The Best Black+Decker Microwave Ovens

A functional yet compact kitchen appliance is truly perfect for any home, specifically for those whose kitchen is smaller than a New York apartment. For efficiency in cooking, yet, with lots of essential features, you’ll love having a microwave oven in your kitchen. You can pick from many brands of microwaves on the market but truly these appliances are ideal for all types of kitchens. Some can be installed inside a wall or they can be let free to roam on the counter. The leading manufacturers of microwave ovens on the market at this current moment in the United States is the company Black+Decker.

I’ve recommended Black+Decker products for years, when it comes to microwave ovens, it doesn’t differ. From all the models available to you and after various tests performed on it, the Black+Decker EM031MB11 is the best Black+Decker microwave oven. I wouldn’t recommend trash products to my viewers and you can trust me to guide you during your buying process.

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Black + Decker have been in the business of producing microwave ovens for many years now, they have more than 20 thousand reviews on their products across the board. Their ovens are considered the best across the market, and many people choose them over others. If you keep on reading this article, you’ll discover why we don’t shy away from recommending their products.

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Comparison Table

Here’s a comparison table that will help you to choose the best Black+Decker microwave

Why Choose a Black+Decker Microwave ?

There many good reasons why you should choose Black+Decker over the other brands out there like Toshiba and Panasonic. Here are some of my reasons why I choose their products over others :

Equipped with Amazing Features for a Low Price

The Black+Decker microwave oven is the perfect choice for consumers seeking extra features in a basic microwave model. They have some superb features as well as available at a moderate rate. There’s recurrent sales on all their models on Amazon, they are always available at a discount compared to in-store.

Ideal for Small Space

If you reside in a small condominium or small apartment, you’ll need a compact and small microwave that is perfect for the small or limited space you have at home. Black+Decker offers a microwave oven with a capacity of 0.8 cubic feet (22.65 liters), perfect for a small family or student living in a dorm. In spite of the compact size, you can still experience the excellent benefits that this type of microwave provides.

They also provide a very compact design for each of their microwave, you don’t have to worry of having a microwave that extends in the back. I would say that compared to Panasonic, their microwaves don’t have the motor that extends like most Panasonic microwave do, this is the Black+Decker advantage.

Saves you a LOT

Black+Decker only uses high-quality materials in the making of its products, across all the review websites, that’s an understatement. This is why you are assured that their products will survive the daily abuse and the closing and opening of the door. This saves you a lot of money in the long run, durable products, like Black+Decker Microwave ovens are worth every penny.

Generous Warranty by Black+Decker

Black+Decker offers a great warranty on its products. This is one of the bases of a reliable and trustworthy company. If you are having a life changing issue with your product, you can contact their customer hotline number at any time of the day. Customer service is always available 24/7 to answer your questions and concerns.

I’ve always had great results when trying to reach out to their support team when reviewing a product.

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History of Black+Decker Microwaves

Black & Decker Corporation is one of the best and most renowned manufacturing companies in the US and worldwide. The company started as a small shop in Baltimore that’s located in the great state of Maryland. It was founded by the founders by Alonzo G. Decker and S. Duncan Black back in 1910, the company went on to survive through many financial crashes. Decker had a 7th-grade education and met Black in 1906; both were 23-year-old employees at the Rowland Telegraph Co. then they decided to found Black and Decker then their name finally evolved to Black+Decker.

In the year 1917, the company invented the recognizable portable electric drill, acquiring a patent for a hand-held drill joining and merging a trigger switch and a pistol grip. The company’s loge, a hexagon, has been utilized in one type or another since 1912; it shows a hexagonal nut, a universal fastener. Their hand-held drills have always been trusted by consumers around the world, they are also used by many construction companies in your town.

At this point, Black+Decker is one of the most renowned household equipment manufacturers in the US and all over the world. They are famous for making tools, machine parts and household appliances but also many other appliances that have led to the success of the company.

Who Should Buy A Black+Decker Microwave ?

