Qocum Vacuum Sealer Review

Food vacuum sealers are becoming an essential appliance for your kitchen nowadays.

Whether you’re an experienced home cook looking to delve into complex cooking methods or simply attempting to preserve leftovers, a vacuum sealer can prove to be a lifesaver.

Food storage and preservation can be cumbersome and daunting at times.

Storage containers can take up extra room, and some aren’t designed to be kept in the freezer.

Vacuum sealers from the likes of Qocum come in handy in these situations.

You may use a Qocum vacuum sealer to prep the meals for the entire week for yourself or your entire family.

Do we need to we say how effective it is in saving time and kitchen space?

Our experts at the Colin Testing Center would recommend this vacuum sealer, let’s see their review.

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Our Review

Qocum’s powerful mechanism completely sucks out all of the oxygen from the air inside the food bag before you seal it for good.

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It’s a no-brainer that lack of oxygen inside the bag will make the food last longer.

Qocum Vacuum SealerDesign

This vacuum sealer has a sleek and aesthetically slim design that will look great in almost any kitchen.

On the brighter side, it is compact enough to fit into any of your kitchen cabinets and takes a little place for it to exist.

The settings and procedures have six operating modes and two pressure point options. There’s also a neat-looking strip of lights that revolve above, indicating that vacuuming is in process.

You can expect an overall clean, unadorned, and modern appearance from this device (and we’re saying it twice).

You have the leverage to opt for gentle or airtight vacuuming based on your requirements.

So, you don’t even have to worry about smushing delicate foods like crackers or perishable herbs.

It even has a setup for moist or dry food to assist you in creating the ideal vacuum seal.

The only con is that the damp setting takes slightly longer to seal.


The Qocum vacuum sealer’s motor is powerful. The speed with which it vacuums seal bags will astound you for sure. It only takes 6 seconds for each bag to be sealed. Also, there is virtually no work required.

The Qocum vacuum sealer comes with many functions at your disposal. Its 110-watt motor and 80 KPa vacuum pressure are far more potent than those found in most consumer vacuum sealers. As a result, it reduces the sealing procedure and saves you a lot of time.

For starters, Qocum’s package includes a set of 12 pre-cut seal bags. It also comes with a sturdy power cable.

It’s incredibly straightforward to set up the equipment for bagging food. Firstly, you have to open the lid and position the open end of the pouch over the vacuum sealer. Then, close and clasp the lid shut and choose your desired option for sealing.

When sealing a bag, it’s the same approach to vacuuming. Use the open end of the roll to cover the heat strip. Then lower the lid to snap in place. Finally, press the seal button.

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Great Starting Kit

How can we forget about the bag’s quality? Qocum vacuum sealer bags are made of PE+PA Food Grade Material and have a thickness of about 0.1mm. A high-tensile material that provides an airtight environment prevents piercing and keeps nutrients locked in, safe, and secured.

Also, another issue that many people are concerned about is food-grade safety. Well, we got you covered. The BPA-free materials are also the plus point of these bags. You may use it for storing in cabinets, heating in a microwave oven, fridge, and as freezer storage.

Our Verdict

In case of any malfunction, the Qocum support team is always there to provide you 24-hour friendly customer service. Added to that, your sealer comes with lifetime manufacturer support.

This multi-use vacuum sealer is reasonably priced compared to its more expensive alternatives out there. It protects items from freezer burn and extends the life of cheese and daily meats up to 5x in the refrigerator. What more could you ask for? We can say it is one of the promising budget-friendly options.

Now you know how vacuum sealers are an excellent way to prevent freezer burn, prolong food life, and keep them fresh in the refrigerator or freezer. The Qocum vacuum sealer is an ideal appliance that delivers promising results without busting the bank. Grab one today!


Our experts at the Colin Testing Center would without any doubts, recommend the Qocum Vacuum Sealer because of the great price and motor. Qocum might not be a brand that you know off yet but they offer quality vacuum sealers and other products on the market at this current moment.

All of their products are fairly priced for customers worldwide. Qocum is available on all social media to fix your problems instantly and all of their products are great. Why not take a chance with a Qocum vacuum sealer today with a recommendation from the Colin experts.

Qocum Vacuum Sealer
  • Sealing Performance
  • Sealing Quality
  • Sealing Temperature
  • Sealing Precision
  • Appearance


Our experts were really surprised by the Qocum Vacuum Sealer, it did grab a recommendation from them. It offers a great motor and great performance upon sealing all the types of bags that you find on the market.

The versatility with using bags is what everyone wants and this vacuum sealer offers it. You can use any bags with this sealer and it will work. Pretty fantastic vacuum sealer overall and we would recommend more products from the Qocum brand.

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