Monoprice Premium Bluetooth 5 Transmitter & Receiver Review

If you want to stream audiobooks, music, and podcasts from your tablet or smartphone remotely, you’ll need a Bluetooth Transmitter & Receiver. These compatible devices, unlike Wi-Fi speakers, do not rely on Internet access to deliver audio. They will allow you to stream to your favorite Bluetooth gadget across the house, without having to be near the Bluetooth gadget.

Have a Bluetooth speaker but want to keep streaming music to it while inside of the house ? You’re gonna need the Monoprice Transmitter & Receiver for get-togethers and barbecues. Blueetooth is a fairly limited technology in term of range which is why you’re gonna need this.

There’s so many models and companies that offer a Bluetooth transmitter & receiver amongst them is Monoprice. Of course, with so many options, picking the finest Bluetooth Transmitter & Receiver may be more difficult than ever.

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These Bluetooth wireless Transmitter & Receivers are the most convenient and cost-effective method to broadcast music from your smartphone to a room that is far away from you.. It’s hard to say which type is best for any circumstance : they exist in various styles and sizes. This Bluetooth Transmitter & Receiver from Monoprice is fairly impressive in terms of looks and features.

There are a plethora of reasons to purchase a Bluetooth Transmitter & Receiver, one is to extend the range, the second is to get a better connection to an appliance. Because of their high quality Bluetooth radio wave, a transmitter & receiver will improve the quality of the audio streamed.

One of the best transmitter and receiver on the market is the Monoprice Premium Bluetooth 5 Transmitter & Receiver Review. Not only does it fulfill all the requirements, but it’s also a real mood when set on any table.

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Monoprice Bluetooth 5 Transmitter & Receiver ReviewMonoprice Premium Bluetooth 5 Transmitter & Receiver

Want to transform any gadget into a Bluetooth-enabled device ? The Monoprice Premium employs Bluetooth version 5 and Qualcomm aptX, it also uses Low Latency codecs for clear stream and flawless synchronization.

Since it can function as both a receiver and a broadcaster, it will enable you to stream music from a Blu-ray Disc player to a Bluetooth speaker that’s far away in your house. With two devices connectable at once, and with a 3.5mm jack and S/PDIF connector, it’s fairly versatile in what you can achieve with this gadjet. A built-in rechargeable battery is included and can play music for up to 15 hours but it might last lesser in video and file transfer conditions.

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The Monoprice Premium Transmitter and Speaker come with the latest Bluetooth technology, the version 5, for perfect synchronization across your house. The Qualcomm aptX Low Latency audio technology guarantees you that it’s delivered in full synchronization with the visual elements on both the device streaming and receiving. It decreases audio transmission latency, which is a problem with Bluetooth devices, and increases end-to-end efficiency, culminating in a synchronized customer experience.


The dual transmitter and receiver architecture will allow you to connect a lot of devices at the same time and with the broadcast mode, you can broadcast everything : tvs, Blue-ray, speakers, etc. The Receive Mode is used to turn any speaker, audio, or headset that you have in your house.

It has a black design that is fairly great looking, I wouldn’t say that it makes a big difference here because it does the job it’s asked very well as a transmitter & receiver. It’s packed with a bunch of features that you only find on the Monoprice Bluetooth 5 Transmitter & Receiver, one of the best of the category. It comes with a fairly portable design for a transmitter and receiver which allows the customer to take it around his humble abode.


A battery with a working life of up to 15 hours allows you to listen to music or watch films for a full weekend without having to really worry about recharging it. The Monoprice Bluetooth 5 Transmitter & Receiver allows you to connect almost every audio device that you can think because you can connect cables to it which is more than some models who only do the transmitting and receiving.

Why You Should Buy It

The portable and sleek design might be an advantage of the Monoprice Bluetooth 5 Transmitter & Receiver, but it also has all the latest tools in its armory that will make you purchase it :

Bluetooth 5 Enabled

In complete sync with the media you’re playing on your smartphones, the sound delivery of the transmitter is better than most models at this price range. All the delays of the old models are eliminated and will undoubtedly enhance your experience with the Monoprice Premium.

Long-Lasting Playtime

The device has a 15-hour playtime that ensures you can take it out to a one-day, or even more, get-together with your family or friends so you can have music while you move around with your cellphone. Running out of power is not a worry with this Bluetooth Transmitter & Receiver : you can extend the battery performance up to 17 hours by staying in a medium to low range from the gadget.

Flexible Connectivity

Every device that produces or gives out sounds is connectable to the Monoprice Premium Bluetooth Speakers because it has audio jacks. With the digital optical and analog connections, you’re able to connect to several devices to the Monoprice Premium, allows you to be truly versatile with it.

Design and Portability

An ergonomic design is what you’re looking for in a transmitter & receiver, this is what it offers, that allows for portability and mobility without much fuss or interruptions. While it is receiving and transmitting a blue dot shaped light will light up on the front. Then the U-shaped edges of the device provide a better grip than the older of models from Monoprice.

Why You Shouldn’t This Transmitter & Receiver

While we preach for the Monoprice Premium, we also have seen a few problems with the device while testing it in our offices :


The Monoprice Premium is a bit on the bulkier side of things, I would compared it to some models of Bluetooth speakers that are flat and bulky. It doesn’t weight that much but it still takes a bit of place on a table so you need have a place to put it before operating the Transmitter & Receiver.


The Monoprice Premium Bluetooth 5 Transmitter & Receiver is used by the experts at Colin while they are outside of the office, they were purchased as gifts by the CEO for christmas 2021. This is a fantastic product by mono price, it meets all the standards you want. The quality of the waves are pretty great so the sound quality also reflects that, you cannot miss out on this Blueetooth transmitter & receiver.

Monoprice Premium Bluetooth 5 Transmitter & Receiver
  • Features
  • Appearance
  • Connectivity
  • Sound Quality
  • Video Quality
  • Harmonics


The Monoprice Premium Bluetooth 5 Transmitter & Receiver is a fantastic bluetooth 5 device that will do really well inside of any house. It’s great and fantastic audio quality will make the Monoprice Premium your best friend at parties at get-together with your most precious friends.

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