MOOKA Immersion Blender Review

Whisking, blending, making puree, smoothies, juices, and baby foods are some of the functions in a high-functioning kitchen.

With the advancements in technology, you can use a range of appliances for preparing all types of foods.

Blenders make one of the most integral components in a kitchen. Almost all meals require the use of a blender.

You certainly would want to purchase a blender that replaces your old blender with very basic functions and is inadequate to match up the requirements of your kitchen.

We have found a blender that is multifunctional so that it can keep up to your kitchen requirements.

We present to you, the MOOKA Immersion Blender.

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Our Review

The MOOKA Immersion Blender is one of a kind. It is a five-in-one multifunctional blender. The blender set includes the hand blender main body, 600ml mixing beaker, whisk, milk frother, and 500ml food processor. These components are BPA-free.

The blender works well with all types of foods. You can use it to make smoothies, juices, soups, whip cream, chop vegetables, fruits, meat, or make healthy baby food.

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MOOKA Immersion BlenderPerformance

The MOOKA Immersion Blender is fast and powerful as it includes 12 speed and turbo blending pre-sets. It also has a pulse function for short bursts of power. The blender makes relatively lesser noise, and it has a 1100W all-copper motor.

The voltage of the MOOKA Immersion Blender is 120 volts. The wattage of the blender is 1100 watts.


The design of the model of MOOKA blender is ergonomic and compact. Therefore, you can hold it with one hand comfortably. Built with a titanium plated 4-leaf blade, the hand blender mixer can blend the hardest foods efficiently.

The MOOKA Immersion Blender’s blades are made with 304 stainless steel and titanium plating ultra-coated. Therefore, more years are added to its lifespan. The company ensures that the blades are welded together firmly. Hence, they never fall off the device.

To avoid splashing and suction, the blending base is bell-shaped. The sturdy blender can make a super smooth puree with great consistency effortlessly. It can chop and blend in minutes. The product is intricately made.

You can detach, switch, and attach the MOOKA attachments in several combinations easily and quickly. You can use it as a chopper, blender, milk frother, and egg whisk, just by detaching and attaching some parts.

Easy to Clean

It is advised that you use the blender in a 360° seamless connection for securely using the blender attachments. Therefore, it is easy for you to use the blender and maintain hygiene as it is extremely easy to clean it. You can clean it by rinsing the accessories under the kitchen tap water too.

Other features and warranty

The company MOOKA provides lifetime support to its users. It offers a 3-year worry-free exchange or money-return guarantee.

The blender body is slender. This allows it to fit inside tiny bowls, pots, or pitchers.

The blender is great for baking too. You can use the blender’s whisk attachments to whip eggs, whites, and cream. The blender’s functioning is impeccable as the result is smooth and well-crafted mousses, gently creamed mixtures, cheesecakes, and meringues.

The company advises that you do not press the “Power” or “Turbo” button continuously, longer than one minute. You should not immerse the motor part of the blender into water. It is best to blend soups in small portions. Make sure to cut food into small pieces before putting it into the work bowl for chopping.

The MOOKA Immersion blender is a perfect gift for home warming parties, new parents to blend the baby’s food, food enthusiasts, and individuals who enjoy cooking and baking.

As the blender is extremely sturdy and the company provides a guarantee for the product, you are assured of its quality. You do not need to worry about the blender hindering your cooking by breaking down in the middle of preparation.

Our Verdict

Many customers who have used this product have found it highly beneficial and have highly rated the product. MOOKA offers value and quality products. It is also a well-established company. Thus, this purchase will be a success as both you and your family will enjoy its benefits.

We highly recommend the MOOKA blender to you as it is a great deal – multifunctional blender at an economical price is a win-win. Hence, if you wish to purchase a blender, look no further. MOOKA Immersion Blender is the one for you!

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We recommend this immersion blender from MOOKA, MOOKA is a good brand that you should trust. Our experts have given us the go ahead to recommend this immersion blender from MOOKA. Their products have performed really well at the Colin Testing Center and we love their brand presentation.

Without a doubt you should look at other products before purchasing this immersion blender but know that this one from MOOKA is pretty good.

MOOKA Immersion Blender
  • Blender Performance
  • Blender Precision
  • Blender Quality
  • Blender Time
  • Extra Features
  • Design


Our team at the Colin Testing Center really love the brand MOOKA and are ready to recommend this product to our viewers. We hope that we gave you enough information to help you during your purchasing process of a blender.

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