The Best Black+Decker Mini Fridges

Would you like a compact and high-quality type of mini fridge that lasts for a long time ? Well, it’s time to consider a Black+Decker mini fridge, which can be found on various online marketplaces and in-store. It provides a good performance level since the manufacturer tends to do some upgrades in meeting the customers’ expectations that are growing every year. Aside from that, the manufacturer undergoes quality control assurance before they launch another compact refrigerator onto the marketplace.

I have personally tested all of the mini fridge models that Black+Decker offers and the BCRK17W model always comes in first. It is fairly more compact than the other models the brand offers and fits really nice our office. This is why I would declare the BCRK17W the best Black+Decker mini fridge model.

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A good-quality, compact, and competitive price is what makes this compact refrigerator stands out from the rest of ones the brand offers to consumers around the world. In fact, many people want these refrigerators since it is perfect for their kitchen or garage area, it’s also very silent so you don’t hear it at all times. Moreover, it’s already in circulation for how many years now. So, rest assured that the reputation of the Black+Decker mini fridge are good enough, making you satisfied with its performance level. If you’re planning to buy one of the refrigerators, you should read our product reviews at the towards the bottom of the article.

Comparison Table

Here are our comparison table that will allow you to pick the best Black+Decker mini fridge that fits your needs.

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Why choose a Black+Decker Mini Fridge ?

Choosing the best and high-quality type of compact refrigerator is something that provides you with great benefits and advantages. Of course, you will never want a product with a low-performance level something that can be found very easily on any website. That’s why it’s a perfect choice to buy this product from the best reputable brand, that’s why I love Black+Decker products.

Black+Decker mini fridges have a great and long lifespan, remarkable features and can only be purchased at an affordable price compared to other refrigerator brands or models.  It also provides a consistent cold breeze that is perfect for any type of food, liquor, juice or water. It offers a good cooling temperature system that can freeze foods such as meat, steak, fish, and other foods for your meal preparation.  

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The two main reasons why there’s a need for you to opt Black+Decker over other brands are its overall quality and affordability. These two things are the main factors why you need to buy Black+Decker products and not other brands. The manufacturer always makes sure that it comes with premium quality that stands out among the different brands that sells compact refrigerators. Aside from its overall quality, the price of the Black+Decker products are fairly competitive across the board. You may even check the products offered by Black+Decker online and be amazed by the reasonable prices offered on the marketplace by the suppliers.

History of Black+Decker Mini Fridges

Black+Decker Inc. is a type of American manufacturer that offers a wide range of power tools, hardware, accessories, home appliances, fastening systems, and different kinds of products used for home improvement. Black+Decker headquarters can be found in Towson in the great state of Maryland, that is in the northern portion of Baltimore. The company was first established during the year 1910, it would then go on to survive many economical crashes.

Black+Decker Company offers high-quality products which help people to improve their houses into homes. For several years of being in the industry, the company has already gained its reputation and became one of the leading manufacturing companies for home appliances, home enhancement products, and others. As time went by, the company became prominent across the world since they already export their products to different places.  

Who Would Buy A Black+Decker Mini Fridge ?

Generally, everyone is welcome to buy this mini-fridge from Black+Decker because they are made of high quality. If you are after a good type of product used in the kitchen, you may choose a mini fridge that would give you a longer lifespan. In fact, Black+Decker mini fridges offer a wide range of selections so that customers can completely choose any models of appliances they want.

Black+Decker must be your top priority supplier if you have a small kitchen at home. The size of it will surely fit your apartment and would enhance the elegant-looking appearance of your kitchen. Not only will they give you the best quality kind of compact refrigerators for your home, but they will give you affordable prices and great deals as well.

Black+Decker Mini Fridge Review

Here are the products featured in our comparison table that contains the best Black+Decker Refrigerators, we have included an extensive review of each and everyone of them.

BLACK+DECKER BCRK17W Mini Fridge Review

The Black+Decker BCRK17W is a white mini fridge that comes in with premium quality. During its actual operation, it only consumes low energy because it’s greatly rated by Energy Star.  This mini fridge is a perfect way  for storing foods, beer, and other beverages in home to visitors really fast. It provides a great and constant cooling temperature perfect for anything you want to place in the mini-fridge.

