PORTER-CABLE 20V Max Jigsaw Review

PORTER-CABLE 20V Max JigsawA decent cordless jigsaw is a must for doing angled or basic straight cuts. 

These devices help the user make whatever type of cut they require without sacrificing the overall quality of the cut.

It is a practical, flexible tool that every DIYer and professional builder should have in their workshop.

The jigsaw, which is part of Porter-Cable’s line of 20V power tools, is one of the company’s most inexpensive products to date.

This gadget has many unique features despite its modest price.

This jigsaw offers you three orbital settings, a blade that is released without any tool, a trigger for the speed that is fully variable, and a dust blower that’s included and built-in.

All of this is paired with Porter-Cable’s well-known ergonomic design, which feels lovely in the hands and makes working with it a pleasure.

If you want to learn more about it, keep reading to learn everything there is to know about it.

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  • 9-pound weight
  • 2″ x 3.8″ x 10″ Dimensions
  • Battery as a power source (Li-Ion)
  • Strokes per minute (SPM) – 0-2,500
  • 20 volts voltage

Our Review

This jigsaw is produced by Porter-Cable, one of the most well-known American power tool makers. It has a design that will be familiar to anybody who has ever used one of their products. Because it is a cordless tool (powered by a Li-Ion battery), Porter-Cable built it as compact as possible to eliminate the danger of user fatigue.

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With a maximum stroke rate of 2,500 per minute, the 20V Max jigsaw can make forceful cuts and serves a range of tasks. Due to a variable speed trigger, you can adjust the speed completely. The integrated dust blower effectively clears any unavoidable particles and improves vision.


The jigsaw offers to the customer a great ergonomic design, something that is offered to everyone. The item is sturdy and feels nice in the hands because it is well-balanced, rugged, and reasonably lightweight. It is worth praising for the fact that it creates hardly any vibrations at all.

A form-fitting handle with a rubberized covering on the Porter-Cable 20V eliminates the need to be concerned about slipping. When it comes to design, the item does not have any extra features like laser guidance systems, or built-in LED lighting.


The motor of the Porter-Cable 20v Max can achieve a 2500 SPM (strokes per minutes). The variable speed trigger on the device can regulate this, allowing for clean and precise cuts regardless of the material. The safety-lock-off button offers you a way to prevent the engine from starting during accidental presses.

There are three settings on the orbital action selector switch on the device. Here are the three levels : level 0 (straight and curved cuts), level 1 (smooth cuts), and level 2 (rough cuts). On the other hand, its adjustable shoe plate allows the user to create bevelled cuts.

The tool-free blade switching is a particularly appealing feature of the 20V Max jigsaw. Our team was very impressed that in order to replace the blade, the battery has to be removed for your own safety. You push the release level then slip a new one, easy. Wouldn’t you agree that it is rather convenient?

Orbital Positions

The Porter-Cable 20V Max has three different orbital settings that allow the user to tailor the tool to the material they are working with. It allows you true versatility when it comes to doing all sorts of cuts.

There’s a guide included with the jigsaw that tells you which mode to use for what materials.

System of Triggers

The Porter-Cable 20V Max’s trigger mechanism regulates the speed, allowing you to control the speed as you cut through wood simply. This is a proper function since it will enable you to slow down the blade without stopping while cutting corners.

The mechanism for Releasing Blades

The Porter-Cable 20V Max, like many jigsaws, has a tool-free blade release mechanism. This is, nevertheless, one of the simplest and safest options. It allows you to safely release the blade without having to worry about cutting yourself.

You always have to remove the battery in order to change the blade which is one of the safest system on the market.


This jigsaw motor is a 20-volt motor with a maximum speed of 2,500 revolutions per minute. Whatever material you choose to cut with the Porter-Cable 20V Max, this powerful engine will give plenty of power. The machine has a lot of energy, especially considering that this is a cordless jigsaw.

During our tests with it, we found that the jigsaw performed up to market standards and did great cuts all around. The motor from porter-cable are pretty good and offers you great versatility.

Why We Recommend It

First and foremost, the design of this jigsaw is very excellent, especially given its low price. The gadget is not only rugged and robust, but it also feels fantastic in the hands owing to its superb balance and rubberized grip.

Second, the 20V Max jigsaw is extremely powerful; with a speed of 2,500 SPM and three orbital settings for different types of cuts, you can swiftly and accurately slice through a variety of materials. The the tool-free blade shifting is also another reason why we recommend it; it takes less than a minute to change the blade.

Finally, we like the fact that the device includes a built-in dust blower. The blower, which cannot be switched off, is an essential element of the 20V Max jigsaw. It maintains the working area free of dirt and dust particles.

  • Excellent design quality
  • There are three orbital settings.
  • Trigger with variable speed
  • Dust blower built-in

Why We Do Not Recommend It

Because of its low price, this jigsaw is devoid of the frills featured on more expensive models. This is understandable. However, it is a shame that there is no way to lock the current speed level.

  • No LED lighting or a laser guiding system
  • No way to lock the speed setting

Our Verdict

Those who purchased the 20V Max jigsaw said it was well worth the money, complimenting the model’s handy yet straightforward design as well as its ability to cut through solid wood and light gauge steel. They are particularly pleased with the model’s trigger, which they describe as “the perfect blend of responsiveness and sensitivity.” The dust blower is another feature they appreciate. However, some of them do not like that it cannot be turned off.

This simple, no-nonsense jigsaw is unquestionably one of the best tools in Porter-20V Cable’s portfolio, and it is perfect for lumber, steel, sink cuts, and PVC pipes. All of the characteristics stated above make it one of the best cordless jigsaws in its price range – it is an excellent addition to the toolboxes of anybody who needs clean, precise cuts.

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