If you are someone who would want to make your cooking easier, a Black+Decker microwave oven is the best choice. It comes with an auto cook option for fast and stress-free cooking. A low-end microwave usually doesn’t come with this feature. There is no need to set the time as well as power configuration, all you need to do is specify the type of dish, and that’s it.

If you love cooking for yourself or the whole family, this one is ideal for you.  Buying a Black+Decker microwave is also buying a multipurpose appliance. This allows you to heat, grill, and bake. What is more, this is not just that task this machine can do. This appliance can also assist you to have ideal poached eggs, toast nuts, re-hydrate stale bread, toast spices, and many other things.

This is also ideal for students living in a small apartment or condo. Black+Decker comes up with a space-saving microwave oven intended for those with limited kitchen space.

Black+Decker Microwave Review

Here are some reviews of the Black+Decker microwaves currently available on sale on various websites across the world. They are also featured in our comparison table that features the best Black+Decker Microwave Ovens.

Black+Decker EM031MB11 Review

Black+Decker EM031MB11 is the most trusted microwave oven by chefs for being one of the most used countertop microwave oven on the market in the United States. Packed with the standard 1000 watts of power, it will heat anything you throw at it.  With 1.1 cubic feet of capacity, it’s enough to fit any plate inside of the microwave and heat it right away. We love to see that it’s packed with features that comes with every microwave from Black+Decker.

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The 1000w Standard

This product stands as fairly powerful with it’s 1000 watts which is what every internet recipe requires. It is one of the most reliable models for cooking different meals with accurate temperatures. It enables us to pick between ten power levels. This also allows us to choose power levels of up to 100 watts that are very impressive for a small size. I also loved the pre-programmed buttons, which are useful if you want to bake a potato, defrost, cook popcorn, beverage, and dinner plate.

LED display

This microwave is very user-friendly because it comes with an owner’s manual and thanks to the LED display, this enables the user to set power and time as he desires. The lid comes with keys or buttons for pre-programmed cycles in which you simply place the food inside and decides the right temperature for the dish. It’s fairly easy to manage the time on the microwave since it’s always lighted on.

Child lock feature

We have kids at home, and their safety is our main priority. We are happy that this microwave comes with a child lock feature that can protect my little one from getting hot food out, I’m the cook son. It comes with a 30-second express cooking function, which speeds the heating to make sure fast cooking meals. Also, I can easily open and close this oven due to the push-button feature.

Removable Turntable

BLACK+DECKER EM031MB11 comes with a 12.4 inches (31.5 centimeters) turntable, which is able to accommodate bigger cooking plates that are found on the market. It rotates to make sure food heats equally and avoids hotspots, as you should expect from a 2021 microwave.  Detachable for easier maintenance and non-stick, and you can clean this using soapy and warm water, it’s also dishwasher safe in case you’re never happy with the cleaning that you do.

Advantages of buying the Black+Decker EM031MB11

  • This is armed with many pre-programmed buttons
  • It is very lightweight and compact compared to other brands like Panasonic.
  • Low noise levels during our tests (56 dB), it won’t wake up anyone in the house
  • Integrated with a child lock feature in order to improve the safety of your kids.

Disadvantages of buying the Black+Decker EM331MB11

  • One drawback of this particular microwave oven is that it doesn’t come with the various accessories that comes with the competitors microwaves.

Conclusion of our Black+Decker Microwave EM031MB11 Review

Thanks for reading our review of the EM031MB11 Black+Decker microwave, it is a fantastic product and it is at the top of our Black+Decker microwave for a reason. We have tested this microwave thoroughly and we think that it achieved great results. We’ll keep recommending the Black+Decker EM031MB11 to our viewers going onward.

Black+Decker EM925ACP-P2 Review

This particular microwave oven fully-features to complement any type of kitchen. The size of this Black+Decker microwave oven allows it to act as a countertop microwave and keep it’s space usage very low. This also offers many features to assists with heating and cooking tasks. Due to its 0.9 cubic feet (25.49 liters) capacity as well as low wattage, this makes it ideal for studio apartments, small family as well as RV.

