SANSHAAC Portable Blender Review

Want delectable smoothies or milkshakes in (less than) no time?

Do you not have the time and want to whip up baby food instantly?

Want to create mouth-watering cocktails for a bunch of people in the blink of an eye? Or need some crushed ice right away?

If your answer is yes, a portable blender is precisely what you need!

Contrary to battery-powered blenders, portable blenders do not necessarily require a main power connection. In simpler terms, you can easily charge them using USB-based power equipment.

This means you can carry a portable blender anywhere with you and use it whenever you want to.

With so many portable blenders in the market today, it becomes a tad bit difficult to make a final decision. Even so, we have a product that not only has all the key features but is also worth your money.

If you, too, like others, want a portable blender to ease off some stress or savor a quick delicious drink, we have exactly the right product for you!

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Our Review

Here, we will talk about SANSHAAC Portable Blender. This colorful model has received a varied customer response, and most of them are pretty happy with the purchase.

This fun-size juicer-blender product is made from food-safe and BPA-free materials. It is portable (with dimensions of 9.69 x 3.5 x 3.19 inches), lightweight (weighing 2.82 ounces), and comes with a silicone gel and simple filter.

Multiple functions

Perfectly capable of performing multiple functions, the SANSHAAC Portable Blender comes in handy whenever you need a quick mix of drinks – fresh juices, smoothies, milkshakes, or cocktails. Be it home, office, picnics, camping, hiking, trekking, workout, or any indoor-outdoor activity, you need to puree ingredients, and this blender is at your rescue.

Great Power

SANSHAAC Portable Blender can produce 350 ml (almost 15-20 cups) once fully charged. This portable blender has a strong 5V electrical motor with 6-point stainless steel blades. These sharp blades spin swiftly at a speed of 22000 RPM.

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With six-piece 304 stainless steel blades and a tough, powerful system comprising a pure copper motor and a switch, this SANSHAAC Portable Blender can effortlessly turn your raw ingredients into a flavorsome smoothie, juice, or any other beverage you aim for.


The design of the blender extractor is such that it hardly takes about 30-60 seconds to turn any product into a drink. However, you need to consider the low wattage and voltage of the blender. So, select your ingredients accordingly and in the appropriate quantity.

Blade Preservation

The blender has a really quick speed, and to preserve the blades, here are few tips for you.

Always cut your fruits, vegetables, and other stuff into smaller chunks before putting them in the blender. It will ensure that the blender mixes all the ingredients into a smooth, creamy texture. If not careful, you may end up with lumps in your beverage which is not something that you would want to gulp down.

Also, remember not to overload the blender. Always keep the optimum amount of ingredients. It is better to get a rich smoothie by blending the ingredients in multiple sittings rather than getting a lumpy beverage.

Most often, the softer fruits and vegetables (like bananas, strawberries, oranges, etc.) may blend in properly in one go and give you a silky smoothie. But for the harder fruits and vegetables (like carrots, apples, etc.), you need to chop them into smaller chunks. They will need a little bit extra time to fuse perfectly into a smoothie.

Remember the same thing when you need to pulverize ice. Do not add the ice blocks in bulk. Unless, of course, you need bigger chunks of ice for your drinks. But for finely broken ice, add a batch of ice, blend it, and add another batch.

Other Features

This portable juicer cup has 2000mAh high-quality batteries. These batteries can be recharged either by AC adapter, power bank, car charger, computer, or mains plug. Usually, the battery is fully charged in approximately 4-5 hours.

The cleaning is as easy as enjoying the beverage. All you need to do is add water and a small amount of detergent, and voila!

This blender is like a blessing in a petite frame with long life and four bubbly colors – pink, blue, green, and purple.

Our Verdict

We would recommend this portable blender from SANSHAAC to our viewers without any problems. It performed really well during our tests with it at the Colin Testing Centre. There’s no loss of power while using under the battery and it does the job really well.

There might be some problems with the blades as they are really thin but if you take care of them like we did, there should not be any problems with it. Portable blenders are a fantastic innovation because smoothies do get stale during transportation, they are a whole different thing after a few minutes after being done.

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