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There are numerous exceptional features which makes me proud of recommending this product. In fact, it became a secure purchase for many people who have a little space in their rooms or kitchen, allowing them to have a mini fridge for food storage. I love the BCRK17W mini fridge at home since it provides lots of benefits and advantages. Some of the best features which I would like to share with you are the following

Adjustable temperature control

With an adjustable control for temperature, leveling legs, and reversible door, this mini fridge will adapt itself to many situations. This mini refrigerator becomes more practical to be used at home because of these features, I had no problems moving it around in my room in order to access it easily, the Black+Decker BCRK17W is really great.

Low sound during it’s operation

This feature gives us the opportunity to use the product anywhere, even in the baby’s room, since it will not provide more disturbance to our family members. I thought it would produce a great amount of decibels but I was surprised at how it produced almost no sound at all. This is a great things compared to the other Black+Decker models that I’ve tested, so that’s why I recommend it.

Warranty period

The manufacturers offer a warranty period for this product to ensure customer satisfaction. This gives us the assurance that we are purchasing from them are always of good quality. They are really easy to join via their support team if you have a problem with your mini fridge. Black+Decker offers a great way to return your products to them without paying at all for shipping, that’s the Black+Decker advantage.

Comes in the perfect size (17.5” x 18.5” x19.7”)

This small type of refrigerator can store enough food, beer, soda, and other types of beverages. It has a sleek and modern design that will make this mini fridge safely fit into your rooms decoration scheme. There’s also various colors that you can chose at all times. It would be better to use an online store like Amazon in order to chose from more models and colors from Black+Decker.

Removable glass shelves

This feature allows us to remove the glass shelves and make our cleaning procedures easier and faster. These glass shelves are fairly thick, they are also dishwasher safe. It’s fairly easy to clean them if a major spill happens into your mini-fridge.


Here are some of the reasons why I would choose this mini fridge model from Black+Decker :

  • Good quality and with competitive price in the market
  • With numerous exceptional features that are good for us
  • Consumes minimal energy during operation
  • Its color is perfect our elegant-looking kitchen designs

Here are some of the reasons why I wouldn’t chose this Black+Decker Mini Fridge :

  • There’s only 1 door available for the fridge and freezer.

Thanks for reading my review of this Black+Decker Mini Fridge. The BCRK17W is the one I would chose from Black+Decker.

BLACK+DECKER BCRK25V Mini Fridge Review

Black+Decker BCRK25V is an energy star compact type of refrigerator that will be apt for any spot in our kitchen. This high-quality product comes in good materials and design that meet myneeds and expectations when it comes to mini fridges. If we would like to have this stuff in our kitchen, it would be better to explore the goodness and best things about this refrigerator.

When buying the Black+Decker BCRK25V, exploring and researching is a must-do to find the best features of the products offered by the brand. I’m here to give you my opinion about this mini fridge that keeps surprising me. I’m offering you a few of the features that this model offers, there’s a few that differs from the models in our comparison table of the best Black+Decker mini fridges.

Stylish & compact

This small type of refrigerator can store soda, beer, food, and other kinds of beverages using minimal energy. It has a sleek and modern design, perfect for offices, dorms, garages, small apartments, and home bars.

Large capacity

There are two available removable shelves that can extend their storage space for easy cleaning. Aside from that, it has extra door storage that can fit small containers on its top portion, five cans (12 oz (453.59 g).), and 2 L door storage good for some taller bottles.


It has a low sound during its operation, which would be perfect for your bedroom or places that there is a microphone recording.

With reversible door plus space-saving flat design on its back

This feature allows us to fit this refrigerator anywhere in our kitchen.

With warranty period

The manufacturers offer at least a 2-year warranty period for its labor and parts and another 2 years for its compressor part. The returns are processed really fast by the Black+Decker team, they also answer to your questions on Facebook or Twitter at all times.


There’s a few reasons why I would purchase the BLACK+DECKER BCRK25V mini fridge, here are some of the reasons why :

  • With convenient features all across the board.
  • Compact & high-quality type of mini fridges, that’s the Black+Decker assurance.
  • With reasonable price compared to other brands that rival Black+Decker
  • Perfect for your kitchen areas or bedroom because of it’s great no-sound features.
  • Good overall design that is modern and sleek it actually fits really well into every room design.
  • Provides no loud noise during its operation and keeps the food temperature down at all times.

There’s a few cons to this Black+Decker mini fridge model :

  • It only offers a single door for this refrigerator.

Thanks for reading my review of the BLACK+DECKER BCRK25V, a product that I had the chance to test in our offices. We all loved this product but we think there’s a better Black+Decker mini fridge model out there.