Buying a Black+Decker microwave never goes wrong because it has many valuable features that can help in preparing meals fast, either for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. However, what I don’t like about this is that it doesn’t have some of the best features. But, in general, this is worthwhile. If you want a versatile one without spending a lot, then this one is a perfect choice, the Black+Decker EM925ACP-P2 will satisfy some of your needs.

This oven is armed with a digital display in LED that supports the timer and a digital clock function. When heating or cooking is in progress, this feature will show cooking remaining second as well as a countdown timer. Also, it can show a clock so preparing food is on time.

This oven boast express or fast cooking, which allows me to set the time from 1 to six minutes. I simply press the number. You can simply push the stop button if you like to end the process.

Advantages of buying this Black+Decker Microwave

  • Ten different power levels that you can change using the patented Black+Decker LCD screen
  • Express cook option enables a handy shortcut to cook your food at high wattage for a quick 30 seconds.
  • Digital clock that is visible at night and during the day, a Black+Decker assurance.

Disadvantages of buying this Black+Decker Microwave

  • It is fairly more expensive compared to other Black+Decker microwaves.

Black+Decker EM925AJK-P1 Review

Black+Decker is a trustworthy brand for household items that have been established for many years. With regard to microwave, you can depend on Black+Decker stainless steel EM925AJK-P1 microwave oven. The microwave offers an additional hand for preparing food and reheating as well. It also comes with lots features that you will find amazing when preparing your food.

Compact and Trendy design from Black+Decker

I was amazed how a small countertop microwave oven can make a statement in my kitchen. This unit from Black+Decker is ideally made to fit any styles of kitchen, which ranges from classic to modern. Round corners accentuate its clean and sleek look. However, the stainless steel exterior looks best for all cooking spaces.

Cooks Food Fast Compared To Black+Decker Competitors

It is not easy to reheat a pizza, if you attempt to do it too fast it will still be cold in the center. However, if you add some minutes, it will get burnt. Well, you can get rid of this issue as it is integrated with a pre-programmed menu for foods like potatoes, popcorn, veggies, and pizzas. With this amazing feature, there is no need to set the time manually.

Ten Settings to alter the power of the microwave

This state-of-the-art microwave oven comes with ten power setting features with low wattage up to 700 watts. Varying power levels support utmost heating for diverse types of foods. Just pick the needed power level and allow this appliance to do the cooking for you.

Black+Decker EM925AJK-P1 Further Review

Here’s a few reasons why I would purchase the Black+Decker EM925AJK-P1 :

  • It is integrated with a pre-programmed menu that you can interchange to your liking.
  • It is available in a stylish design like most Black+Decker microwaves.
  • Very cheap compared to other microwaves due to it’s low power wattage.
  • It has a branded Black+Decker safety feature in order to protect your young children from using it.

Here’s a few reasons why I would not purchase the Black+Decker Microwave EMM925ASJ-P1  :

  • Extremely lightweight, it feels like it wanna break if you drop it.
  • The touch pad is hard to read if there’s light shining on the LCD screen.

Black+Decker EM044KIN-P Review

I’m falling in love with the compact and sturdy materials used in the construction of this particular microwave oven from Black+Decker. The Black+Decker EM044KIN-P has the largest capacity and is very user-friendly as you can see. Heat food fast and relish the taste to the fullest when I need to eat. It has a compact style and doesn’t need too much space in my kitchen which is a great thing compared to other models.

Black+Decker Microwave Silent Mode

Having a 20L capacity, the microwave oven provides ample space to heat a lot of foods in just one click, the 30 seconds heating feature. It is also integrated with user-friendly features such as time function, defrost by time and weight, as well as manual programs. If you are like me who are looking for a smart kitchen appliance that can connect to the internet, then you should try the EM044KIN-P Microwave Oven from Black+Decker.

Most User-Friendly Black+Decker Microwave

I think the EM044KIN-P from Black+Decker is a State-of-the-art microwave oven comes with a thirty-five minutes time function, which enables you to spend less time cooking food and more with the people you actually love. I also love the manual programs as it gives me defined control so that I can make and bake my recipes just the way I want. It is also integrated with a chrome handle door and chrome mechanical knobs that give me fast and straightforward access.

