Makita XWT08Z Cordless Impact Wrench Review

Impact wrenches have become a precious tool for home mechanics, for they come to the rescue by eliminating the need for manual labour.

Many of us probably confronted a corroded bolt that will not budge or an enhanced project requiring us to take out and replace endless bolts.

Usually, these tasks warrant bruised or bloody hands, so impact wrenches have become a miracle worker and an essential to have in your tools.

This fantastic tool has yet to meet a bolt it cannot loosen, and investing in a cordless wrench will have you wondering how you even have been living without it!

However, as the market brims with endless options, it is difficult to understand which impact wrench you should buy.

Therefore, we will be reviewing the Makita XWT08Z LXT impact wrench to shine a light on all its wonders.

We will dive into its features and see why it is a favourite of so many and recommended by our experts here at Colin.

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Our Review

The Makita XWT08Z is among the most modern impact wrenches in the market and packs a punch in performance. Gone are the days of great tools that were an eyesore; the XWT08Z not only looks good but has the features that will make you happy.

The XWT08Z is a professional-level digital torque wrench, allowing you different speed powers according to your need. It is excellent for those looking for a less expensive tool that caters to their utility work. The Makita XWT08Z LXT is operable with one hand, so everyone can use it with ease and adapt to it quickly.

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The best part is how this unit has among the most amazing battery lives. It offers 50% longer on every charge, which is much more than most battery-operated impact wrenches in the market. It comes with a breakaway torque that runs for unsurpassed fastening efficiency. Let us get more into its details.

Makita XWT08Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless High-Torque 1/2" Sq. Drive Impact WrenchSpecifications

  • Torque is 740 ft-lb
  • This model is a bare style tool
  • It uses a Lithium-Ion battery (18 volts)
  • The wrench’s dimensions are 10 x 10.3 x 3.9 inches
  • It is made of metal and weighs 7 pounds


In this section, we will be talking about some of this wrench’s excellent features.

3 Speeds Switch

The best part about modern tools is the ease and flexibility they give in usage, and you do not have to suffer from set-in-stone options. The XWT08Z offers three different speed options giving you maximum control over how to use it.

The 3-speed power modification switch proposes the ranges of 0-1,800/0-2,000/0-2,200 IPM and the 0-900/0-1,000, 0-1,800 RPM gives precise fastening power.

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Considerably Lightweight

Generally, not much attention goes into the weight of such tools because the makers focus on getting everything inside without caring about the product being possible to use in hand. The XWT08Z comes with all the fantastic features.

However, the company also focuses on the weight and how difficult it can be to hold on to this wrench for long. It weighs 7 pounds to lessen the operator fatigue, so even if you have to raise your arm and utilize it for high spots, it will not exhaust you quickly. Its handle is plastic to facilitate a better grip.

Friction Ring

The model features a friction ring to give you quick and hassle-free socket changes with its half-inch anvil. Socket changes have always been complicated, so Makita considered that and added this friction ring to simplify the users.

Brushless Motor

Heat issues are pervasive with battery-operated tools because the motor heats up quickly once you get to work, making the wrench challenging to hold. Makita takes care of this, too, as it further integrates a brushless motor, which is another excellent trait.

This motor not only bids farewell to the need for carbon brushes but also allows the wrench to run longer while staying cool throughout. You can operate the impact wrench worry-free without needing to take breaks to let it cool down.

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Star Protection

Much like all Makita tools, this one also features the Star Protection technology. For better tool performance and longer battery life, Makita established the Star Protection controls, which allow tools to trade real-time data for monitoring conditions while in use.

This helps significantly protect against overcharging, overheating, or overloading, as these can be very dangerous. You will be hard-pressed to find impact wrenches offering such features.


What makes an already fantastic tool even better? That is right! Warranty. Nothing is more assuring than knowing that if you encounter trouble with your purchase, the company is willing to help. This makes it easier to buy anything without worrying much. You get a three-year warranty, and if you are dissatisfied within 30 days of buying, you can return it. The company will give you a different option.

Our Verdict

Our experts tested the Makita XWT08Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless High-Torque 1/2″ Sq. Drive Impact Wrench and built many different things with it in order to truly know the power of this impact wrench.

They would clearly recommend this high torque impact wrench to our viewers so you’re free to go ahead in order to purchase this impact wrench. Makita is one of the brand that’s known to put out trusted impact wrench that are durable and used by contractors.

Pros of the Makita XWT08Z

  • Ideal for pipe and steelworkers, carpenters, and more
  • This unit fits all kinds of requirements
  • Ergonomic and compact design
  • Extraordinary charge and battery time
  • It goes quickly into narrow spaces without interrupting with the power
  • Maximum control
  • It can be run in both forward and reverse directions

Cons of the Makita XWT08Z

  • Its thread can easily damage if used badly
  • The model’s dynamic power requires time to master this wrench
  • The battery attached base is separate, which can be rather inconvenient


The demand for impact and cordless wrenches has surged. The Makita XWT08Z has become a quick favourite in the tools community. It is an economical option, and with its fantastic torque and trigger control, you will be singing its praises in no time.

We hope this review helps you understand all this wrench entails. If you are looking for a significant impact wrench that offers excellent value for money, then this one can be your guy. All Makita wrenches are readily available in the market, so you can go and grab yours!

Makita XWT08Z
  • Drilling Performance
  • Drilling Process
  • Drilling Quality
  • Extra Features
  • Sound Level
  • Design


The Makita XWT08Z is a clear recommendation to our viewers from our experts, they loved the performance it gave while they drilled many things to build our new desks for our new office.

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