Toshiba TL2-AC25CZA(GR) Air Fryer Review

Welcome to my review of the TL2-AC25CZA Toshiba Air Fryer, I have personally given a great thought about purchasing this product and I went ahead and did it. It is a great product, check out my review down below. I have personally tested this product inside my own home so you can give it a great thought if you want to purchase it or not.

The TL2-AC25CZA (GR) air fryer is one of the best fryers in the market that provides quality features at a cheap price, that’s what Toshiba is known for. It has a top-notch appearance designed to suit your house design and still give a sense of class in your households, I personally think that black appliances look really great in every kitchen.

Air fryers are usually a versatile product meaning that you can enjoy and do wide range of different food that you could never do before. The product is designed to provide safe cooking without posing a health hazard to consumers since this has been a question in recent years due to plastic exteriors and other things.

The TL2-AC25CZA air fryer weighs 19.84 pounds and measures  16.7 × 16 × 13 inches, which is fair for an air fryer, it will fit nice into your house. The inside tracks are about 13.07  × 10.94 inches and a cooking basket of 12.05 ×9.69 inches. It also has a 13.07 × 10.86 inches grill tray that you can remove or decide to not use when you want.

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The air fryer can similarly be used for baking, roasting, and toasting, this is what those appliances are used for. It is fitted with a mechanism that allows it to perform oven-like functions because it lets the air circulate around the items, very much like a real oven. I like the fact that one can prepare pizza, bake cookies, broil and bagel with an air fryer. In addition, the gadget can warm, reheat, dehydrate, and even slow cook the food, this is fantastic isn’t it ?

Toshiba TL2-AC25CZA Air Fryer Features

The product features of a particular product represent the most crucial part as one can have an overview of how the product will be of service to them through the elements. A good product provides the most relatable features to the client’s requirements. I like the TL2-AC25CZA(GR) air fryer for its outstanding features.

  • I love the versatility of the product : This air fryer is a 13 in 1 product, you can do a lot of things with it. One can satisfy their daily needs by using one air fryer, I’ve personally known of a few students doing this. It contains a fan that circulates hot air at high speed (convection cooking), allowing it to produce a crisp layer via browning reactions which this air fryer can do without any problems.
  • The TL2-AC25CZA(GR) air fryer has extra-large interiors. One can fit up to six slices of bread at the same time or even fit a twelve-inch pizza, this is larger than some of the air fryers currently on the market. Space is a valuable aspect of any product and every family and person in the world and this one seems to really fulfill what it’s doing.
  • The air fryer provides fast and even cooking of the food. It has a 1750W output straight to the food right away without any inch. It also has a six-heating element speed that allows it to cook at a very high rate and keep cooking and cooking ! The conventional fun allows the air fryer to cook the food evenly, convection cooking is a must in 2020 and wouldn’t recommend and air fryer that doesn’t have it.

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  • Another appealing feature is that the TL2-AC25CZA(GR) Air fryer is easy to operate. It has bright large LCD digital displays that easily allow one to see and understand the air fryer’s internal operations, I’ve personally never ran into problems while operating it. The inside is fitted with a three-layer rack that quickly places the food in the different layers and the heat never escapes from it. It is also fitted with easy-to-turn control nobs, turn them and get the temperature up and down, side to side, etc.
  • I love the premium design of the product, this is why I love Toshiba. It is stylishly fitted with titanium great grey finish inside matches allowing it to do in any kitchen while having a black exterior that everyone enjoys to look on. It has anti-fingerprint material, because black gets very messy, that gives one a hassle less cleaning time.
Toshiba TL2-AC25CZA(GR) Air Fryer
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  • Online reviews
  • Features
  • Appearance
  • Personal liking


Overall, it is a great product while it’s price is kinda high for an air fryer, the TL2-AC25CZA(GR) model makes it way into the market by having great features and looks.

Toshiba TL2-AC25CZA Air Fryer Review

I love how the TL2-AC25CZA(GR) air fryer has received a warm welcome on every website that you look on the internet. It has a great ratings out of the five stars that people usually give, this is quite an impressive look on the product who recently launched across America. Even though not many people have had the chance to purchase this microwave oven, those who have purchased and shown high rating indicating that the product is simply fantastic.

One of the significant comments that you read everywhere online is about the product is the product versatility, because it does so many things at once. My friends have recommend the product to me  saying that it is a lifesaver for them as they can save on the extra costs  that having 6 appliances causes them.they would have incurred to purchase other products to perform some of the functions offered by the TL2-AC25CZA (GR) air fryer.

It is evident from the reviews that other customers love the ease of operation of the product. I love how the consumers indicate that since they purchased the TL2-AC25CZA (GR) air fryer, they have not had any complications during the operation of the product. I recommend the bright 4.5-inch large high contrast white LED light backlit display and the yellow light inside that makes it easy to see what is going on inside the fryer and also hungry. The control knobs are also easy to turn, giving the users an experience like no other because you can be precise with your temperature.

Some of the customers complained about the product being a bit pricey and to those people I say get a grip !!! They suggested that despite the product being a great deal and Toshiba being a leader in many categories, the cost was a bit high, I’m pretty sure it’s properly priced but okay, and did not allow many customers to access it with their hard earned money. They suggest that Toshiba should look at the price and try to make it convenient for all types of earners, which is a fair complaint but I think it is fairly priced which I would disregard this complaint anyway.

This air fryer is newly available on most websites at a discount, this is a fantastic time to purchase the product. I suggest every one to at least try and use the Toshiba TL2-AC25CZA Air Fryer in their house or give it another thought for later because it’s a great product. Toshiba makes great products and is always a great company to buy from, if I were you I would clearly decide and purchase this air fryer because there’s no other products like it out there.


I hope you like my review of the Toshiba TL2-AC25CZA Air Fryer, something that I was personally anxious about because I had never used one before. The manual given to me by Toshiba guided me through it’s use and in the end, I was an happy reviewer. The product specifications are great and competitive with other microwaves that I’ve found at the same price. The reviews of this new product launched by Toshiba have been flying through the roof.

Likewise, it has extra-large interiors to provide ample space and is uniquely designed with a stylish outlook to fit your kitchen design, do not be afraid of the black exterior, it looks really sleek in every kitchen that I’ve seen on the internet. Black is the new white when it comes to appliances and you should expect to see more of them as the market is totally shifting towards that.


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