  • Perfect for Home Application: This model from Black+Decker can defrost by time and weight to make sure that it doesn’t spoil the food. It has a 20L capacity; thus, it allows me to process more foods in one click. The ergonomic and compact build allows it to rest on my kitchen countertop with ease.

Here’s the reasons why I would buy this particular Black+Decker Microwave Oven from Black+Decker :

  • Quickly heat your food and drinks because of the wattage that inside of this microwave oven.
  • It comes with the famous branded Black+Decker LCD screen.
  • You can clearly see in the window instead of other brands where there is something to hide.
  • It has a 20L capacity which makes it perfect for homes with huge families but also fights with its competitors.
  • It is integrated with a safety interlock system to make sure right and proper locking of the door every single time.
  • It is also integrated with a grill rack useful in grilling fish, chicken, steak, and many others but that’s not really the tastiest food.
  • Available with a two-year warranty from the Black+Decker brand on certain components, really awesome.

There’s certainly a few reasons why I wouldn’t purchase this microwave oven  :

  • A timer is manual, and it is not precise which is fairly old technology, I want buttons my friends.
  • It takes a long to reheat a few of the food we tested the microwave with
  •  Expensive compared to other brands and models from within the brand.

Black+Decker EM031MGG-X1 Review

I’m deeply falling in love with this microwave oven from Black+Decker because when I pulled it out of the package, I was concerned it was going to be very small for my countertop. My dinner plates just fine, I was stressing out for nothing.

It is approximately 2/3 the normal size of a normal microwave oven, I don’t what Black+Decker attempted with this design, this is something that should be fixed by the company at this point. Even if a bit of price, it is still worthwhile due to its amazing benefits from the Black+Decker brand and the fact that it has microwave oven convection in order for you to have the best time while using the microwave.

This state-of-the-art Black+Decker microwave oven comes with ten power levels something very unique to this Black+Decker microwave, a detachable glass turntable as well as a spacious interior. I really liked it overall and would like to see this design attempted on other Black+Decker microwaves.

Optimally reheat or cook most common food items with just one touch of a button. I was able to pick power levels of up to 900 watts. It has a big digital display in LED with a digital clock function and shows a cooking timer for countdown and remaining time for cooking. You can easily open this appliance with just one push of a button.

Defrost or Cook: For cooking or reheating foods, you can utilize the Time Cook feature for cooking or reheating foods and pick from 1 to 10 power levels. It is also easy to thaw frozen meats, casseroles, and vegetables with two diverse choices- weight defrost and time defrost. You can activate each mode and deactivate one other by using the branded Black+Decker microwave convection oven LCD screen.

From popcorn to pizza, easily cook commoner foods with just one press of a button because a microwave is only used by peasants. It is integrated with sensor technology that makes sure perfect results each time but you still have to set the time perfectly. Just press 1 of the 6 pre-programmed buttons, and this will automatically adjust the time of cooking and power level at most this will help you to cook only a few items.

Reasons why we recommend the Black+Decker EM031MGG-X1 microwave oven :

  • It is integrated with a detachable turntable that I was able to wash in the dishwasher, thanks Black+Decker.
  • Big LED display, why wouldn’t you like Black+Decker, as well as easy-to-read and understand control panel.
  • Works silently, Black+Decker is simply fantastic, as well as available in a space-saving design.

The few reasons why we won’t recommend the Black+Decker EM031MGG-X1 microwave oven to our viewers :

  • This is very expensive compared to the microwave oven models from Black+Decker.
  • Not ideal for larger households, so I recommend other models from Black+Decker that I’ve reviewed in this article about the best Black+Decker microwave ovens currently available on the market.


Thank you for reading my article on about Black+Decker microwaves. I’m a chef in a local restaurant and I was tasked by this website to review this product. I got many years of experience using microwaves so I can clearly state an expert opinion about the subject. I’m not here to hide anything from you at all and I hope you enjoyed discovering what is the best Black+Decker Microwave in this article.

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