Shop-Vac 5801611 Wet Dry Vac Review

You will need more powerful equipment if your floor vac is not equal to the chore of cleaning up large spills and grime.

Wet-dry vacuum cleaners are more powerful than regular vacuum cleaners. They are capable of coping with more complicated issues. There are several alternatives available, but selecting the best shop vacuum from among them might be challenging.

You must clean up spills and cleanse the air. Otherwise, they will leave your home in disarray. However, without the appropriate instrument, spill cleaning is difficult. Fortunately, the market is brimming with options. Any wet-dry vac can easily manage big messes.

On the other hand, the best shop vacuums are louder but more effective than their floor vacuum counterparts. A wet-dry vac is a far more powerful machine than a conventional floor vac. It is usually louder and deals with messier jobs.

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Our Review

Tired of sweeping, dusting, and blowing after your chores and projects? Whether you are a DIYer or a professional with much mess to clean up, this powerful wet/dry vac can do the job faster than human labour.

This 16-gallon Shop-Vac vacuum is ideal for use on construction sites, remodels, repair projects, workshops, garages, and other similar situations. It comes with various desirable features, attachments, vacuum filters, and Shop-SVX2Vac’s Motor Technology, which outperforms the basic 6.5 peak horsepower motor system.

The Shop-Vac 5801611 Wet Dry Vac features an onboard accessory storage box, a 20-foot power cable with onboard cord storage, simple move rollers, and an excellent filtration system for gathering and storing a variety of waste and trash particles.

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An 8-foot 2-1/2-inch diameter hose, two extension wands, one 14-inch wet/dry floor nozzle, a crevice tool, an 8-inch utility nozzle, and a tool storage basket are included with this Shop-Vac system. When cleaning up fine material such as drywall dust, cement dust, or cold ashes, use our High-Efficiency Disposable Filter Bags to get maximum power performance.

These collecting bags have the same simple installation and removal procedure as our standard bags. Still, they can handle the trash that is not often seen in the home. A Type U cartridge filter is supplied for essential home filtration.

A foam sleeve is included for suctioning up liquids when your messes need it (do not use a filter bag while piling up liquids). Use this vacuum to clean up all rooms during the day and any job waste or debris spills as they occur and after each workday. This wet dry vac’s features and attachments tackle any cleaning mess that your equipment, machines, and crew can create.

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Shop-Vac 5801611 Wet Dry Vac ReviewFeatures

The Shop-Vac 16-Gallon Wet/Dry Vac has a 6.5 HP motor and some of the most acceptable performance specs in its class. The SVX2 motor from Shop-Vac produces 6.5 peak horsepower. It has a 150 CFM capacity and a 75″ water lift (suction).

16-Gallon Tank

When it comes to the larger shop vacuum models, 16 gallons appears to be standard for the road. Portable units may hold up to 20 gallons and are available in a variety of sizes. The Shop-Vac 16-Gallon Wet/Dry Vac retains mobility by agreeing on this size while keeping the price low.


Without a low-power blower function, it wouldn’t be a great shop-vac, so it is no surprise that this one does as well. Simply disconnect the pipe from the intake and reconnect it to the exhaust. You have got yourself a blower, all of a sudden.


You get two tiny casters and two large back wheels, as with most wet/dry vacs in the 16-gallon+ category. The casters rotate 360 degrees and aid in tight handling, although their turning radius is not as excellent as a set of four. Those two more giant back wheels aid instability and can roll over ropes that whole caster units cannot.

Hose and Cord Management

The Shop-Vac 16-Gallon Wet/Dry Vac offers some excellent hose management options to you, something that lacks on some other competitors. You will enjoy how the hose wraps neatly around the unit and is kept in place at the base when it is time to put it all up. This model, too, has a good cable wrap around the top handle.

Accessory Storage

The rear of the device houses all of the numerous wands and nozzle attachments. None of them do it as well as this Shop-Vac, the storage options are really great across the board.

Accessories Included With the Purchase

  • Two extension wands are included
  • Nozzle for the floor
  • Tool for cleaning crevices
  • Nozzle for a variety of uses
  • Filter for dry particles

Why We Recommend It

This 16 gallons wet/dry vacuum is designed for heavy-duty work. It has SVX2 motor technology for improved performance and quieter operation.

This Shop-Vac comes with a mighty waste and debris collecting system that can manage any mess your equipment and crew can make. This Shop-Vac Wet Dry Vac’s big 16-gallon tank comprises sturdy plastic and comes in stunning black colour with red accents.

A 20-foot power cable, an 8-foot suction hose, a hard plastic nozzle with various wands, and an onboard tool and cord storage box are all included in this Shop-Vac Wet Dry Vac system.

Why We Do Not Recommend It

There is a problem with the electricity. To begin, the cord holder on this vacuum is utterly insufficient for the length of the chord. After several usages, the cable will become stiff due to insulation hardening caused by the motor’s high amperage pull.

Many users complained that the horsepower rating is a complete fabrication. Even if it were 100 percent efficient, a single phase 120 volt AC electric motor could not produce 6.5 horsepower on a circuit rated at less than 45 amps, which is likewise impossible.

OurĀ  Verdict

The Shop-Vac 5801611 Wet/Dry Vac is the most significant potential model since this hits the beautiful combination of performance, flexibility, design, feature set, and pricing. It is not the most effective or cost-effective product in its class. Nevertheless, it does it without making us feel deceived in any way.

Even if you know what you want, several of these model features might be daunting. Finding the right products at the proper pricing, on the other hand, should be simple.

Shop-Vac 5801611
  • Features
  • Cost
  • Appearance
  • Suction
  • Sound Level
  • Power


The Shop-Vac 5801611 will offer you everything that you’re looking for in a great shop vac, it does the job perfectly. After being tested by our experts here at Colin, we would clearly recommend this one if you are on the edge of purchasing.

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