Our Brand

Here are the values of our brand here at ColinReviews.com that are constantly being reminded by our founded Colin Jones. Colin was founded with these three values in mind and we hope that they will help you trust the content that we provide to you.

ColinReviews.com OfficeExpert Content

Colin is about delivering content created by experts, these experts are hired to first create content here but also help the viewers of our website. They have to be always reachable at all times and answer the questions that they receive on their articles. Our experts, because they truly are, will test every product they receive inside of their home. While every product is tested at Colin, there’s times where we have to fill our articles with other content such as exposing the features of a certain product.

Creative Writing Style

For our creator, there’s nothing better than having a creative writing style. Too many reviews these days use the pronoun we, but we all know that review was created by a single person. There’s no way to go around it, we want to have our viewers to have a joyful reading experience that keeps them interested. If the author of a review has to ask you a question, he can do it. Our experts are free to express themselves using the words they want.

Informative content

There’s nothing more boring than an article that is 300 words, that’s why we love here at Colin to ask our writers to at least write a 1000 words in order to truly inform our viewers. Our content is always reviewed by other members of our team in order to push the best content about products that you can find on the internet.

Final thoughts from our founder

When I started this website, I never thought the length that it would reach. We are working hard everyday and we can push sometimes more than 5 articles per day and that content stays of high quality at all times. I’m really impressed with the interns that have gone through our office and the people that have contributed over the years. Without them it wouldn’t have been possible for ColinReviews.com to reach the heights that it did.

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