ORFELD H01 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Review

Cordless vacuum cleaners are for those who desire cleanliness but feel frustrated when the vacuum cleaner’s cord falls off.

A cordless vacuum cleaner will help you stay calm and relieved. Cordless vacuum cleaners run on batteries and are lightweight.

This means no more hassle of plugging or unplugging while cleaning.

If you are searching for an efficient and economical cordless vacuum, then the Orfeld H01 cordless vacuum is your safe wager.

Our experts have tested this product and have written their review down below, check it out.

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Our Review

This vacuum cleaner’s form filled is stick and handheld. The stick type offers a greater level of convenience because it features a slim body. You can easily transport the vacuum and store it in the smallest of cabinets. Users of Orfeld cordless vacuum find this vacuum more comfortable to use compared to the cylinder and upright vacuums.

Cordless Vac H01 Performance

The Orfeld cordless vacuum is equipped with a five stages filter along with advanced Hepa filter tech. This filter fights pollution in the air.

This ensures that the air you breathe is safe from impurities. In addition, the filter catches the tiniest dust particles. This helps people with allergies.

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The Orfeld cordless vacuum has 200W digital motor, which allows the vacuum to use extra pressure. In addition, this vacuum cleaner is designed with a vertical suction tech.

This feature ensures fade-free suction. Use this vacuum once and have your house crystal clear. The vacuum leaves no pet hair, debris, or dirt behind.

This cordless vacuum cleaner comes with two washable hepa filters. These filters provide strength to the suction feature. As a result, the vacuum performs better and can capture dirt from hard-to-reach places.

Furthermore, these washable filters save you from incurring extra costs. You can wash them after each use or whenever they need cleansing.

The filter’s quality will remain the same after each wash. In addition, its stainless steel filters have holes that are tiny and precise. This allows for higher suction and increases the service life of these filters.

This cordless vacuum has a longer run time of 30 minutes. This means you will be able to clean your complete house in one go without having to charge batteries.

In addition, Orfeld vacuum’s batteries are detachable. So, you can remove batteries and put fully charged ones if their power dies halfway. So, no more unwanted breaks during vacuuming the house.


The Orfeld cordless vacuum is extremely lightweight. You can use one hand to use the vacuum. In addition, the vacuum is age-friendly. So doesn’t matter if you are aged and have back problems; you can use this lightweight cordless vacuum to clean your house.

This vacuum has dimensions of 42.13 x 4.23. 8.07 inches. It weighs 8.38 pounds which makes it easy to carry. You can place it against your wall without giving up on your living room’s space. The Orfeld H01 cordless vacuum comes in white color. You will have to wipe it now and then, and it will look fresh.

The Orfeld cordless vacuum cleaner has noise reduction technology. This means you won’t disturb your family if you decide to clean your house early in the morning. The vacuum’s sound is 63db. This makes it suitable for your cranky family members.

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Different Modes

This cordless vacuum cleaner has two different modes, Eco and Turbo mode. These modes are adjustable, and you can choose either of them according to your cleaning requirements. Eco-mode is for when you are trying to capture small dust particles that are otherwise hard to clean. This mode ensures quick cleaning. After using the eco mode, the air you breathe will be fresher and free of pollutants.

Whereas the turbo mode helps get rid of stubborn dirt and pet hair. This mode helps you clean dirt that is embedded inside your carpet and furniture. This model is stronger than eco-mode and therefore uses higher suction power.

This cordless vacuum is cost-effective and light on the pocket. Its price is a quarter the price of some renowned cordless vacuum cleaner. Despite the price differences, the Orfeld vacuum cleaner gives the same results.

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Our Verdict

This vacuum comes with a one-year warranty. The manufacturer will pay for the repairs if needed. Furthermore, you can return this product within thirty days of purchase.The Orfeld cordless vacuum will make a special gift for your friends and family. Especially for the ones who own pets or have naughty children. Buy this now and say hi to happy and quick cleaning!


Our experts inside the Colin Testing Center have tested the ORFELD cordless stick vacuum cleaner with a suction power of 20000Pa, a 200W Digital Motor, and also with unique air outlet HEPA which makes it suitable for hard floors and carpet hair. They put it through extensive tests that made this ORFELD cordless vacuum cleaner suffer, but in the end, it survived and they finally came out with a positive review about it.

ORFELD Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner
  • Air Purification
  • Air Cleanliness
  • Hard Floor Performance
  • Carpet Performance
  • Cleaning Process
  • Design


With 20000Pa of powerful suction and a 200W digital motor, it’s a pretty performant vacuum cleaner. Also, with unique air outlets with HEPA filters it’s perfect for your home. Our experts would love to recommend this vacuum cleaner to our viewers.

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