling through concrete-block walls is the same way.

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A brushless hammer drill is bound to be of great use for households and does ease the burden and makes using it easier when compared to an ordinary hammer drill. This brushless hammer drill is no more miniature.

It comes with several features and specifications. The battery meter, for instance, is one of the most remarkable features since it will indicate the battery health to you visibly so that you can check whether or not the current battery status will assist you in completing the task at hand.

Apart from that, the price at which this is available is also mind-blowing. It is pretty challenging to find a product at this price range with so many additional features. Moreover, after checking some reviews from present and past users of this hammer drill, we realized that it can last much longer than anticipated and that its quality is extremely excellent. Also, the customer support service is excellent, so if you encounter any problem, you can directly consult them! We hope this purchase makes things a whole lot easier for you!

The significant distinction between brushless and brushed drill motors would be that brushed drill motors are composed of carbon.  In contrast, brushless drill motors are powered by magnets. Brushless motors are therefore ideally suited, deliver low to no friction, generate less warmth, and give greater effectiveness. Both the drills are better suited for different uses and occasions; however, brushless drill motors provide better results. Another difference is that of the average life span.

Greenworks DD24L411 24V Brushless Cordless Hammer Drill
  • Drilling Performance
  • Drilling Process
  • Drilling Quality
  • Design
  • Extra Features
  • Included Kit


Our experts loved testing this drill and built a few different things with it. The Greenworks 24V brushless cordless hammer drill kit packs 530 in./lbs Torque has a  20+1 Position Clutch and possesses a 1/2 ” Keyless Chuck. You must also note that there is also a Variable Speed, (2) USB (Power Bank) Batteries and Charger and LED light included with this drill. We’re sure you’re gonna love it if you plan to do home maintenance.

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