Potiry 6-liter Mini Fridge Review

Mini fridges have several uses. People use mini fridges to store beverages and lunch at their office. You can also store homegrown produce separately in mini fridges.

You can also keep foods with allergens separate. Lastly, mini fridges serve great for home bars.

As now the food and meals are served on the go, people do not feel the need to have huge fridges that store food limited to just a couple of meals.

Therefore, mini fridges serve a great purpose for usage such as this one.

If you are looking for a mini fridge, you have stumbled upon the right place.

Surfing through the internet and going about every online shopping website can be extremely bothersome; we understand that.

Therefore, we have found a mini fridge that is the right one for you, catering to all of your needs.

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Our Review

The Potiry 6-liter mini fridge has several features that cater to a wide range of needs and is suitable for every individual. The Potiry mini fridge comes in two colors, black and white. The appearance is completely fascinating as it has a glossy finish.

The mini fridge has innovative technology. It has a wide range of temperatures that you can set it to for keeping your food warm or cold. The temperature ranges between 40-degree Fahrenheit to 149-degree Fahrenheit. However, it has only two options – hot and cold. You cannot set the temperature manually.

The mini fridge has a capacity of 6 liters. The compactness of the mini fridge makes it ideal for bedrooms, offices, travel, road trips, camping, etc. You can store food items as well as cosmetic and facial items and medications.

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The mini fridge is equipped with a brush-less high-grade fan motor. Thus, the mini fridge has robust ultra-quiet technology that doesn’t make any noise. It is ideal if you have the mini fridge in your bedroom or carry it along with you as you hit the road. It wouldn’t disturb your rest, neither be a bother in meetings, with no motor making noise if you have kept the mini fridge in your office.

The mini fridge can also accommodate skincare products. You can set the temperature of the mini fridge to the cooler setting that is optimum for cosmetic or skincare products. The mini fridge is great for the products as the cool temperature enhances the products’ active ingredients.

For our female viewers : to store small skincare items, such as face masks and creams, you can detach the removable shelf and store them separately.

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Potiry 6-liter Mini Fridge ReviewWhy we recommend it

  • The Potiry 6-liter mini fridge goes through several tests and quality inspections to make it error-free and enhance its performance. The capable team at Potiry is detail-oriented and makes sure that all the parts are rigorously tested to make the mini-fridge top-quality. Potiry ensures its customers of the quality to let them have a worry-free purchase.
  • The Potiry 6-liter mini fridge can store up to 8 cans at a time. The product includes a 110V power cord and a 12V car charger. This mini fridge is 100% eco-friendly.
  • The product dimensions are 11.1 x 7.01 x 9.65 inches; therefore, it is compact. The product weighs 5.68 pounds and is lightweight. Hence, the product is easy to carry.
  • The door hinges are on the right side of the mini fridge. The mini fridge has AC/DC adapters. This mini fridge comes with one user guide.
  • As the product is made for a versatile range of uses, it is made with high-quality materials. To increase the product’s lifespan, before using the mini fridge, position the mini fridge upright and wait for 24 hours.

Where to place it

The manufacturers recommend placing the mini fridge away from direct sunlight and any heat source. You should place the mini refrigerator in a well-ventilated, indoor environment. The floor should be flat and sturdy. As the fridge is small, it is advised not to keep any heavy objects on it.

Do not keep any explosive items or flammable propellants, such as a spray bottle, inside the mini fridge. If you intend to store containers or bottles with strong alcoholic content, seal or tightly close the bottle before storing it.

Our verdict

Many people who have bought the Potiry 6 liters mini fridge have found it extremely useful and have highly rated the product. Our product testers have also reviewed the Potiry and agree with those customers. This Potiry mini fridge maintains great cooling capacity at all times which is great. During our tests, the product never crashed or fail at all.

Potiry might be a brand that you don’t know yet but Amazon has decided to have them as a product because they offer a great variety of products. The experts at Potiry are always here help people in case you need your help and you can easily reach their team via support 24/24.

We had a few problems setting up our mini fridge from Portiry and by reaching their support, they fixed the problem that we faced. They are a really great company overall even if they are unknown to most customers in the United States.

Potiry 6 liters mini fridge
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This mini fridge from Potiry 6 offers to the customers every functionality that he needs in order for it to find it’s place in his room. It’s a great product that produces a low level of sound and it’s pretty design helps it adapt to every decor.

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