Ninja CFP301 DualBrew Pro Coffee Maker Review

It’s morning, and you have just woken up. You’ll want a cup of coffee with freshly brewed coffee, right?

You’re going to want to try the Ninja CFP301 coffee maker to making delicious brews of hot and cold coffee everyday.

Available at a fair price, this coffee maker meets all the industry standards and produces damn good coffee !

The company behind this product  have been creating innovative, well-designed appliances for more than three decades.

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Their promise to create high-quality, affordable, and accessible products for you is pretty evident when you look at the performance of the Ninja CFP301 during our tests.

Yes ! Our experts tested this product and they would recommend it to our viewers.

They made over 100 cups of coffee with it, I also tasted the coffee personally, it’s a great coffee maker that everyone should buy for their homes !

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Our Review

The Ninja CFP301 is a coffee maker that surpasses expectations. It is a double brew Pro coffee system. Double brewing means that you can brew grounds and coffee pods.

It is a specialty coffee maker that makes wonderful coffee  from your favorite coffee beans.

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The coffee maker uses a Thermal Flavor Technology that extracts the strongest brew you want. With 2.5 feet cord, you can attach it to the plug point of your convenience. Moreover, the CFP301 coffee maker comes with a guidebook containing ten recipes to inspire the next hot or cold coffee you make.

This coffee maker enables you to make a coffee combination from 9 different ground sizes and 4 pod sizes. This offers you flexibility in the coffee beans you can use and the quantity of brew you want.

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Ninja CFP301 Coffee MakerCool dial

It is easy to set the size you want with the Ninja CFP310’s dial that is knob-shaped.

Additionally, this dial also lets you set the quantity of coffee produced by the coffee maker.

The sizes include a large travel mug, a large cup, a whole carafe, and half a carafe.

The Ninja CFP301 equipment has multiple parts.

It comes with a refillable water reservoir with a measuring scale imprinted, measuring scoopers to measure your brew grounds or pods, optional thermal or glass carafe, and more.

Frother included

This incredible coffee maker also comes with a foldable frother that is exciting to use.

Who doesn’t love a coffee with a froth build-up layer! Moreover, this frother gives you the feel of having a homemade Starbucks-style coffee.

The Ninja CFP301 is a drip coffee maker that lets you make a latte, espresso, a cappuccino with its frother, and various cold coffee drinks too.

You can whip a delicious Frappuccino with this coffee maker.

Sleek Design

If you buy the Ninja CFP301, it will occupy only 11.39 L x 9.13 W x 15.54 H inches on your platform or table. The coffee maker is made entirely of plastic and glass, except for few stainless steel components. This means you might face malfunctions and need to repair your machine sooner than other coffee makers.

Great Warranty

However, it is pretty durable and sturdy until then, and you have a 1-year limited warranty for any manufacturer defects. If you clean the Ninja CFP301 well and maintain it, it could last you for at least 3-4 years. You need to use plain water with a few drops of vinegar to remove any build-up from your coffee maker. A simple wash and cleaning will help you maintain this spectacular coffee maker.

Other Features

You know, the Ninja CFP301 has superior technology with the Auto-IQ one-touch intelligence that self-adjusts the brew cycle based on the brew size and types you choose.

You also get a permanent filter with your Ninja CFP301 coffee maker. You can say goodbye to using any paper filter or additional filters.

Suppose you want your coffee fresh immediately after waking up; you can use the programmable delay brew. This will enable you to program your coffee maker the previous night. It will self-start and ensure an excellent and fresh decoction in the morning.

So, buy this extraordinary specialty hot and cold brew coffee maker with a glass carafe. You can enjoy its fantastic features like even saturation, consistent brewing temperatures, several brew styles, frothy and creamy coffee or tea, and much more.

The Ninja CFP301 also has a water reservoir, as mentioned before. This independent hot water system helps you make tea, oatmeal, hot cocoa, and more.

Our Verdict

Suppose you are a tea-lover; you can brew a black, oolong, white, green, or herbal tea in this coffee maker (of course, after cleaning out the coffee flavour remnants!).

You can make rich, classic, over ice, specialty, and cold brew tea and coffee in this unsurpassable appliance.

Hurry up and buy this machine to make your day brighter with a great dose of caffeine!

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The Ninja CFP301 has been tested and reviewed by our experts in the Colin Testing Center. Our experts would recommend this coffee maker because of the excellent qualify of coffee produced by it, and its great design.

Ninja might not be a brand that you know yet in coffee makers, but don’t be deceived because they make excellent products across the board. They want you to profit from quality products.

We would recommend you purchase this product on Amazon because when we bought it for our testing center, it was available at a significant discount. Amazon consistently has the best deals on coffee makers from Ninja.

Ninja CFP301
  • Coffee Quality
  • Coffee Temperature
  • Coffee Precision
  • Extra Features
  • Appearance
  • Sound Level


If you are looking for a great coffee maker, the Ninja CFP301 will satisfy everybody’s needs about that. Our experts at the Colin Testing Center have reviewed this product and have given it the go-ahead for us to recommend this product.

It has all the features and also has a milk frother, something that you don’t see on every model. The price tag on the Ninja CFP301 is pretty fair and will be great for anyone.

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