MICHELANGELO 15 Bar Espresso Machine Review

How many times have we wondered about a cafe-grade espresso right in the morning to get us through the day? Well, this time you really can!

However, making an espresso like a pro might require some practice, but you are ready to brew with the correct tools and motivation.

Finally ready to bring an espresso machine home? Feeling overwhelmed with the choice? Well, even the most seasoned professionals face the same dilemma.

Still looking for the right one? Well, time to get your coffee mugs ready because we have the perfect soulmate for your coffee beans!

The Michelangelo 15 Bar Espresso Machine brings the best of a barista vibe in your morning cups of coffee every day.

Designed with a sleek and compact design, this espresso machine is 5.5 inches wide and 12.4 inches in depth, making it easier to store away and transport.

Our Review

However, while investing in a good espresso machine, you might need to consider a few factors.

Firstly, espresso machines are an expensive venture. This is why choosing a machine that stands the test of time is very important. Moreover, if you are a caffeine-head, you should also look for the storage capacity of your machine.

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Besides, the grinding capacity of an espresso machine comes either with a built-in grinder or a separate attachment. However, we would recommend having the former to avoid any hassle in the kitchen. Moreover, your choice of an espresso machine also depends on its usage.

If you have a cafe to run, cafe espresso machines are a perfect choice. But if you are looking for something to make a quick cup of coffee at home without much trouble, small and budgeted espresso machines are here to help your brewing experience better.

Also, cleaning your espresso can be a tough job, but choosing the one that offers easy cleaning options will be a great choice for you.

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Milk Frother

Who doesn’t love a good froth? Well, coffee-lovers can relate! It is why checking the frothing capabilities of your espresso machine is a must. Apart from this, choosing a machine with a huge water storage capacity might be an unnecessary purchase for you. However, there are various top-notch models with limited water storage making them perfect for your home.

You can also control the froth with the additional steam wand that makes it creamy and rich with every pump. Forget all worries since this product goes into standby mode for 15 minutes before switching off the indicators.

MICHELANGELO 15 Bar Espresso MachineGreat Performance

This 1450W semi-automatic machine also makes up for a great investment since it has a stainless steel body making it extremely steady and sturdy for your kitchen.

This bar espresso machine is a mini power machine that offers you the best features similar to a cafe. But the surprises don’t end here.

It comes with a heating plate that preheats your cup before serving.

Other Features

Moreover, it has a transparent water storage tank that can withhold 34 ounces of water. The water tank is easily detachable and can be cleaned without any hassle.

In addition, this espresso machine also provides a detachable drip tray that makes it easier for you to clean and accommodate larger cups or glasses.

When it comes to multifunctionality, the Michelangelo 15 Bar Espresso Machine wins the prize. It comes with a double-layered portafilter that can handle one or two espresso shots at the same time.

Unlike other espresso machines, this model is a great choice for beginners and professionals alike. It delivers a rich espresso shot in just 60 seconds.

In addition, this machine also comes with comprehensible and easy-to-handle controls along with a 15-bar pump high-pressure extraction.

This power tool also has two high-precision temperature control options for you to handle the temperature and have your coffee just the way you like it!

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Our Verdict

Among the countless advantages that this espresso machine brings to our coffee mugs, it also has some demerits that you should watch out for. Being compact also limits some of its features compared to that of a barista machine. It cannot operate two functions like steaming milk and pulling espresso shots at the same time.

In conclusion, we highly recommend the Michelangelo 15 Bar Espresso Machine for your kitchen. It is convenient, light, and delivers you a shot of energy with every sip.


Our experts would recommend this Espresso Machine from MICHELANGELO, they make fantastic products. The coffee came out great overall, pretty impressed from this coffee machine. There was nothing that could tell us beforehand that MICHELANGELO’s coffee makers would perform so well in our testing environment.

We bought the espresso machine from Amazon and the product was shipped really fast. We loved the return policy on this MICHELANGELO Coffee maker that is mainly popular in Europe.

MICHELANGELO 15 Bar Espresso Machine
  • Coffee Precision
  • Coffee Quality
  • Coffee Temperature
  • Cooking Time
  • Aesthetics


We would recommend the MICHELANGELO 15 Bar Espresso Machine to anyone after our experts tested inside the Colin Testing Center. We are a brand dedicated to bringing quality products to our viewers and this one marks all the checkboxes.

With all the accessories included with the MICHELANGELO 15 Bar Espresso Machine the espresso lovers are gonna love this espresso machine. Our team really loved their time with this espresso machine.

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