Ninja AF101 4 Quart Air Fryer Review

The Air Fryer (AF101) by Ninja comes with an industry-leading warranty and fantastic quality for the price.

The company has done a fantastic job creating this beautiful air fryer that reflects the essence of the singing.

This air fryer leaps ahead of its competitors with a clever processor, intuitive settings, and a massive capacity.

One of the most enticing features of this air fryer is the ability to change the modes of cooking based on the food that is about to be prepared.

The AF101 air fryer comes with four valuable modes of cooking.

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Our Review

The easy-to-use control panel is undoubtedly one of the essential features that our experts have found in the Ninja AF101 air fryer. From a simple on and off button to adjust the temperature of frying, and cooking you can select the proper settings with the press of a button. Its sophisticated demonstration is seen.

Ninja AF101 Air Fryer, 4 Qt, Black/gray Design

It is a lighter and small base, with 5 kilos in weight. As a result, it may be easily put anyplace in your kitchen without not taking up much room. The air fryer has an earthenware-covered surface that allows air to circulate throughout the unit, guaranteeing that the food is uniformly cooked.

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The plate also helps to keep the food separate from any excessive hot force or oil that may be supplied during the regeneration phase.

A variety of air fryers release hot air through the base, harming the surface and ground on which they are situated. By channelling hot air from the sides rather than the bottom, the air-fryer overcomes this issue. As a consequence, you may put it on any shelf without worrying about harming the surface.

Its frictionless ceramic box covering is chemical-free, making it a considerably superior and more stable option to Teflon coating.

Even at temperatures higher than 800 degrees Fahrenheit, the ceramic box cover will protect you from harmful chemicals released by other air fryers found on the market. As a result, you may cook your dish as warm as you like.

Because of its compact and small form, it may be put wherever in the kitchen. It is multifunctional since it can cook various meals such as fish and chicken fillets, French fries, and meat. Cooks similarly well in far less time.

The air-fryer is lightweight and can be put wherever in your kitchen without much of a stretch, and will not consume a ton of room. Our experts appreciate the black design that promotes clearness in front of your eyes for you to admire every day.

You can pick among dull and faint varieties, dependent upon the shades you like. In any case, we think both colours make the machine look highly smooth.


This appliance’s broad maximum temperature ranges from 100 to 405 Fahrenheit are an excellent method. This implies you can make an unlimited number of meal variants ranging from moderate to fantastic.

The Ninja air fryer (AF101) can do dry cooking due to the apparatus’s technologically advanced dry cooking mode. The air fryer softly warms your preferred natural food, vegetables, or meat, slowly eliminating the water and changing it into hard bites that you can enjoy whenever you want.

It allows them to cook items like chicken wings and nuggets without using an oil drop. These meals are frequently pan-fried, allowing you to indulge in delightful morsels guilt-free. Dry out mode enables you to produce challenging greens and leafy vegetables while using any of the seasoning or oil found in store-bought jerky.

The fan automatically changes between the modes and, depending on the temperature, promotes heat around the items inside the air fryer. The air-fryer includes a catch monitor that prevents the inadvertent arrival of burned-covered trash with excellent health benefits.

Wide temperatures range from as low as 105- 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Extensively more moderate when diverged from various choices in the market with comparable features.

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Other Features

You can put the Ninja AF101 air fryer inside a dishwasher like we did to clean its pieces. Ninja always makes air fryers that are dishwasher safe across the board. Nevertheless, in like manner, you can adequately clean it with fabric and warm water with some liquid dish wash.

All of the Ninja AF101 air fryer parts are easy to clean, as we said earlier, and you can also reach corners quickly because they are rounded.

Our Verdict

Suppose you are looking for a first-class, adaptable, and spending plan genial air fryer for your home. In that case, the air fryer is the best methodology. This astounding air fryer checks every one of the boxes for a quality thing – huge limit, simple to utilize control board, instinctual cooking presets broad, gentle reach, and a limited arrangement.

All four clever cooking presets can change the cooking time, speed, and temperature to add value to the cooking mode. With its fantastic dry-out preset, you can make new vegetable and regular item nibbles that are new and great.

A plate designed for crispy food is included that is just the deal sealer. We want breakable items while using an air fryer, which is what the Ninja AF101 air fryer promotes. You are expecting to eat great, splendid new food without the fault, and we propose the Nina AF101 air fryer for the work.


Our experts here at Colin would recommend the Ninja AF101 to our viewers because it is a great air fryer. Our experts tested the Ninja AF101 air fryer for many days. They ensured that we could adequately recommend it to our viewers because we only want them to buy the best air fryers. 


Ninja AF101
  • Cooking Time
  • Cooking Precision
  • Cooking Quality
  • Cleaning Process
  • Design


Our experts really loved the Ninja AF101 air fryer with a capacity of 4 quart and its design in black/gray. It’s simply an amazing air fryer from Ninja once again and would recommend it to our viewers after our experts tested the AF101 inside the Colin Testing Center.

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