WEN BG4280 Variable Speed Bench Grinder Review

A bench grinder are especially effective for prepping small sections with welding as well as other types of adhesions.

Although many bench grinders have only one maximum speed, however, a variable speed bench grinder gives you increased flexibility.

Use the reduced pace for delicate sharpness of axes, gardening equipment, knives, as well as other edged tools, or use the quick speed for deburring, smooth, crush, as well as clean the various tools or metal items.

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There are many variable speed bench grinders available in the market; however, this variable speed bench grinder is one of its kind. It provides stability, longer working hours, comfort, and several features while remaining low on budget.

Our experts would recommend the WEN BG4280 variable speed bench grinder to our viewers here at ColinReviews.com, check out their in-depth review below.

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WEN BG4280 5-Amp 8-Inch Variable Speed Bench Grinder with Flexible Work LightOur Review

The WEN BG4280 RPM range for this 5-amp variable speed motor spans from 2000 to 3400. The slower speed choice maximizes accuracy, whereas the fast speed option aids in the removal of material.

Built-in LED lights enlighten your project through the built-in adjustable eye protectors. Throughout extensive grinding operations, the onboard quenching tray keeps workpieces cooled.

You’re going to get one 80-grit wheel and one 36-grit wheel. After that, you’re going to get pivoting tool rests and adjustable eye guards are included with this variable speed bench grinder.

This device also features a two-year warranty, so you can rest confident that your money is safe and won’t be squandered on a product that could go faulty at any point.

Moreover, the company which sells it is also very cooperative. They are always ready to assist you whenever you require their assistance in any form.

Whether it be an inquiry with the setting up of the machine or any questions on the working mechanism, they are always ready to help their customers.

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Also, that it does not matter whether you have bought the product recently or some time ago. They treat both their present as well as past customers equally.

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Pros of the WEN BG4280

  • The grinder motor is robust and does not falter when you exert a great deal of pressure, and it just shakes a tiny bit instead of just shaking the room like other cheaper choices.
  • The grinder has a considerable amount of power and a lot of options, such as speed control. Both wheels are precisely adjusted and run quietly, allowing you to focus on your work much more effectively.
  • The instructional booklet is incredibly straightforward to comprehend and browse through. By carefully following the guidelines, WEN BG4280 may set up the entire machine without even needing the help of any additional assistance.
  • This package also includes various maintenance pieces, so you won’t have to go looking for them if your machine stops operating due to a broken component.
  • This company’s customer service is more excellent than anticipated, therefore if you have any issues while using this equipment, you may approach them without reservation, and they will resolve your problem as soon as possible.

Cons of the WEN BG4280

  • The unit can sometimes also wander across the workbench because the wheels can be out of balance.
  • The imprinted metal washers are supposed to “center” the wheels/grinding discs on the arbour. However, they’re not centred and aren’t even oriented at 90 degrees to the arbour shaft.
  • The wire wheel soon wears in and starts to rub against the sides of the sheet metal wheel covers, which aren’t sufficient enough for much more than a standard 8″ wheel.
  • Some consumers even claimed that the gadget they ordered was dead on arrival and that the firm waited an eternity to respond, causing significant delays in their work.
  • How this good is delivered to the buyer’s residence is both inappropriate and deplorable. The customer expects to receive the goods in adequate and safe packing after paying a few hundred dollars plus shipping expenses, which is not the case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worthwhile to invest in a WEN variable-speed grinder?

Well, it all depends upon your requirements and the purpose of buying it. However, generically speaking, we would recommend investing in one, since it makes working a lot easier, efficient, time-saving, and produces much more effective results.

Are WEN decent bench grinders?

Wen products are without a doubt the best available. The constructed quality, as well as their operation, are among the best on the market. Also, their customer service is so much more efficient and quick to respond that the entire experience of purchasing from them is made better and more satisfying.

Our Verdict

This is a one-of-a-kind variable-speed bench grinder. It arrives with a variety of built-in specialties and several significant positive characteristics, but it may also have several disadvantages like any other commodity.

While the customer support service is excellent, and the given instruction book is simple enough for even beginners to understand, we cannot rule out the possibility that some consumers have reported that their device was not balanced, causing them significant issues in getting their work done on time with the required results. Therefore, we advise you to thoroughly go through the pros and cons and the product description part to check whether or not this product is the best fit for you.

However, while selecting this device, be confident that it perfectly aligns with all of the criteria you have set, includes all of the characteristics and indicators you desire, and is within your pre-defined budget.

Looking at all of these factors is necessary to ensure that this device will work according to your expectations and get your work done perfectly. It is a great device that may last much longer than expected, so if you decide to get it, you can rest assured that your decision will not disappoint you.

WEN BG4280
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  • Grinding Quality
  • Extra Features
  • Cleaning Process
  • Power
  • Performance


Our experts certainly loved the WEN BG4280 5-Amp 8-Inch Variable Speed Bench Grinder with Flexible Work Light and they tested it during two days. They used it to grind many pieces of metal and hatchets, each time it performed flawlessly. Our experts would certainly recommend thisĀ  variable speed bench grinder to our website’s viewers because they deserve to buy quality products in order to find a budget. There’s nothing better than quality speed bench grinders and that’s what WEN is offering in this product with the model number BG4280.

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