Philips B5305 Soundbar Speaker Review

Philips just keeps improving every year and their 2021 soundbar speaker system, the Philips B5305 and the other models of the same type the B5305 and B5105, are the perfect candidate for anyone looking for a proper home theater audio at an affordable price.

Perfect for the children playing games or the film lovers, the B5305 with the wireless subwoofer, will greatly improve your sound quality.

There’s gonna be a line to watch movies at your house while having this fantastic audio system, the wireless subwoofer adds versatility to the B5305 like no other. It performed very well during out tests, maintaining the perfect sound quality that we look in Philips home audio systems.

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The B5305 offers you a soundbar paired with a sleek subwoofer while the B7305 offers you a bigger subwoofer and higher sound quality, the B5105 will offer you the soundbar only which is perfect for economical budgets.

Design and build

We were quite surprised by the entire bar’s length upon opening your package, a 36” fits perfectly but anything beside and the sound bar of the Philips 5305 will extend. The rather compact design includes a central control panel with very simple touch functions available to you on the right of it.

The front of the soundbar exposes a mesh like grid that looks very modern, it’s canted way towards the TV looks like a continuous wave coming for you. The design, by being very sleek, doesn’t draw your eyes to it and rests silently in your living room, keeping its low profile.

The whole bar should lay flat near the bottom of the TV, preparing some space in order to be ready for it will be needed, a stand big enough will be needed.

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The partner of this soundbar is a wireless subfoower, the Philips B5305 offers a very low profile unit while the B7305 offers a bigger profile which in return takes more place. The sound quality between the two models is noticeable but the B5305 is cheaper and offers a great quality for the price.

The experts at Philips have carefully crafted for you 4 different input choice in order for you to use your Philips B5305 with versatility. The functional design of the device should make the cables hidden by itself.

Included with the soundbar is a fantastic remote that resembles the ones given with Philips TV’s, allowing you complete control over your experience. Listening quietly to your favorite show has never been easier with the night function which reduces the sound’s dynamic when outputted.


The decent sound of the Philips B5305 sets it apart from its competitors, the build of design of it already won our hearts but performance it was truly mater in the end. We compared the the B5305 with it’s rivals in order to establish a point of reference.

Between the Philips B5305 and an another model from Samsung, the Philips delivers to you a far greater salve and dynamic sound quality. Quiet sounds of certain movies are improved, the performance is simply higher.

The different sound modes offers the customers so alter their experience on what type of movie they are watching. The quiet voices in movies will have it’s range improved in order to improve the high and lows of the track.

A truly performant home sound system is what every one is truly looking for and this is what the Philips B5305 is offering to you at all times, your home sound quality will be talked about in the neighborhood

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Philips’s latest range of soundbars for 2021 is off the charts, these new models are really great with their sound quality offering. During our tests we were very much satisfied with the B5305 and it’s compatriots because of it.

Philips is an household brand that offers great products at all cost for their customers. A perfect sound recipe and packed it into a wonderfully sleek and modern design that’ll suit every TV set-up.

Same model : different options

Philips like to release different models while having the same soundbar, this includes different subwoofer such as the one you find on the Philips B705 or the soundbar only such as the Philips B5105. We have reviewed the model Philips B5305 as it is a mid-range model so it should be more affordable for everyone.

Philips B5105 Review

A cheaper offering than the Philips B5305, the Philips B5105 offers you an alternate choice, without any subwoofer, perfect for the tight budget.The soundbar already offers to you a great experience, instead of Dolby 2.1 it will be a Dolby 2.0 experience.

The soundbar is the same as the other models there’s nothing else to it, you don’t have the wireless subwoofer included with it. The subwoofer can be an extra nice thing so you might have to purchase an other model for a more complete set-up.

The sleek and modern design of the soundbar should complete your TV set-up and decor without having you to worry about the big box of the subwoofer.

Philips B7305 Review

Do you want to experience the best sound quality of the set-up, included with the B7305 is a large and powerful 400W subwoofer that will amaze your hears. The range and quality of this Philips subwoofer will grealty enhance your experience compared to the B5105 and the B5305.

Available for the mindless spender in order to maximize his experience, your home will be finally complete. Comparing the sound quality of the B7305 to the 5305 is not possible because of the higher wattage of the subwoofer.

This is for the person looking for an amazing experience, it’s also for the person that doesn’t have to worry about spending because it’s available for an higher price than the other models. The design of the subwoofer might be larger but in the end it’s perfect for everyone.

Philips B5305
  • Sound Quality
  • Features
  • Appearance
  • Bass
  • Harmonics
  • Coverage


The Philips B5305, the Philips B5105 and the Philips B7305 offers to the customer a great sound quality while being really great looking in its tv set-up. Nothing better than improving your TV set-up and listening to things you haven’t heard before.

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