Omega Juicer JCUBE500SV Juice Extractor Review

Whether you are trying to add more nutrients to your everyday diet or wish to start your day fresh with a glass of greens, a good juicer makes it feasible to blend fresh fruits in minutes.

Owning a juicer will help you stay fit. In addition, you won’t have to buy overpriced fresh juices from the nearby juice shop. Instead, you can make different kinds of juices at home.

It is extremely convenient to have the best juicer placed at the kitchen countertop.

With the addition of a juicer, you can make juices that satisfy your taste buds and are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

The Omega Juicer JCUBE500SV is the right gadget to make flavorful juices.

Our experts inside the Colin Testing Center have reviewed this cold press juicer, check it out down below.

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Our Review

This juicer will do the job rather than sitting in the kitchen cupboard to collect dust. The omega juicer is a masticating juicer.

This means the juicer has an auger that crushes the ingredients and squeezes them against the chamber to extract the juice fully.

Omega Juicer JCUBE500SV Cold Press 365 Slow Masticating Juice ExtractorPerformance

This juicer is equipped with a powerful motor. So, you don’t have to worry if you want to make your juice more citrusy, add leafy greens or hard vegetables. The juicer’s blades are strong enough to stand hard vegetables and nuts.

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You might be aware that masticating juicers are slower compared to other juicers. This is because they take longer to process fruits. In addition, the juicer requires higher preparation time.

Finally, the juicer has small chutes, which means you will have to put extra effort into pre-cut all ingredients before putting them into the juicer.

However, this does not mean masticating juicers are not worth buying. Despite their slow speed, the juicers perform well on soft and hard materials.

Furthermore, the juice quality using a masticating juicer is unmatchable. This is because the Omega Juicer JCUBE500SV cold press 365 slow masticating juice extractor uses little or no heat to destroy the enzymes present in fruits and vegetables.

Omega Juicer’s cold press technology reduces the amount of heat used in mixing. It also increases air exposure, which helps preserve different vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. This feature helps you make the healthiest juices ever.

Extra Functions

The Omega Juicer is multifunctional. It is an 8-in-1 multipurpose machine. You can use the juicer as a grinder and food processor. In addition, you can make nut butter, pasta, baby milk, greens juice, nut milk, and sorbets using this juicer.

This juicer has a 3-stage auger. The auger extracts a higher quantity and quality of juice. As a result, the juice tastes better, and there is less foam formed. All of this increases the quality of juice produced. Furthermore, the Omega juicer is considered a healthy living solution. This is because you can use this juicer for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

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Juicing kit

The omega juicer comes with a juice cone, six nozzles, blank cone, pulp bowl, juice bowl, and a juice strainer. You won’t have to make additional purchases to operate this juicer. Each added accessory perfectly fits into the juicer’s cube design. This feature ensures compactness and makes it ready to use.

It is easy and simple to operate this juicer. The Omega Juicer JCUBE500SV cold press 365 slow masticating juice extractor and nutrition system with onboard storage has one switch that allows you to turn on, off, or reverse the machine.

In addition, the omega juicer has a quiet operation. It makes less noise compared to high-speed juicers. So you won’t disturb your housemates if you want to make a fresh juice early in the morning or at midnight.


The omega juicer has dimensions of 10.24 x 10.43 x 10.24 inches. The juicer’s appearance complements its name. It weighs 20 pounds. This size makes it ideal for the kitchen counter. It won’t burdenize your kitchen counter.

This juicer is made of glass. This means your product will look new every time you clean it. However, you will have to be careful using this juice. This juicer is dish wash safe. You can wash this juicer using mild soap and warm water. In addition, all of the juicer’s accessories are top-rack dishwasher safe as well.

Our Verdict

This juicer comes with a one-year warranty. In addition, you can get a full refund if you decide to return the product within thirty days of purchase. This policy speaks for the juicer’s quality.

The Omega juicer is function-based, sturdy, and designed with details. This juicer is the best masticating juicer available online. This is one of the best investments you can make if you are a daily consumer of fresh juices. So beat the heat with the omega juicer!


We hope that you can agree with our experts inside our testing center that this cold press juicer from Omega Juicer is simply perfect for all the homes. Available at a high price, it provides the performance that a high price guarantees.

The juices produced by the Omega Juicer JCUBE500SV cold Press 365 slow masticating juice extractor and nutrition system with onboard storage are simply on another whole level and our team really loved it. We drank juices during a whole week while our experts were testing this juicer.

Omega Juicer JCUBE500SV
  • Juice Color
  • Juice Quality
  • Juicing Sound
  • Juicing Time
  • Cleaning Process
  • Extra Features
  • Design


Our experts really loved the Omega Juicer JCUBE500SV Cold Press Juice Extractor have gave us fresh juice for a week. We were fully hydrated for a week and had to spend a few calories here and there because there was too much carbohydrates and sugar.


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