BLACK+DECKER BCRK32B Mini Fridge Review

Black+Decker BCRK32B is an another compact refrigerator from Black+Decker that our team was interested in. In fact, we find it very interesting to know that this product can be purchased at an affordable price in the market while keeping the competitors at bay because of it’s small size. Its good quality plus its affordability means that many people tend to choose Black+Decker mini fridges and buy the product for good over other brands that are available at the moment of purchase.

In buying Black+Decker BCRK32B, it is essential to know the features of this mini fridge from Black+Decker, we want for you to determine if the product is suitable, all of that based on your tastes and preferences. We found various and tested the products features against what they are supposed to do, here are our findings about this mini fridge :

A fairly cool and modern design

This black refrigerator comes with a stainless steel design that should adapt itself in every room it finds itself into. The mini-fridge is relatively small and would be suitable for offices, home bars, garages, RV campers, and the small apartments that students find themselves into.

Provides low sound during operation

This feature allows us to become comfortable at home since it does not provide loud noise during operation, perfect for baby rooms and waiting rooms. We’ve put a sound tester next to it and it never crossed the 50 decibels limit so this is great results compared to other models.

With two removable shelves

This feature allows us to clean the fridge without difficulty, if you have problems removing the shelves you can read the owner’s manual in order to understand. We can just remove the glass pane that act as shelves into the dishwasher and be done with it. These do not seem to break easily, one of the qualities of the Black+Decker brand that they offer.

Offers more spaces on door storage

In this storage, it can fit up to 16 cans of beer or soda (12 oz (453.59 g).), small containers at the top portion of its shelf that contain food, and additional 2 L door storage, which is good for quite taller bottles such as bottles of wines.

Leveling legs, adjustable cooling temperature control, and reversible door included

This is a great advantage over the competitors because sometimes it is not included or the controls are not evident enough. You can find the controls very easily and again, you can consult the mini fridge manual in order to know how to change those features easily. Leveling legs are great, your mini fridge won’t rock side to side and tip over.


Here are some of the reasons why I would purchase the Black+Decker BCRK32B :

  • With an affordable price, it rivals with its competitor in the mini fridge market.
  • With 1 door and two glass shelves, you can really store things easily.
  • Consistent freezing jet that cools your items really fast inside of it.
  • With reversible doors (either right or left opening), that you can chose depending on the most comfortable position for you.
  • High-quality & compact type of mini fridges that has been tested and approved by experts.

There are some drawback to this Black+Decker mini-fridge :

  • This product comes with only one door.

Thanks for reading my review of the Black+Decker BCRK32B mini fridge, a model that isn’t ranked high enough to be one of our recommendations in the mini fridge market.

BLACK+DECKER BCRK43W Mini Fridge Review

This is the last model from Black+Decker in this review, again, we had the chance to test it inside of our office and this one is probably on the worst Black+Decker mini fridges that you can buy at the moment. It doesn’t offer all the features that you should actually inside of a Black+Decker mini-fridge and perhaps the company should look to improve it. We’ve been really disappointed with this model there’s a few reasons why. It’s being sold as something that it’s not.

To know why we give this mini fridge such a ravage review here, we first need to explore its different features. These features are what are being sold by Black+Decker to consumers across the world but again know that some of them are not true :

  • With sleek, modern, and compact design, it was highly designed with the perfect overall design, good for our small apartments, offices, home bars, and small rooms.
  • Offers 42.5dB in terms of sound operation, this is quite high compared to the other models
  • It has the same glass shelves the other models have without any improvement over the years.
  • Extra door storage like the other models but you cannot even fit a wine bottle inside the model, what is that Black+Decker ?
  • It has the same controls like the other models but it’s just priced higher than the other models.


Maybe you are still looking to purchase this model after all that I’ve said but here’s a few reasons why you should buy this product.

  • With the perfect design of the other models.
  • Good quality of materials since this is a Black+Decker product
  • 1 door that is interchangeable in direction and place, that’s like the others.
  • With a great warranty period to ensure quality performance level
  • Perfect for small spaces
  • Available in different colors & designs (black, white & stainless steel)

To conclude, this product is priced higher than the other models that the brand offers while never offering a reason why you should buy it, it’s also priced higher than the competitors available on the market, it’s pretty much a waste of your hard earned money.


That’s it for our article about the best Black+Decker mini fridges that you can find on different marketplaces. We hope that our comparison table helped you in your buying process of buying a Black+Decker product. Remember that they are always a brand that offers quality products with a great warranty system in place. If you have any problems with your mini fridges from Black+Decker, they will replace them without any problems to make you a happy customer.

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